Commend Brave Dachshund for Fighting Obesity

In the United States, more than half of all dogs and cats are obese. Obie, a brave dachshund, has shown the world that it is possible for an overweight dog to get back to a healthy weight. Support Obie so that he can inspire others to take arms in the fight against dog obesity.

Save Environmental Conservation Education Center from Permanent Closure

The Living Coast Discovery Center has been educating visitors about native wildlife and conservation of ecosystems with highly engaging programs for 26 years. Unfortunately, the nature center is scheduled to close unless adequate funds are raised. Please help to increase the financial support for this dedicated conservation organization.

Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in New York

Many animal abusers are never punished for their crimes. New York is looking to change this injustice by strengthening animal cruelty laws. Support these efforts to bring animal abusers to justice.

End Inhumanity in Factory Farms

A major factory farm chain claims humane food production, but its baby chickens are shoved through machines with injuries and open wounds. Demand this company take better, more humane care of its animals.

Save Suffering Lab Monkeys

Two rhesus monkeys recently died at a research center in California. An investigation into the incident revealed more incidents, and that the entire laboratory features inadequate and dangerous conditions for the monkeys. Stop the cruelty now.

Commend the Ban of Harmful Chemicals in Marine Areas

England has banned ships from discharging a chemical responsible for the death of thousands of seabirds this year alone. Commend the decision to conserve England’s seabirds.

Stop Stores from Selling Unhealthy Puppies

Nine out of twelve Maryland pet stores were found to be out of compliance with a law requiring them to post their puppies’ origins clearly on their cages. Condemn these stores for not complying with the law, and for selling sick puppies to unsuspecting customers.

Commend Organization for Shutting Down Animal Gas Chamber

The Humane Society of the United States recently gave the city of Bennettsville, South Carolina a five thousand dollar grant to shut down their animal gas chamber and learn about injectable euthanization methods at the city’s animal shelter. Commend them for advancing animal welfare.

Don’t Promote Alcohol for Animals

A non-alcoholic feline wine has recently been introduced to the public. The ‘wine’ contains no alcohol and is actually healthy for pets, but consumers could easily start thinking its ok to serve alcohol to animals. The manufacturer should clarify that pets should never be given alcoholic beverages.

Commend Navajo Nation for Opposing Horse Slaughter

Every year, tens of thousands of horses are inhumanely slaughtered for meat due to overpopulation. The Navajo Nation has bravely spoken out against this cruel practice and publicly committed to using humane methods to control overpopulation. Sign this petition to commend their commitment to animal welfare.

Big Agriculture Must Stop Torturing Chickens

Industrial breeding has created chickens that grow at a freakish rate — up to three times faster than normal. These chickens collapse under their own weight and spend much of their lives lying in their own waste, with open sores and wounds, unable to walk. Tell the chicken industry to stop putting profits above animal welfare and provide chickens healthier and more humane conditions.

Stop Superbugs by Ending the Overuse of Antibiotics on Factory Farms

Superbugs are coming and they’re being bred on factory farms, which are feeding livestock regular doses of antibiotics even when they’re not sick because their living conditions are so horrifyingly unhealthy. This is creating antibiotic-resistant ‘superbugs’ which pose a serious threat to human health. We must put an end to using antibiotics on healthy livestock.

Recall Dangerous Chicken and End Overuse of Antibiotics in Meat Production

A dangerous strain of Salmonella has been discovered in Foster Farms chicken. This antibiotic resistant strain is the result of overuse of antibiotics in agriculture. Too many people are getting sick and dying from Big Agriculture’s greed. They must stop pumping our food full of antibiotics.

Shut Down Infamous Puppy Seller

Notorious dog sellers have been caught selling sick puppies to unsuspecting customers. Shut down their cruel business once and for all.

Praise Animal Cruelty Ordinance in Indiana

Madison County, Indiana recently updated its animal cruelty laws for the first time since 1970. Thank them for finally standing up for the rights of our beloved four-legged friends.

Close Inhumane Animal Ranch

For years, the government has cited an animal ranch for mistreating its inhabitants, but federal agencies have taken no action to shut it down. Demand that the inhumane ranch be permanently closed.

Save the Dying Moose Population

Moose populations across North America are in rapid decline, dropping at a rate of 25% a year in some areas. These creatures are an important part of the ecosystem, and we cannot allow them to become extinct. Please sign the petition and help save the dying moose population.

Demand Justice for Beaten Dog

A dog was recently left, brutally beaten, on the steps of an animal shelter in Oakland, California. Sign this petition to demand justice for this helpless animal.

Help Preserve The Orangutan’s Habitat

The orangutan’s natural habitat is being destroyed to make way for palm oil plantations. Informative packaging labels combined with educational campaigns could make a difference in palm oil consumption, and help to preserve the orangutan’s habitat.

Revoke Laws That Protect Agricultural Animal Abusers

Billions of animals each year suffer through horrific conditions on factory farms. Unfortunately, some laws make it exceptionally difficult for journalists to expose animal abuse and force it to stop. Sign this petition to applaud organizations that stand up against these unconstitutional laws.

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