Articles written by: Victoria Paige

Stop Killing Unborn Calves for Science

An estimated 1.8 million unborn calves are killed each year for a substance used in cell culture labs. Demand a transition towards more ethical already-existing alternatives and stop the bloodshed.

Stop Draining Animals’ Blood in Cruel Scientific Experiment

Thousands of animals are tortured in labs each year in antibody production experiments. Demand a transition to cruelty free alternative methods of testing.

Punish Owners Who Reportedly Starved Nearly 300 Dogs

Nearly 300 dogs were reportedly starved and neglected at a breeding facility. Most of these dogs were apparently severely underweight, and some were badly injured and left without any access to proper veterinary care. Demand those deemed responsible for the suffering of these 300 dogs receive maximum sentences.

Stop Forcing Roosters to Kill Each Other

The blood sport cockfighting, in which roosters are forced to fight each other until the death for human entertainment, is becoming increasingly popular. Demand stricter regulations on chicken ownership to help stop this cruel practice.

Punish Trainer Accused of Letting 11 Innocent Dogs Die in Her Care

An animal trainer has been arrested after 11 dogs were reportedly found dead on her property. Other, surviving animals appeared emaciated and neglected. Demand this woman receive the maximum punishment if found guilty of these heinous crimes.

Punish Rapper for Reportedly Keeping Baby Tiger in a Cage

Dallas rapper Trapboy Freddy was reportedly keeping a tiger cub caged in his home, an illegal offense. Wild animals belong in the wild, not as pets or for our own amusement. Demand that he is punished, and that custody of the cub is awarded to Animal Services.

Stop Alleged Imprisonment and Exploitation of Sloths for Profit

A so-called educational business seemingly holds sloths captive, subjecting them to constant interaction with strangers. Sloths are not here for our amusement. Demand the closure of Sloth Encounters LI and stop the apparent exploitation of these sensitive animals.

Stop Abusive Misuse of Antibiotics on Farm Animals

Animals on factory farms are forcibly administered antibiotics, allowing farmers to keep them in filthy, overcrowded conditions without spreading diseases. However, misuse and overuse of antibiotics has led to a rise of antibiotic-resistant and sometimes fatal bacteria in farm animals across the U.S. Demand improvements to farm animal welfare and stricter regulations on antibiotic use in these animals to prevent another epidemic.

​​Save Children and Animal Lives by Taking Animal Abuse More Seriously

Many animal abusers go on to harm children and other animals. Yet, the intentional maiming, torturing, mutilating, beating, or killing of helpless animals is still classified as only a misdemeanor in most states across the U.S. Demand much stricter penalties for animal abuse.

​​Stop Murdering Stray Dogs and Cats Without Need

Millions of stray dogs and cats in the U.S. are forced to suffer on streets or are euthanized by overcrowded shelters each year. Sterilization programs can help control feral animal populations and reduce the number of animals born into the cold world. Demand these programs receive federal funding.

Don’t Prohibit Rescues From Saving International Dogs

Canada has forbidden the rescue of dogs from over 100 countries across the world, leaving these animals to either languish away in kennels or be euthanized. Demand this policy be amended to allow adoptable dogs into the country.

Stop Prematurely Killing Cats and Dogs With Tainted Pet Food

Pet obesity has become a national epidemic which causes severe health complications in dogs and cats. Weakly regulated pet food manufacturing and labeling is partially to blame. Demand tighter regulations to supply pets with only the best, healthiest foods.

​​Don’t Make Humane Shelters for Animals Illegal

Homeless animals are in danger of being turned out into the streets where they will suffer starvation and abuse. Stop a misguided effort that would prevent rescuers from giving abandoned pets shelter.

​​Stop Stealing Whales From the Ocean and Imprisoning Them for Human Entertainment

Whales are still being stolen from the oceans and held captive for profit. This imprisonment places extreme stress on these highly social mammals, resulting in severe depression. Demand an end to the capture and imprisonment of whales.

Stop Running Endangered Species Into the Ground

The development of human road systems has decimated animal populations, contributing to the deaths of millions of animals each year who don’t know how to react in the face of fast-moving cars and trucks. Demand we implement safe passages for animals to cross from one side of the road to another without the potential of losing their lives.

Stop Murdering Animals for Fun

Wildlife killing contests result in the deaths of countless animals, all for human entertainment. After the killings, the dead animal bodies are often thrown in a landfill. Demand an end to wildlife killing contests.

Stop Heating Chickens to Death on Poultry Farms

Ventilation shutdown plus is a method of mass murder that is commonly used to kill tens of thousands of birds at once. They are packed into sealed barns and heated to death. Stop the USDA from funding this terrible practice and encourage alternative, more humane methods in its place.

Stop Suffocating Injured Animals in Slaughterhouse Transport Vehicles

The journey from farm to slaughterhouse is treacherous, and thousands of animals die before ever even arriving. Demand the US tighten federal legislation surrounding animal welfare on transport vehicles.

Amazon: Stop Exposing Animals to Toxic Chemicals for Makeup

Millions of bunnies, guinea pigs, mice, and rats are forced to ingest harmful chemicals to test human cosmetic products. Stop these cruel and unnecessary animal tests once and for all.

Ban Body-Crushing Traps That Paralyze And Kill Endangered Animals

Body-gripping traps work by slamming shut onto helpless animals, crushing their bones or organs in an inescapable hold. Millions of animals suffer slow and agonizing deaths because of these cruel devices. Ban the use of such traps in protected areas throughout the U.S.

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