Demand Repairs to Damaged Dam Killing Thousands of Salmon

A large river dam in Seattle, Washington is seriously damaged, injuring and killing thousands of salmon that attempt to pass through. The repair of this dam is long overdue – urge the reparation of this urgent matter, so necessary for the preservation of salmon in our ecosystem.

Make Owning and Selling Wolves Illegal

Owning a wolf as a pet is illegal in many states for reasons in favor of wolf protection. Minnesota, a state with a healthy, but declining wolf population, allows individuals to own wolves and sell them. Encourage Minnesota to make owning, breeding and selling wolves illegal in order to increase the wild wolf population.

Stop Hunting Wild Boar with Dogs

Hunting wild boars with dogs puts dogs in danger, encourages inhumane practices, and exposes children to violence. Urge Louisiana to outlaw this cruel and unnecessary practice.

Cancel Seaworld Float in Major Holiday Parade

SeaWorld has for many years been irresponsibly capturing and imprisoning animals, demonstrating a total lack of concern for the animals’ well-being. Demand that this cruel treatment not be promoted in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and cancel the SeaWorld float.

Applaud Governor for Banning Use of Lead in Hunting

California’s Governor signed legislation to make California the first state in the nation to halt the use of lead ammunition in hunting. This ban was prompted by the continued incidental poisoning of countless birds and mammals, including endangered California condors, from lead bullets. Commend the governor for protecting California’s wildlife.

Stop the Brutalization of Animals in Factory Farms

Tyson Foods keeps animals in some of the most horrendous environments imaginable. Sign this petition to demand that Tyson Foods change its abusive animal treatment practices.

Surrender Dangerous Elephants to Qualified Sanctuary

A captive elephant recently killed a zookeeper with a sudden movement of its head. Captive animals suffer from stress and disease, and are prone to erratic behavior. Demand that the elephant exhibit be closed and the animals surrendered to a wildlife sanctuary.

Praise Humane Shelter for Saving Feral Cats

A Virginia animal shelter is under criticism for taking extreme measures to help save feral cats. Defend their effort now.

Commend Scientists for New and Improved Fish Trap

A new fishing trap that enables smaller fish and non target fish to escape has lessened the impact of fishing on reef systems in Africa. Sign this petition and congratulate the scientists for their conservation efforts.

Demand Military Stop Abusing Animals for Trauma Training

The military is abusing and killing thousands of animals as part of trauma training. Pigs and goats are being stabbed, shot, and burned during tests, even though there are better facilities and simulations which provide training. Urge the U.S. Secretary of Defense to finally put an end to this outrageous practice.

Demand That Department Store Return to Being Fur Free

After a near decade long ban on fur in a popular department store, the store will be stocking the fur of foxes, rabbits, coyotes, and raccoons this fall. Demand that the company keep its ten-year-old pledge to be a compassionate and humane store.

Reprimand Man for Chaining Dog to a Tree for Four Years

Jeremy Shane Temple starved, abused and mistreated his German Shepherd Toby, and was only fined $25 for the heinous act. By signing this petition, you’ll justifiably shame him for his cruel behavior and fight for justice to be served.

Commend Nonprofit Sanctuary for Saving Captive Wolves

Wolf Haven is a sanctuary that provides a better life for wolves that have been captured from the wild or born into captivity. The haven is responsible for the survival of endangered wolf species and public education about wolves. Commend Wolf Haven for enriching the lives of wolves,

Stop Drilling for Oil in National Parks

An oil and gas company is interested in drilling in Africa’s oldest national park, which is protected by law. The proposed illegal drilling would put numerous endangered species at risk. Sign this petition to urge the company to reconsider their plans, and help one of the last pristine places left on earth.

Create Animal Abuser Registry in Massachusetts

Massachusetts has proposed a bill that will increase penalties for animal cruelty and create an animal abuser registry.Support this landmark legislation now.

Tell Aflac to Stop Exploiting Ducks

Aflac Insurance Company has been traumatizing helpless ducks by taking the animals to loud, overwhelming public locations. Aflac enacts these cruel stunts merely to advertise their products. Sign this petition to urge Aflac to stop using live ducks to promote their brand.

Urge Night Club to Cancel Cruel Shark Exhibit

A night club is planning to subject sharks to loud noise, vibrations, and wild crowds when the club uses sharks in an exhibit to ‘entertain’ club attendees. Sign this petition to demand that the club cancel this cruel exhibition.

Applaud Cancellation of Show Featuring Live Animal Deaths

A television program profiling the violent murder of wild animals was recently taken off the air. Efforts by activists convinced NBC to end the program, and all those who were involved with stopping this televised display of violence deserve thanks and praise.

Demand Federal Protection for Bears in Captivity

Despite having a responsibility under the law to protect bears in roadside attractions from abuse and maltreatment, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has become lax on enforcing animal welfare guidelines in relation to these animals. Sign the petition and urge the USDA to ensure the safety and well-being of captive bears.

Protect Animals from Cruel Laboratory Testing

Countless animals are sent to labs where they are subject to cruel and disgusting experimentation. Sign this petition to support proposed legislation that would help protect animals from laboratory tests.

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