Thank Famed Actor for Condemning Sexual Experimentation on Animals

Ron JeremyRon Jeremy, a famed celebrity and actor, recently joined PETA in condemning cruel sexual experiments on animals. Please take a moment to thank him for raising awareness about this important cause.

Save Scottish Wildcats From Extinction are only 40 Scottish Wildcats remaining in the wild, and they may be completely wiped out in just a few months. Urge the Scottish government to step in and help save these regal creatures.

Save Hawksbill Turtles from Extinction Hawksbill Sea Turtle has graced our oceans for over 100 million years, and is now a critically endangered species. Urge officials in Puerto Rico to end the illegal wildlife trade, and help stop a major threat to this amazing animal.

Make Animal Cruelty a Felony

5720785669_ce729906c6A bill that could finally make animal cruelty a felony in Ohio has reached the Senate. Protect the animals of Ohio now.

Ban Bee-Killing Pesticides from Home Improvement Chain

BeeHome Depot is one of the largest retailers of neonicotinoid pesticides, which are killing bees at an alarming rate. Sign the petition to demand that they immediately remove neonicotinoid pesticides from their stores nationwide.

Ban University’s Unnecessary Experiments On Pigs

Little_pigsThe Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine has revealed that young pigs are force-fed 20 shots of vodka a day in experiments conducted by Brown University. We must ask Brown to immediately ban these cruel and unnecessary experiments.

Applaud Musicians for Canceling Sea World Performances

SeaWorldRock bands, Heart and The Barenaked Ladies, and country singer, Willie Nelson, were scheduled to perform at Sea World in Orlando, Florida in February. However, questions have been raised about Sea World’s abusive treatment of captive whales, prompting the musicians to cancel their upcoming shows. Sign the petition to support the musician’s brave stance against animal cruelty.

Protect Grizzly Bears from Hunting

GrizzlyCanadian grizzly bears may soon face an increased threat from legalized hunting. Hasty research has prompted a proposal for enlarged grizzly hunting areas, but in reality, the increase in hunting may kill the bears off . Sign this petition and reduce the area of legal grizzly bear hunting, not expand it.

Prevent Commercial Delivery Drones from Killing Birds

deadbirdMajor online retailer,, has promised to commercially fly drones to deliver products to their customers. While defending their territory and nests from perceived threats, birds will be put at risk for severe injury and death. Sign the petition to stop the unnecessary deaths of birds.

Save Sea Turtles from Hotel Development

images (1)Hundreds of sea turtles are threatened by a proposed resort development on their nesting grounds. Urge the resort to protect these endangered animals rather than harming them.

Rescue Bears from Abusive Circus

performing bearA group of performing bears are living their lives as prisoners, spending 90 percent of their time in tiny cages inside a hot trailer. Help stop the traveling circus that owns these animals from abusing them any longer.

Praise Pizza Brand for Fighting Animal Abuse

digiorno-pizza-5124602-lSevere animal abuse was recently documented at a dairy farm that supplies cheese for a popular pizza brand. In response, the pizza company decided to cut all ties with the inhumane farm. Applaud the company for standing up for animals.

Commend Diver for Saving Hurt Dolphin

man saves dolphinA compassionate diver saved a bottlenose dolphin’s life in early 2013. Commemorate this diver’s good deed by signing this petition, and let him know that his actions are an inspiration for humans to help animals in need.

Stop Cruel Government-Funded Animal Sex Experiments

Photo credit: Wikimedia CommonsTaxpayer dollars are going towards cruel sexual behavior studies, some of which involve the genital mutilation of hamsters, mice and rats. Urge the government to halt the funding of these sadistic experiments.

Stop Euthanizing Innocent Dogs

imagesMany friendly shelter dogs are put down every year due to a faulty and unreliable ‘personality test.’ Protest against defective testing methods, implement a dependable measure of personality, and save the lives of countless innocent dogs.

Commend Conviction of Shark Thief

800px-Male_whale_shark_at_Georgia_AquariumA court recently convicted an aquarium owner for illegally stealing sharks and stingrays out of the wild. Thank the judge for upholding laws that protect marine life.

Stop Plan to Kill Threatened Sharks

sharkWestern Australia’s government has decided to kill sharks that venture close to shore, rather than seeking non-lethal ways to prevent shark attacks. This is unsustainable, and will put more stress on already endangered species. Demand that non-harmful shark deterrents be used instead.

Save Endangered Dolphin from Captivity

black sea dolphinAn endangered bottlenose dolphin is scheduled to be the torchbearer for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Russia. Using this animal for entertainment is wrong, and sends a negative message to patrons of the games. Urge the Russian government to release the dolphin instead of subject it to this abuse.

Commend Organization for Saving Snowy Owls

snowy owlMigrating Snowy Owls will no longer be shot, thanks to a dedicated activist group. Applaud the organization for advocating relocation, rather than killing, of birds flying near airports.

Stop Animal Cruelty at Leading Research Facility

cute-bunnyAnimals are subjected to unnecessary suffering and death in a leading university’s laboratory, according to an independent review that uncovered severe wrongdoing and animal cruelty. Urge the college to immediately implement changes to improve animal welfare.

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