Commend Country for Protecting Manta Rays

Manta ray - fotopedia - ken2754Manta rays are extremely vulnerable to overfishing, but are being hunted for their gill rakers and are in danger of extinction. Commend one country that has protected the two largest species of manta ray.

Commend Arrest of Chefs for Serving Whale Meat

800px-Staart_van_een_ZuidkaperTwo chefs have plead guilty to serving whale meat at their restaurants. They were caught after a filmmaker found out they were serving meat from these endangered animals. Sign this petition to applaud the effort to shut down this restaurant and put the chefs in jail.

Ban Treacherous Toy from Pet Stores

Hamster balls are a popular toy, but they pose serious fall injury, suffocation, and heatstroke risks to the animals inside them. Remove hamster balls from a major pet store chain and inform customers of their dangers.

Praise Ban on Religious Animal Slaughter

5561869580_c6804f7aedDenmark has banned the inhumane practice of ritual animal slaughter. Thank the country for protecting animals from undue suffering.

Protect Captive Animals in South Korea from Cruelty

Protect Captive Korean Animals from CrueltyCaptive animals in South Korea face heart-wrenching abuse and horrifying conditions with no laws to protect these animals. Demand South Korea end the suffering of South Korea’s captive animals.

Demand Maximum Sentence for Repeat Animal Abuser

Thin HorseA Massachusetts man has been charged with over 30 counts of animal abuse for nearly starving his pets to death. Punish this criminal to the full extent of the law.

Shut Down Barbaric Monkey Stage Show

monkeyPrimates are beaten and forced to perform in a cruel stage show for entertainment. The monkeys live in cramped, dirty cages and are only released for traumatizing training practices and inhumane performances. Tell officials to support legislation that would ban these cruel circus-like performances and save innocent monkeys from abuse.

Praise Animal Cruelty Investigators for Tireless Efforts

5430550825_2484162125Dedicated animal cruelty investigators have worked tirelessly throughout record-breaking temperatures to ensure that animals don’t get left out in the cold. This year alone they have saved countless lives of cats, dogs, and other animals. Thank them for their incredible efforts.

Demand State Ban Cruel Elephant Training Tool

ElephantOne state is proposing to ban the use of the bullhook, an injurious tool used to inflict pain on elephants to manipulate them into submission, causing severe physical and mental anguish. Demand a band on this cruel training tool.

Commend Officials for Shark Fin Bust

Shark fin soupMore than two thousand pounds of illegally harvested shark fins were discovered during a recent vendor bust in California. Commend the individuals involved in the bust for their work to protect endangered sharks.

End Export of Wild Baby Elephants to Zoos

Elephants - Martin Harvey - World Wildlife FundAn elephant calf that was kidnapped from its mother and exported to a Chinese zoo is seriously ill, however, the zoo has denied the animal veterinary care. Tell government officials to ban the export of baby elephants to callous zoos that are ill-equipped to properly care for these intelligent, majestic creatures and to save future calves from a life of pain and misery.

Commend Bipartisan Animal Rights Legislation

GoldenRetrieverPuppyDaisyParkerThere has been much bipartisan collaboration recently in Arizona on animal welfare issues. Two state congressmen have introduced five bills together to protect animals. Commend them for crossing party lines to prioritize animal rights.

Stop Swallowing Live Goldfish at Athletic Events

goldfishIn a cruel and unusual long-standing tradition, students and players of one high school swallow live goldfish during halftime at an annual basketball match. The ritual quickly escalates into a contest among peers, unnecessarily killing numerous fish. Ask that the school and its students implement a new, cruelty-free alternative.

Demand Investigation Into Panda Death

PandasThe death of a giant panda in a zoo has sparked controversy, as visitors claim the animal died from abuse and neglect. The zoo has denied the allegations, so it is up to a third party to investigate the death. Ask an animal welfare organization to begin a transparent investigation.

Repeal Law Criminalizing Reporting of Factory Farm Abuse

idaho-factory-farmIdaho lawmakers have created legislation that criminalizes the reporting of factory farm abuse. This gives workers the ability to mistreat animals without consequence or fear of accountability. Demand that this disgraceful law be repealed.

Stop Animal Abusers from Leaving Animals Outside to Freeze

Countless animals are left outside to freeze to death during the winter months. Demand that this cruel abuse be stopped, and commend efforts being made to raise awareness about this important issue.

Condemn Malicious Violence Against Innocent Pigs

militarypigsDenmark has been allowing the British army to shoot live pigs in an effort to teach army doctors how to care for wounded soldiers. Sign the petition to end the barbaric practice.

Don’t Sweep Farm Animal Cruelty Under the Rug

Abused Horse - Animals Abused and Abandoned - FlickrInvestigation of farm animal cruelty is being removed from the criminal justice system and placed under a political entity without the means, mission, or desire to protect animals. Tell the sponsor of this new bill that farm animal cruelty is a crime and politicians cannot replace police officers.

Support Ban on New York Ivory Trade

Tanzanian_ElephantThe illegal ivory trade claims up to 100 elephants a day, and a legal loophole allows poachers and traffickers to undercut the worldwide ban on trading this product. Urge New York to keep ivory sales out of one of the nation’s largest ivory markets.

Commend Olympic Medalist for Rescuing Stray Dogs

Sochi Olympic SkierA 2014 Olympic medalist has dedicated his time and money to making sure some of the stray dogs of Sochi find loving homes. Applaud this compassion by signing this petition.

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