Urge the National Football League to Stop Testing Injuries on Animals

The National Football League has been discretely testing sports injuries on animals. They force the animals to sustain severe head, brain and body injuries, often leading to their deaths. Urge the National Football League to stop using animals in their tests and rely on more accurate and humane methods.

Applaud State for Protecting Bobcats

Because of the high prices paid for bobcat pelts, bobcat trapping has increased in California. California lawmakers, however, have worked to protect bobcats from cruel traps that capture and torture animals for fur. Sign this petition to applaud California lawmakers for taking action against this cruel practice.

NFL: Stop Barbaric Medical Experiments on Animals

The NFL Foundation spends $10 million annually to fund brutal sports injury experiments on animals. These include smashing animals knees and skulls before putting them to death. Tell the National Football League Foundation to stop funding these cruel and unnecessary experiments.

Condemn Animal Planet Host for Violating the Endangered Species Act

A host on Animal Planet attempted to sell two Iranian dessert monitor lizards to an undercover agents. Condemn him for violating the Endangered Species Act and violating the trust of the public.

Commend Efforts to Protect Remaining Rhino Species

Southern White Rhinos, the last remaining species of rhinoceros not protected, will receive immediate U.S. protection due to an intensifying poaching crisis. Commend these efforts to protect all rhinos from poachers.

Commend World Bank for Saving Tigers

The World Bank has dedicated itself to doubling the world’s population of wild tigers by 2022. Applaud this financial institution for showing that we cannot do away with global poverty without sustaining the environment.

Condemn Law Banning People from Caring for Hurt Wildlife

Alabama has stopped permitting people to help wildlife in need. This harsh rule is a death sentence for injured animals. Urge Alabama to repeal this inhumane ban.

Urge Military Hospital to Stop Torturing and Killing Animals

A United States Military medical center has been training on live animals for years, often severely maiming and killing them. The military personnel involved insist that live animals are necessary for medical advancement. Urge the medical center to stop victimizing animals and use alternative, humane training methods.

Commend USDA for Cracking Down on Internet Pet Sales

New rules passed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture would subject dog owners who breed more than four females and sell the puppies online, by mail, or over the phone, to apply for federal licenses. Commend the USDA for these new regulations which will help stop unhealthy puppies from puppy mills being sold.

Stop Wasting Blue Fin Tuna

Due to the use of wasteful long lines, bluefin tuna are often netted instead of the desired swordfish and yellowtail tuna. The largest tuna and long-lived, the bluefin is a top predator, so its depletion can severely disrupt marine ecosystems. Urge greater protections for bluefin and promote sustainable alternatives to long lines.

Demand Stronger Regulations on Pet Food Ingredients

Many pet foods are being recalled due to harmful contamination. Demand that the FDA implement stricter regulations on pet food ingredients, to ensure that the products on store shelves are safe for our pets to consume.

Praise the USDA for Strengthening Puppy Mill Regulations

All puppy breeding operations in the U.S. must now be licensed and inspected. Applaud these efforts to protect dogs across the country.

Applaud School for Ending Use of Animals in Medical Training

The Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, the only military medical school in the United States, recently joined the majority of American universities in refusing to use live animals in their medical training curriculum. Thank the school for acting in the interest of the humane treatment of animals and ethical medical training.

Urge Iams to Stop Cruel Animal Testing

Even since the Ian’s horrific animal abuse scandal in 2003, the company keeps hundreds of animals for ‘nutritional studies’ in a laboratory. The company refuses to allow organizations to investigate the animals’ living conditions within the facility. Sign this petition to urge Iams to be more transparent about this facility conditions.

The NFL Must Stop Funding Animal Testing

The NFL is supporting horrendous, deadly animal experiments. Experimenters deliver skull crushing blows to the heads and skulls of rats, mice, dogs during testing. Scientists then measure the horrific results from injuries to the animals’ brain, skull, and spinal cord. Ttell the NFL that funding this cruelty is unacceptable.

Praise Empowerment of Children in Sea Turtle Conservation

When local communities in turtle hotspots lack the opportunity to witness research and conservation groups’ efforts, it’s hard to learn about the animals and appreciate their importance. Commend efforts to inspire a new generation of sea turtle conservation through children’s education.

Urge Police to Press Charges Against Dog Groomer Who Killed Dog

Recently, an eight pound dog was violently thrown against a wall by a groomer. The dog subsequently died from its injuries. Please sign this petition to urge police to press animal cruelty charges against this violent groomer.

Commend Efforts to Close Online Puppy Mills

The government recently tightened animal welfare regulations for online puppy breeders, therefore preventing them from selling puppies and other animals out of cruel mills. Let’s applaud these efforts to protect animals from inhumane treatment.

Demand Severe Punishment for Extreme Case of Animal Cruelty

Baiting badgers is illegal activity in Belfast, but five men recently accused and guilty of this crime are now contesting their case in hopes of reducing the severity of their sentence. While these men see no wrong in their actions, investigators claim that their crime is one of worst examples of cruelty seen in years. Urge the Newtownards Magistrates Court to deal out severe punishment for these men who are guilty of this illegal and disgusting crime.

Stop Abuse of Cats in Costa Rica’s Prisons

Cats provide therapy and companionship to inmates, but are also used to traffic drugs and in criminal bargaining. This practice promotes violence against the cats and among inmates themselves. Demand a method of therapy for inmates that is free of cruelty to animals.

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