Save Rare Shorebird from Extinction

The rufa red knot is a medium sized shorebird that migrates twice a year from Patagonia to the Arctic. Its population has declined by about 75 percent. Support comprehensive measures to protect and ensure the survival of this amazing migratory bird.

Reprimand Couple for Hoarding and Abusing Cats

A South Carolina couple is guilty of hoarding over two dozen emaciated, neglected cats in their cramped mobile home, while they lived comfortably in another room. Reprimand them for this hideous act of cruelty.

Support Positive Steps to Protect Animals

Several important laws proposed in Michigan would make positive changes in the lives of animals, setting a strong example for other states to follow. Demand that these laws be put into effect immediately.

Stop Unsustainable and Dangerous Whaling Practices

Japanese whaling has killed over one million whales, dolphins, and porpoises in the last 70 years alone. Recent studies suggest this high level of killing is driving these animals to extinction. Demand the Japanese government create better laws to regulate hunting in the sea.

Don’t Treat all Pit Bulls Like Criminals

A recent Michigan law would require all pit bull owners to register their dogs with the police. Such registries are costly and do nothing to prevent an attack before it happens. Demand that a more effective education program be instated to promote awareness about reducing aggression in all large dog breeds.

Support Zero Tolerance Stance on Wildlife Trafficking

The United States has decided to destroy six tons of ivory, sending a zero tolerance message to poachers of elephants and rhinos. Commend the director of the Fish and Wildlife Service for this effort to protect endangered species.

End Live Animal Trade in Australia

Animals that are traded while alive are subject to horrific conditions, and are often tortured. Australia may become the first country to ban live animal trading, but the legislation does not have much support. Advocate for the rights of these animals and convince Australia to become the first country to stand up for ethical trade.

Make CEOs Responsible for Animal Abuse in Israel

A socialist leader in Israel recently proposed two bills that would allow CEOs and company directors to be punished for acts of animal cruelty and neglect that occur at the workplace. Help protect livestock in Israel now.

Stop Breeding Beagles for Cruel Laboratory Experiments

A company recently proposed breeding and raising Beagles in the lab for the express purpose of performing experiments on them. Chemicals will be forced into their mouths and substances will be pumped into their veins for as long as the puppy can stand it before dying. Demand that this horrifying proposal be shut down immediately.

Regulate Use of Harmful Hormones on Blue Crabs

A hormone being developed for use on Blue Crabs could decimate the wild crab population. Hormone testing to induce molting in the Blue Crab must be stopped unless strict and reliable guidelines protecting the wild Blue Crab population can be established.

Protect Endangered Wolves

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has proposed removing endangered species protections for all grey wolves in the lower 48 states, allowing them to be hunted and trapped. Tell federal decision makers that taking protections away from wolves is premature and wrong.

Commend State for Pet-Friendly Housing Law

Hawaii property owners and tenants can now negotiate contracts to allow a household pet to live with them. This greatly reduces the chances of pets being surrendered to shelters or abandoned due to housing issues, and keeps pets with their owners. Commend Hawaii’s governor for passing this law.

End Practice of Boiling Chickens Alive

Nearly one million birds are accidentally dropped alive into boiling water at slaughter houses across the nation, because assembly lines are so fast that workers are unable to verify whether all birds are deceased before dropping them into the vat. However, a new rule proposal would speed up lines even more. Say no to increasing the number of animals suffering these cruel deaths.

Save Swamp Rabbit Homes from Destruction

Swamp rabbits, one of the only rabbit species to regularly swim underwater, are threatened by construction of a giant levee in their wetland home. Demand that this project be cancelled, and stop the destruction of this fascinating rabbit’s habitat.

Praise Two Boys’ Efforts to Save Endangered Tigers

Bengal tigers are a critically endangered species, in great need of help.Two ten year old boys from India are taking time after school to raise awareness and funds for tiger conservation. Thank these young boys for their ambitious endeavors to save this regal animal.

Praise City for Banning Bullfighting

A city in Peru has become the first in the country to ban bullfighting, and has recently demolished their bullfighting ring as a final sign of distaste for the bloodsport. Thank the mayor for reducing the number of bulls maimed and killed for entertainment.

Support Safer Pet Food

The Food and Drug Administration recently proposed new rules to reduce harmful contaminants in pet food. This is the first time the agency has addressed pet food safety. Urge regulators to continue taking action to prevent the thousands of cases of animal illness and death caused by pet food contamination.

Praise Firefighters for Rescuing Puppies

A team of firefighters recently resuscitated and saved the lives of two unconscious puppies found in a burning building. Thank them for their heroism and compassion.

Commend Ban on Circus Elephant Abuse

Circus elephants are too often abused with cruel and painful training methods. Show your support for efforts to end cruelty to elephants.

Protect White Tigers from Inbreeding

White tigers are often forced to inbreed with one another in order to pass on their rare coloring. Sign this petition to raise awareness about white tiger inbreeding and the birth defects that come with it.

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