• Save Bees From Highly Toxic Pesticides

    Target: President Obama

    Goal: Save bees from toxic bee-killing pesticides.

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Demand University Cancel Puppy Raffle

A university is planning on hosting a puppy raffle where the winner will receive a mini goldendoodle puppy. Giving a puppy away to a random person does not guarantee the dog will be in a good home or have a happy life. Demand the university cancel this irresponsible raffle and replace it with something more humane.[...]
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Attacker Who Stabbed Dog Repeatedly Must be Found and Punished

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Teens Accused of Ripping Cat's Heart Out and Nailing Dog to Wall Must be Prosecuted

A dog was allegedly nailed to a wall and a cat's heart ripped out by teen girls. Demand that the girls accused of torturing and murdering these innocent animals be severely punished if found guilty.[...]
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Success: Company Stops Cutting Open Pigs for Sales Pitches

Pigs were being cut open and killed in order to demonstrate how a well-known company's products work to its sales personnel. Thankfully, after hearing from many concerned citizens, the company has decided to end this cruel practice. Praise the company for sparing countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.[...]
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Denounce Japan for Killing Over 300 Whales

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