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Commend Martha Stewart for Protecting Animal Rights

Applaud Martha Stewart for urging a ban for pig gestation crates that confine pigs to cages that are so small, the pigs cannot turn around. Sign this petition to commend Martha Stewart and encourage other public figures to public endorse animal welfare.

Bring Horrific Dog Abuser to Justice

One of the worst dog abuse cases ever has come to light. The puppy endured unthinkable pain including starvation, burns, stabbings and beatings. Demand an immediate investigation in order to bring this monstrous dog abuser to justice.

Promote Cruelty-Free Circuses

Circus World maintains working relationships with exhibitors who are repeated violators of animal welfare laws. Sign the petition and urge Circus World’s new executive director to make Circus World a cruelty-free, compassionate entertainment.

Applaud NBC for Pulling Show Glorifying Slaughter of Endangered Animals

NBC Sports Network recently discontinued “Under Wild Skies,” after widespread objections to the show’s glorification of hunting endangered animals, and because of the show host’s comments likening his critics to Hitler. Thank the network for pulling the show, and call on them to follow through on a promise to review their internal standards.

Thank City Council for Banning Use of Wild Animals for Entertainment

A city council in California recently banned the use of wild or exotic animals for human entertainment, which more often than not subjects animal performers to abuse and neglect. Commend the council for passing these comprehensive protections and for their work in recognizing animal rights.

Stop Stray Dog Cull

Romania has passed a law making it legal to euthanize stray dogs. Stop the slaughter now.

Convict Poachers Who Poisoned Over 100 Elephants

Over 100 elephants are dead because of poachers who have found a new way of killing elephants by poisoning them with cyanide. This cruelty cannot be tolerated. Demand the capture and sentencing of the poachers who caused this tragedy.

Praise Ban on Fur Sales

The nation’s first city-mandated ban on fur has recently taken effect in West Hollywood, California. Thank West Hollywood for helping to end the cruelty.

Praise French Cafe for Turning Neglected Stray Cats into Desired Companions

Paris’s new cat cafe is a model initiative that has set an example for how to take stray cats who seem to be of no use to anyone and make them into delightful human companions in cafes. Praise the cat cafe owner, Margaux Gandelon, for finding a novel way to rescue neglected felines and offer city residents a new way to benefit from the soul-warming contact of these affectionate creatures.

Ask Haunted House to Stop Using Live Rats

A haunted house in California uses live rats as props. Sign the petition and ask the attraction to stop subjecting live animals to overwhelming stimuli and frightening conditions.

Call for a Nationwide Ban on Keeping Monkeys as Pets

Despite all the recent media attention, many states still condone pet monkey ownership. Outlaw pet monkey ownership in all fifty states for the safety of both monkeys and humans.

Stand With Martha Stewart: Ban Pig Cruelty

An attempt to ban gestation crates in New Jersey was thwarted when Governor Chris Christie vetoed the measure against the will of the majority. Martha Stewart was appalled, and recently wrote a letter to the New Jersey Legislature asking them to override Christie’s insensitive decision. Stand with Martha Stewart and help ban this cruel practice in the state of New Jersey.

Stop Law Endangering Farm Animals

United States lawmakers passed a bill that would end many protections for animals. Sign this petition demanding that lawmakers kill this bill that would likely trigger animal abuse.

Make Dog Tail Docking Illegal in Washington

Tail docking was once a procedure done to help keep working dogs safe. However, breeds that typically have docked tails are now being bred solely as companion animals, not working dogs, eliminating the need for tail docking. Encourage Washington to pioneer a ban on tail docking.

Reform Abusive Animal Shelter

A rescue organization for condemned animals has become an abusive torture chamber for hundreds of dogs. The owner of the sanctuary is knowingly abusing these animals, but refuses to accept aid from other organizations to improve the conditions of his own. Urge him to stop abusing animals and either reform his shelter or shut it down.

Commend Zoo for Keeping its Animals’ Comfort a Priority

A close encounter zoo in Britain has banned guests from wearing animal print clothing. Animal prints were proving to be confusing to the animals, resulting in negative guest and animal experiences. Applaud the zoo for understanding the needs of its animals, and catering to their comfort.

Commend City’s Alternative to Badger Culls

Each year, thousands of badgers are slaughtered in the United Kingdom in the name of disease prevention. A new project will vaccinate the badgers rather than kill them, and is likely to be more successful than a cull. Commend the creator of this new humane program.

Condemn Zoo for Kidnapping Endagered Sloths

The CEO of a Dallas aquarium was caught kidnapping endangered sloths. There are very few sloths left in the wild, and the victims would not have fared well in captivity. Condemn the CEO for his unethical misconduct.

Tell the NRA That Toxic Bullets Are Killing Wild Birds

The fate of 20 million birds and other wildlife are at risk, due to lead laced bullets that emit over 3,000 tons of toxicity into the wild every year. Tell the National Rifle Association to stop promoting the use of lead bullets, and help save the lives of endangered wild birds.

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