End Violent and Worthless Experiments on Innocent Animals

The National Football League has been funding cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals, saying that its studies follow all existing regulations for the treatment of laboratory animals. Urge the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare to update its standards to protect all laboratory animals from inhumane treatment in experiments like these.

Demand Justice for Brutally Abused Dog

A female pit-bull was recently discovered beaten and abused so badly by her owner over time that she could not be saved and had to be put down. The dog had several fractures, bone crushing injuries, dislocations, and a mutilated tongue, none of which she could defend herself against. The owner responsible still remains at large and must be put to justice.

Urge Designer Chain to Keep their Promise of Going Fur-Free

In 2012, an English designer chain publicly pledged to stop selling fur in their stores. Less than a year later, fur products are being found in store locations across Britain. Demand that they keep their promise by removing these products from retail.

Promote Inexpensive Cure for Fatal Disease in Pet Rabbits

Facial abscesses are tragic and common occurrences in rabbits that often result in euthanasia due to the difficulty of removing the abscess entirely. A little-known treatment called Bicillin can effectively eliminate these abscesses without surgery, but few rabbit owners and veterinarians are informed of this. Read this petition to learn about Bicillin, and help spread awareness to pet owners by featuring an informative article about this treatment online.

Criminalize Operation of Factory Farms

Factory farms endanger us all, from the employees who work in them, to the residents living nearby, to the children who consume the meat they produce. This state of affairs is unacceptable; demand that Congress introduce legislation to end factory farms permanently.

Urge the U.S. Government to Ban Public Contact With Dangerous Animals

Dozens of humans and animals are killed because of direct human contact with dangerous animals. The U.S. government is considering banning direct public contact with dangerous animals. Sign this petition to urge the government to enact this helpful regulation.

Condemn Police for Killing Injured Stray Animals

A police department is allowing its officers to kill injured stray cats and dogs. The department does not determine, with one-hundred-percent certainty, if the animal has a chance to survive. Urge the police department to bring the animal to a medical professional for treatment rather than kill it.

Demand a Stop to the Poaching of Elephants

Elephant poaching has increased at an alarmingly rate. As a result, the African Elephant population could soon be facing extinction. Efforts to decrease elephant poaching and preserve the population must be implemented before it is too late.

Applaud Town for Banning Exotic Animals in Entertainment

West Hollywood has banned the use of exotic animals for entertainment purposes. The city has been in the forerunning of animal rights activism for decades; applaud these officials that are standing up for innocent animals.

Scotland Must Protect Endangered Seabirds

There has been an alarming decline in seabirds in Scotland. Some numbers are down by nearly half, putting this species dangerously close to extinction. Demand that Scotland implement immediate conservation measures for its endangered seabirds.

Forbid Cruel Peruvian Cat Sacrifice

People force helpless cats into buckets of water and force them to slowly drown during a Peruvian cat eating festival. Sign this petition to demand that the Peruvian government stop this cruel torture.

Applaud West Hollywood For Banning Fur Sales

A city in California has recently become the first to ban the sale of fur products. They have imposed a fine and set a good example to neighboring districts, and encouraged customers to buy compassionate alternatives. Thank West Hollywood for continuing their excellent record of kindness to animals.

Stop the Sale of Live Crabs in Chinese Vending Machines

Vending machines in China have begun to sell live hairy crabs. In nearly freezing temperatures, with no food or water, a high mortality rate plagues the confined crabs. Ask the Chinese Government to ban the sale of live animals in vending machines.

Thank Zoo For Surrenduring Big Cats to Sanctuary

Directors of a zoo in Uruguay have decided to surrender their tigers and jaguars to animal sanctuaries in the US. They had been unable to provide adequate space for the cats, leaving them in cramped cages scarcely large enough to pace in. Thank the zoo staff for showing compassion by releasing their animals to qualified caregivers.

Demand NBC Sports Cancel Cruel Big Game Hunting Show

Hunting big game for pleasure and ‘trophies’ in Africa is the subject matter for a show on NBC Sports. The show’s host kills elephants, leopards, rhinos and countless other animals. Demand that NBC cancel this horrific show which openly supports animal cruelty and celebrates the death of animals for sport, their fur, their heads or their tusks.

Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals

Countless rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and mice are burned, poisoned and killed in cruel tests for cosmetics and household products. In these barbaric tests, animals are forced to inhale chemicals until they become sick or die, are tightly restrained while chemicals are dripped into their eyes, or are immobilized and have caustic substances smeared onto their bare skin. We must end this needless torture of animals now.

End the Seafood Industry’s Mutilation of Live Crustaceans

In Maine seafood processing plants, lobsters and crabs are dismembered and mutilated while still alive. They have their shells, legs, entrails, and claws removed before being left to die. Demand that the state of Maine require processors to dispatch the creatures humanely before carving them.

Applaud Medical University For Ending Animal Testing

An American university has ended the practice of surgical training with live animals. Now, simulators are used to practice incisions of the abdomen, chest, and organs. Commend the dean for preventing the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of animals per year.

Stop Killing Endangered Seals With Ship Propellers

Scotland’s endangered harbor seals are being found washed ashore with deeply cut and bruised bodies. The culprit is a type of ship propeller in which the seals can become trapped. Tell Scotland’s Marine Department to phase out the use of these dangerous propellers to give harbor seals a fighting chance at survival.

Protect European Sea Bass from Over Fishing

The population of wild European sea bass has fallen to its lowest level in 20 years. To allow the fish to recover, one scientific organization recommendations that countries in Europe reduce their annual catch by 36%. Applaud the ICES’ call to enact restrictions on European sea bass fishing in order to protect the species.

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