Articles written by: Nara Roberta Silva

Do Not Ban Dogs From Downtown Area

Dogs cannot stay or walk anymore in the downtown area of Eugene, Oregon. The canine ban has been criticized for not only locking out inoffensive animals but also excluding homeless people and limiting citizens’ right to come and go. Sign the petition to have this absurd ban immediately lifted and Eugene transformed into a city that welcomes everyone.

Justice For Pug Allegedly Killed in Couple’s Dispute

A man allegedly killed a 12-year old pug during an argument with his ex-girlfriend about who would care for the dog. In a senseless killing, the dog was reportedly thrown off a seventh-floor balcony and later stuffed in an ice-filled box and dumped in a nearby garbage bin. Sign the petition to demand that he receives the maximum punishment under the law, if found guilty.

Protect Wild Animals From Sport Hunters

Wild animals are at risk of being hunted. The Brazilian government is considering nationwide legalization of hunting, which will break down mechanisms of punishment for poaching, and put ecosystems in danger. Urge Brazilian lawmakers to abandon this measure and strengthen efforts to preserve biodiversity instead.

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