Stop Exploitation of Elephants at Renaissance Festivals

Elephant rides are common practices in fairs and festivals in America. Sadly, trained elephants are kept in confined spaces and grossly mistreated by handlers. Ask the Minnesota Renaissance Festival to oppose the maltreatment of these beautiful creatures and stop offering elephant rides at this annual celebration.

Tell Domino’s Pizza to Stop Using Cruel Gestation Crates

Domino’s Pizza, the second largest pizza chain, insists on using inhumane, filthy and tiny gestation crates for their pigs. Domino’s refuses, stating it is not their responsibility to treat their pork with respect. Tell Domino’s you support a better life for such intelligent and social animals, and they should too. Sign this petition for Domino’s to phase out gestation crates.

Demand Justice for Dog Blown Up by Owner

A deranged man recently attached explosives to the family dog and detonated them, killing the dog instantly. He was not originally charged with animal cruelty, but a prosecutor for the case demanded that the charge be added. Please sign this petition to thank the prosecution for demanding justice for this helpless animal.

Praise Police Officer for Saving Baby Sea Turtles

A police officer went above and beyond his call of duty when he stopped during patrol to rescue 100 baby sea turtles, releasing them safely into the ocean. Please commend this officer for protecting not only humans, but animals alike.

Praise University for Switching to Cage-Free Eggs

Rutgers University recently became the next university to transition to cage-free eggs. Praise Rutgers and its students now for refusing to support companies that force hens to languish in tiny, barren cages.

Urge Zoo to Fire Zookeeper for Punching a Seal

Bristol Zoo Gardens claims it has zero tolerance for poor treatment of its animals and that it takes animal welfare seriously. Yet, the zoo has failed to permanently fire a zookeeper for punching a seal during a health check up. Demand that the zoo fire this employee for their appalling behavior.

Commend Chinese Pharmacies for Refusing to use Bear Bile

Drug companies in China are refusing to stock products containing bear bile. The bile extraction process is dangerous for bears, and the medicines themselves may be unsafe for humans. Commend Chinese pharmacies for refusing to stock products containing bear bile.

End Captivity of Sea Mammals at Theme Parks

Marine mammals are remarkably intelligent animals that do not deserve to live their lives in captivity. Man-made facilities cannot provide them anything but a miserable existence – we must put an end to the captivity programs that turn a profit by imprisoning these animals and using them as a means of entertainment.

Support Whistleblower’s Fight for Honesty in Agricultural Practices

Prosecuted for recording animal cruelty at an agriculture facility, Utah resident Amy Meyer and animal rights groups decided to sue and have the unconstitutional anti-whistleblowing legislation at fault repealed. Show your support for Amy and her comrades as they pursue this important lawsuit.

Tell Budweiser to Stop Supporting Horse Abuse

A Budweiser distributor will be a main sponsor at the 75th Annual Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration this year. Tennessee Walking Horses’ legs are splashed with caustic chemicals to make them step higher and get the desirable “Big Lick” gait. Tell Budweiser to force their distributor to rescind the sponsorship.

Condemn Shark Wrestling for Sport

Sharks are being targeted, disrupted and hurt as part of a growing sport in Florida known as shark wrestling. Sharks need help thriving, not help dying; sign this petition and to ban the cruel sport of shark wrestling.

Protest Marine Mammal Abuse for Entertainment

The SeaWorld marine mammal park in Orlando has once again allegedly abused an animal used for one of their live shows. The park has a history of causing distress to their animals or neglecting their well-being. Demand that the park shut down its live entertainment program and focus on animal welfare instead.

Don’t Bring ‘Running of the Bulls’ to America

The horrific “Running of the Bulls” is now coming to America. During this event, innocent bulls are tortured and attacked, all for the amusement of the participants. It is bad enough that the Spanish engage in this behavior — let’s stop this event now before it can take hold in the U.S.

Applaud Efforts to Prohibit Primate Trade

Recently, a bill was introduced to Congress that prohibits interstate commerce in monkeys, apes and other primates for the exotic pet trade. Commend U.S. Representatives Fitzpatrick and Blumenauer for working to help primates.

Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws

Failure to properly punish a convicted animal hoarder in Maryland has had horrific consequences, increasing pressure to strengthen cruelty laws. Demand Maryland properly protect its animals now.

Don’t Forcibly Remove Feral Cats From Their Natural Home

CVS drugstore wants to remove a feral cat colony behind their store’s parking lot. The cats are not bothering anyone and are neutered, vaccinated, and being cared for by a local couple. Tell CVS to leave the cats alone.

Tell Spain That Culture is No Excuse for Cruelty

Bulls continue to die fiery, painful deaths all in the name of cultural tradition in Spain’s Toro Jubilo events each year. Please tell Spain that culture is no excuse for cruelty and that a ban on this barbaric ritual must immediately and indefinitely be enacted.

Urge Mars Candy Company to End Cruel and Unnecessary Animal Testing

Candy company Mars continues to fund deadly animal experiments despite there being no law requiring this practice. Many competitors, including Hershey’s, have pledged to end the suffering of innocent creatures and sworn off animal testing for good. Please tell Mars to follow suit and stop the ridiculous, useless torture of animals.

Stop Cruelty to Elephants Used in Circus Performances

A recent investigation shows that Have Trunk Will Travel, an elephant rental and entertainment company, has been physically abusing its elephants and chaining them for long periods at night. Demand that the company treat its elephants with more kindness and respect.

Praise Community for Tribute to Murdered Dog

After the brutal torture and death of a dog in England, his local community has memorialized his life to help stop animal cruelty. Praise the town of Sheffield for the Isaac Memorial Dog Show.

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