Shut Down Illegal and Inhumane Slaughterhouses

A number of illegal slaughterhouses in India are rampant with animal abuse. Because the animal cruelty is unbridled and unrestricted, these butcheries must be permanently shut down. Ban these slaughterhouses from operation.

Protect Family Pets From Cruel Laboratory Experiments

2241616932_71b05dddff_oBeloved family pets are stolen from their yards, taken from shelters, or rounded up as strays to be sold to research facilities for painful experimentation. Tell Congress to end this disturbing practice by holding those who fraudulently acquire animals accountable.

Save Prairie Dogs From Poisoning

Prairie Dog - Kristi Decourcy - FlickrThe Forest Service plans to poison 16,000 prairie dogs living on a protected grassland. Help save thousands of prairie dogs from a slow, painful death by speaking out against this misguided plan.

Condemn Wildlife Officials Caught Hunting on Duty

Fawn-in-grassRecently, 18 wildlife officials have been accused of hunting for sport while still on duty. Sign this petition to demand a thorough investigation and justice served to those found guilty.

Commend Organization for Worldwide Veterinary Care

Dog in Flood - Richard W Sinyem - InterestingFotoThe volunteers at World Vets are helping animals during disasters, and are improving the quality of veterinary care in developing countries. Thank this organization for doing such important work.

Don’t Fine Dog Owners Who Allow Barking

Reject Fine for Barking DogsAlaskan lawmakers are trying to limit how long a dog can bark during the day. The fine for barking can be as high as $400. Defend the natural right of dogs to bark without penalty.

Save Bald Eagles from Lead Poisoning

bald eagleLead particles from hunting ammunition kill hundreds of bald eagles and other wildlife every year. Eagles naturally come to pick up scraps left behind by hunters, ingesting bits of poison at each meal. Remove toxic lead from hunting ammunition to save bald eagles from poisoning.

Commend Companies for Stopping Use of Angora Rabbit Fur

White_Satin_Angora_RabbitAfter a video was released showing workers ripping fur from an Angora rabbit’s writhing body, many retailers have stopped buying products made with Angora rabbit fur. Commend them for taking a stand to improve Angora rabbits’ welfare.

Protect Endangered Giant Panda Bears

800px-Xiao_Liwu_im_San_Diego_Zoo_-_Foto_2China’s endangered giant pandas may soon lose more of their shrinking natural habitat. The Chinese government must invest in existing plans to save these pandas and avoid driving them to extinction.

Protect Farm Animals From Cruelty

Hog_confinement_barn_interiorA recent undercover investigation revealed widespread cruelty at a pig farm in Pennsylvania. The workers were witnessed removing piglets’ tails with pliers and ripping out the animals’ testes with bare hands. Protect all animals from cruel treatment.

Keep Animal-Abusing Celebrity from Owning Pets

justin_bieberAn international pop star has committed a series of abuses against the animals in his care, neglecting and abandoning them. Please sign this petition to ban him from owning any further pets and to set a precedent for stars that money and power does not mean that they can not treat animals inhumanely.

Investigate Mysterious Bald Eagle Deaths

479px-Bald_Eagle_PortraitResearchers are trying to find out what is causing the deaths of thousands of bald eagles around the Great Salt Lake. Ask the Governor of Utah to help the by allocating more funds to scientists so they can conduct further investigations.

Commend City Council for Cracking Down on Puppy Mill Outlets

738px-Dog_in_animal_shelter_in_Washington,_IowaPhoenix recently approved an ordinance to restrict the retail sale of dogs obtained from large-scale commercial breeders. It is designed to increase the adoption of homeless pets and decrease the number of animals euthanized in shelters. Commend Phoenix for passing this ordinance to crack down on puppy mills and increase shelter adoptions.

Stop the Nightmare of Antibiotic Resistance

chickenFarm animals are pumped full of antibiotics in an attempt to promote growth and prevent disease in unsanitary, crowded conditions. The resulting antibiotic resistance that is created leads to over 23,000 human deaths every year, not to mention the millions of farm animals forced to live in horrific conditions. We must stop the torture and overuse of antibiotics in farm animals before it is too late.

Stop Idaho’s Cruel Wolf And Coyote Derby

wolfThe slaughter of wolves in Idaho has been going on for the past two years. However, the state wants to increase the carnage by hosting a wolf and coyote ‘derby’ where there will be cash prizes and trophies awarded for the largest wolf caught and the most coyotes killed. This barbaric event must be stopped.

Save Endangered Species From Toxic Pesticides

foxesEndangered animals and humans alike are being exposed to toxic pesticides from factory farms. Demand these deadly toxins be eliminated from our drinking water before we are poisoned any further.

Save Deer From Deadly Disease

Marsh_deerDeer in Missouri are being decimated by a fatal disease. If the problem does not get resolved soon, even more deer will die. Tell state officials who are arguing over a solution to settle on a decision, and save Missouri’s deer population.

Condemn Judge Who Jailed Dog Rescuer for Theft

german shepherdAn animal rights activist was jailed and sentenced to community service for rescuing a dog from severely neglectful and abusive conditions. The charge was theft, because animals are considered property in our legal system. Please sign this petition to condemn the judge responsible and to stand up for the proper care and respect for animals everywhere.

Thank Zoo for Helping Endangered Nepalese Wildlife

images (3)A donation from the Denver Zoo is making possible the creation of a wild animal hospital in Nepal. Thank the zoo for its support of Nepalese conservation efforts.

Applaud Efforts to Prevent Arctic Oil Drilling

Gerard Van der Leun via FlickrPresident Obama recently revoked a major oil company’s right to drill in arctic waters. After failing to reduce carbon emissions and neglecting repairs on an oil spill containment safeguard, industry giant Shell Oil was denied arctic drilling rights for 2014. Thank the President for preventing unsafe drilling and protecting the Arctic.

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