Commend Legislator for Defending Animal Rights

French legislators have proposed a bill that would elevate the legal status of animals, classifying them as sentient beings rather than objects. Support this legislation and encourage stronger legal rights for animals.

Commend Fashion Chain for Ensuring Humanely Sourced Angora

A high-end fashion chain has stopped production of angora-containing clothes until they can be assured that the soft rabbit wool is being sourced humanely. Thank them for this display of social awareness and compassion.

Stop Animal Cruelty on Film Sets

The association that gives out the popular label of “No Animals Were Harmed” to Hollywood films has allegedly overlooked and even helped cover up animal cruelty on set. Urge this association to be truthful about on-set cruelty and to refuse handing out their coveted approval to films guilty of abusive practices.

Save Vanishing Donkeys from Extinction

Donkey-Baby-donkeys-25772229-1280-1024More than half of European donkey breeds are currently at risk of extinction. Misunderstood for centuries, donkeys have been neglected for too long. Urge investment in research to protect this species and conserve a way of life.

Save the Intelligent Bonobo’s Habitat

BonobosIn the heart of the Democratic Republic of Congo is a species of ape that lives nowhere else in the world. Urge the Congo government to protect the shrinking habitat of this remarkable endangered species.

Protect Sea Turtle Eggs from Poachers

sea turtleSea turtles have inhabited this planet for over 100 million years, but are currently threatened by commercial fishermen who illegally harvest their eggs. Urge the Prime Minister of Thailand to take stronger steps to protect endangered sea turtle eggs from poachers.

Stop Overfishing Bigeye Tuna

800px-Thunnus_obesus_(bigeye_tuna)The bigeye tuna has been overfished, and efforts must be made to ensure long-term sustainability of the species. Please take action to encourage a fishing quota to save the bigeye tuna from being at risk of extinction.

Commend Pizza Chain for Supporting Animal Welfare

International pizza franchise Papa John’s Pizza recently began encouraging its meat suppliers to stop using cruel and confining gestation crates. Thank Papa John’s for taking this big step towards humane food production.

Protect Fragile Habitats from Overfishing

kelp forestClimate change and human activities jeopardize the world’s fish and wildlife populations. Act now to protect sensitive ocean habitats from drilling, overfishing and other threats to their survival.

Praise Ban on Cruel Circus Elephant Performances

India recently banned the use of elephants in cruel circus acts. Thank the organizations that worked to achieve this victory for animal rights.

Save Pets from Suffocation

Potato chip bags pose a serious threat to animals and small children. A growing number of pets, particularly dogs, have suffocated inside chip bags. Help prevent pet deaths by asking Frito Lay to add warning labels to chip packages.

Stop Brutal Seal Clubbing

KrabbenfresserHundreds of thousands of seals are violently clubbed to death in Canada every year. Europe has taken action to stop this slaughter by banning the import of seal products. Applaud these efforts to protect innocent seals.

Praise Author for Exposing Slaughterhouse Atrocities

A Yale Ph.D. student posed as a slaughterhouse worker to write a first-person narrative and analysis of a horrific slaughterhouse in rural Kansas. Thank this author for putting himself in an unspeakable position to enlighten the public and expose the psychology behind American slaughterhouses.

Save Island Wildlife from Toxic Waste

Tern Island garbageToxic waste threatens birds, monk seals and sea turtles on remote Tern Island. Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to commit to the island’s restoration and the protection of its wildlife.

Support Nonprofit Worker Unjustly Accused of Calf Abuse

A nonprofit worker and undercover investigator has been unjustly charged in a calf abuse scandal at a factory farm. Support this employee and organization for filming, reporting, and turning abuse footage over to police.

Establish Standard of Care for Rabbits

Rabbits are becoming more and more common as a household pet, and yet the demands of their delicate gastrointestinal systems and environmental needs are still not common knowledge to most pet owners, leaving many rabbits abused and unhealthy in otherwise loving homes. Please sign this petition to demand a set standard of care for rabbits in the United States.

Thank Poland for Ending Military Animal Abuse

Poland’s military made the humane decision to stop harming animals during training exercises. Congratulate Poland for taking a stand to end these brutal and unnecessary tests.

Bring Serial Animal Abuser to Justice

An irresponsible breeder kept 250 animals in deplorable conditions. Demand that this cruelty be stopped, and that the perpetrator be fined and put in jail.

Commend A-List Actor for Helping Tigers

LeoFamed actor Leonardo Dicaprio recently granted 3 million dollars to the World Wildlife Foundation to help tigers in Nepal. Applaud this generous donation that will help the World’s endangered tigers.

Condemn Meat Farm for Incredible Animal Abuse

Recently, a video filmed undercover in a pig farm in Oklahoma revealed a disgusting amount of animal cruelty taking place. Demand the farm change their practices immediately to a more humane treatment deserving of living beings.

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