Condemn Cattle Farmer for Animal Cruelty

Cow CarcassA cattle farmer has been sentenced to jail time for subjecting his cattle and other animals to cruel and inhumane conditions. Many animals were found emaciated or dead on his property due to malnutrition, severe cold, or trampling. Condemn this farmer for the cruelty and suffering inflicted on these animals.

Remove Elephant from Solitary Confinement

Elephants - Republica - PixabayLucky the elephant has been kept alone for the last 11 months by the San Antonio Zoo. Elephants are highly social creatures, and need company to prevent severe emotional and mental stress. Demand the zoo provide Lucky with proper companionship.

Stop Planned Slaughter of Sharks

640px-White_shark_(cropped)There is a shark slaughter planned in Western Australia. This unethical and environmentally destructive slaughter must be stopped. Condemn this plan and save both the sharks and other marine life that will be killed in the slaughter.

Save White Rhinos from Poachers

white-rhinoOne-thousand white rhinos were killed by poachers last year for their horns. The African nation of Mozambique is the main base of operations for these criminals due to weak laws and little enforcement. Demand that Mozambique crack down on poachers and save the white rhino.

Protect Endangered Right Whales

Eubalaena_glacialis_with_calfNorth American right whales are threatened with extinction by plans to allow offshore seismic blasting in their habitat. Demand increased protections to preserve this beautiful species.

Ask TV Personality Not to Kill an Endangered Animal

RhinoA TV personality paid $350,000 for the opportunity to hunt an endangered black rhino in Africa. We must demand that he abandon all plans to kill one of these majestic animals.

Stop Coyote Killing Contest

800px-Coyote_portraitCoyotes are being killed year after year in a coyote killing contest held in Crane, Oregon. People are shooting these animals to win prizes and cash incentives. Please sign this petition to help animal rights groups stop this brutal killing of coyotes.

Protect Service Dogs from Vicious Attacks

Dusty - The Seeing Eye - CliffViewPilotOver 40% of service dogs are viciously attacked by other dogs at some point in their careers, but a new law in New Jersey could protect service dogs and their owners. Urge the New Jersey Governor to sign this legislation immediately.

Save Endangered Animals from Habitat Destruction

Baby black gibbonThe insatiable demand for palm oil has led to the relentless destruction of the rainforest home of endangered animals. As a participant in the destructive palm oil trade and the top food and beverage company in the world, PepsiCo has the power to make a difference. Tell PepsiCo to develop a palm oil sourcing process that protects these animals and their lands.

Praise Student for Creating Ethical Shoe

veganshoedesignA 22-year-old student recently designed a 100% vegan shoe in an effort to put an end to animal cruelty in the fashion industry. Commend her work to encourage compassionate fashion.

Ban Abusive Treatment of Horses

Tennessee_Walking_HorseSoring is an abusive practice in which horses are subjected to blistering agents, burns, lacerations, sharp objects and other tortures to force them to walk with a ‘high step.’ We must ask Congress to pass legislation that would ban this horrific practice.

Stop Killing Leopards for Religious Clothing

400px-Leopard_rear_view_softLeopards in South Africa are being killed by a religious group that uses their fur for clothing. Demand that this group use humane alternatives to leopard fur in their religious garb.

Stop Major Retailer from Supporting the Torture of Small Mammal

civet supports the captivity and torture of a small asian mammal through the sale of a specialized coffee. Every day these creatures are captured, locked in tiny cages, and force-fed massive amounts of coffee cherries. Tell to stop selling this exploitative coffee and help put an end to the cruel trade.

Demand Abusive Sled Dog Operation be Shut Down

Sled DogThe owner of a sled dog business has eight animal abuse violations against him, and has been known to shoot his sick dogs instead of seeking medical treatment. It is obvious this man views his dogs as a means to profit and cares little for their well being. Sign this petition and demand for the business’s immediate closure.

Demand Justice For Puppy Hung from Ceiling

hangpuppyfromceilingA couple recently hung their 4-month-old puppy from the ceiling of their home and posted pictures to Facebook as a joke. Sign the petition to demand they get jail time for their cruel behavior.

Thank Congress for Saving Horses from Slaughter

Horses - steppinstars - pixabayHorse slaughterhouses will be kept out of the United States, thanks to recent action from Congress. Congratulate Congress for getting this one right and saving horses from being slaughtered for food.

Praise Humane Society for Removing 18 Cats from Animal Hoarder

800px-Rsgranne_-_Cats_cats_cats!_(Arrow_Rock,_Missouri,_20050703)_03_(by-sa)Eighteen cats were rescued from disturbing conditions in an animal hoarder’s home. Because of the Humane Society’s diligent efforts, the owner has been prosecuted and the cats are safe. Thank the Humane Society for rescuing these animals and providing them with shelter and medical care.

Keep Fishermen out of Marine Sanctuaries

Macquarie_perch_2Several marine sanctuaries in recovery from overfishing now face the untimely threat of recreational anglers. The decision to legalize sport fishing in these havens is being combated by over 200 marine scientists. Stand with the marine scientists and demand that these critical sanctuaries be protected.

Demand Maximum Sentence for Neglectful Animal Shelter Director

shelter catAn animal shelter director has been charged with 18 counts of animal cruelty for neglecting the animals in her care. We must encourage the county prosecutor to ensure that she is charged and given the maximum sentence for her inhumane behavior.

Demand Funding for Large Carnivore Research

WolvesEcologists have found that large carnivores not only keep the food chain balanced, but also influence the topography of the land. These scientists need to continue their research to ensure large predators such as wolves and bears do not disappear from our planet. Demand funding for the research of large carnivores and the effect they have on the environment.

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