Commend State for Protecting People Who Buy Sick Pets

Illinois will now hold pet stores that sell sick animals more accountable. It allows consumers to receive reimbursement for veterinary costs up to 21 days after purchasing a puppy or kitten if the animal was sick at the time of the sale. If the animal has a significant genetic condition, the consumer has up to a year to receive reimbursement for veterinary costs. Commend Illinois for standing up for animals and their new owners.

Support Act that Increases Penalties of Cockfighting

A recent Louisiana cockfighting raid has brought to light the differences between state laws pertaining to this crime. The only way to decrease cockfighting is to discourage interest in the activity. Urge Congress to pass an act that would open spectators to consequence.

Restrict Use of Deadly Rat Poison

Rat poison claims many unintended victims each year, including thousands of innocent family pets. Currently, a proposal to restrict the availability of these anticoagulant poisons to only licensed professionals is pending before the state of California. Tell California to protect animals and children by restricting use of rat poison to licensed professionals only.

Urge Clothing Company to Stop Killing Coyotes for Their Fur

Canada Goose clothing company has used the fur from coyotes on their clothing for decades. The company claims that the coyotes are trapped as humanely as possible, but there is no humane way to kill an animal, and their fur is not ours to exploit. Encourage Canada Goose to stop killing coyotes for their fur and urge them to fund research and development for a synthetic replacement.

Applaud Animal Welfare Organization for Primate Sanctuary Fundraiser

The Humane Society of the United States has partnered with its member primate sanctuaries to raise funds in order to support chimpanzees rescued from the pet trade, biomedical research facilities, and from exploitation as animal entertainers. Congratulate this organization for its unique fundraiser that showcases artwork created by chimpanzees.

Commend Army Medical Center for Ceasing Ferret Abuse

A sizable army medical center has recently confirmed the termination of its cruel treatment of ferrets during pediatric intubation training. This is great news for ferrets. Commend the center for making this decision and improving the lives of ferrets.

Stop Cruel and Senseless Murders of Stray Dogs

A group of hobby hunters has decided to take overpopulation matters into its own hands by shooting or poisoning stray dogs. While some strays may demonstrate aggressive behavior that makes them dangerous, Kiev residents shouldn’t have the right to indiscriminately massacre animals. Sign this petition to encourage the Ukrainian government to criminalize and prosecute dog slaughter.

Commend New Jersey for Increasing Animal Cruelty Penalties

Surviving severe neglect, a young pitbull named Patrick has inspired a new piece of legislation known as ‘Patrick’s Law’ that furthers protection of animals from cruelty and abuse. Commend the state of New Jersey for enacting this animal welfare legislation in order to protect its animals.

Applaud Efforts to Rescue Pit Bulls from Cruel Dog Fighting Ring

Law enforcement teamed up with other organizations to rescue tortured and beaten pit bulls. The dogs were abused in what is likely the second largest dogfighting ring in U.S. history. Sign this petition to praise the authorities that used resources to end abuse against helpless animals.

Support Work Being Done by Animal Rescue Group

A small, privately funded organization is providing new lives to beagles that have been bred for scientific testing purposes. After enduring years of torture and isolation, beagles are given medical care and placed in loving foster and adoptive homes. Be a part of bringing support to this organization by signing the petition here.

Commend Miss America Contestant for Calling for an End to Animal Testing for Cosmetics

A Miss America contestant is advocating for the end of animal testing for cosmetics in the United States. Commend her for speaking out against animal cruelty in cosmetics.

Stop Exploitation of Elephants at Renaissance Festivals

Elephant rides are common practices in fairs and festivals in America. Sadly, trained elephants are kept in confined spaces and grossly mistreated by handlers. Ask the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to oppose the maltreatment of these beautiful creatures and stop offering elephant rides at this annual celebration.

Tell Domino’s Pizza to Stop Using Cruel Gestation Crates

Domino’s Pizza, the second largest pizza chain, insists on using inhumane, filthy and tiny gestation crates for their pigs. Domino’s refuses, stating it is not their responsibility to treat their pork with respect. Tell Domino’s you support a better life for such intelligent and social animals, and they should too. Sign this petition for Domino’s to phase out gestation crates.

Demand Justice for Dog Blown Up by Owner

A deranged man recently attached explosives to the family dog and detonated them, killing the dog instantly. He was not originally charged with animal cruelty, but a prosecutor for the case demanded that the charge be added. Please sign this petition to thank the prosecution for demanding justice for this helpless animal.

Praise Police Officer for Saving Baby Sea Turtles

A police officer went above and beyond his call of duty when he stopped during patrol to rescue 100 baby sea turtles, releasing them safely into the ocean. Please commend this officer for protecting not only humans, but animals alike.

Praise University for Switching to Cage-Free Eggs

Rutgers University recently became the next university to transition to cage-free eggs. Praise Rutgers and its students now for refusing to support companies that force hens to languish in tiny, barren cages.

Urge Zoo to Fire Zookeeper for Punching a Seal

Bristol Zoo Gardens claims it has zero tolerance for poor treatment of its animals and that it takes animal welfare seriously. Yet, the zoo has failed to permanently fire a zookeeper for punching a seal during a health check up. Demand that the zoo fire this employee for their appalling behavior.

Commend Chinese Pharmacies for Refusing to use Bear Bile

Drug companies in China are refusing to stock products containing bear bile. The bile extraction process is dangerous for bears, and the medicines themselves may be unsafe for humans. Commend Chinese pharmacies for refusing to stock products containing bear bile.

End Captivity of Sea Mammals at Theme Parks

Marine mammals are remarkably intelligent animals that do not deserve to live their lives in captivity. Man-made facilities cannot provide them anything but a miserable existence – we must put an end to the captivity programs that turn a profit by imprisoning these animals and using them as a means of entertainment.

Support Whistleblower’s Fight for Honesty in Agricultural Practices

Prosecuted for recording animal cruelty at an agriculture facility, Utah resident Amy Meyer and animal rights groups decided to sue and have the unconstitutional anti-whistleblowing legislation at fault repealed. Show your support for Amy and her comrades as they pursue this important lawsuit.

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