Demand Horse Drawn Carriage Rides be Outlawed

Thousands of horses suffer and die in the barbaric horse drawn carriage business. Forced to work in stifling heat, many collapse to their deaths from exhaustion or heat stroke. Please demand an immediate ban on this form of torturous entertainment and end the innocent suffering of horses.

Commend Authorities for Arresting Notorious Chimpanzee Abuser

A notorious primate abuser was recently arrested after trying to sell several chimpanzees to a roadside zoo. The same man is known for beating, illegally holding, and scalding monkeys with boiling water before selling them. Commend the Florida Commission that arrested him for cutting off this pattern of heartless animal abuse.

Condemn L’Oreal for Buying Into Cosmetics Tested on Animals

L’Oreal recently bought out a major Chinese cosmetics manufacturer. While L’Oreal is barred by European Union rules from testing products on animals within Europe, China’s government requires such trials for every new beauty product. Now under the powerful wing of L’Oreal, the Chinese manufacturer is sure to continue testing on animals for many years. Condemn L’Oreal for contributing to animal testing.

Commend Clinic Staff for Attempting to Save Severely Abused Kitten

A kitten that was severely beaten by a woman and her children was compassionately nurtured and rehabilitated by clinic staff. Although he succumbed to his injuries, these remarkable individuals deserve to be commended for donating their time and resources to save this innocent kitten.

Ban Horse-Drawn Carriages in Seattle

Horse-drawn carriages have been banned in many cities due to their abusive and unnecessary nature. In today’s modern times there are plenty of transportation alternatives; Seattle in particular is home to great public transportation and avid cyclists. There are too many distractions and dangers for the horses on the narrow streets of Seattle for this treatment to be humane. Urge the Mayor of Seattle to put a ban on this tourist attraction.

Condemn Police for Promoting Officer Who Shot Dog

A police officer shot a family’s dog after he entered the dog’s fenced-in yard. He was then promoted to sergeant. Condemn the police department for promoting this officer.

Demand Reports on Number of Animals Tested On and Killed

Animal testing for cosmetics and household products is not required by law, but practiced without regulation by many companies. Demand public release of information regarding the number of animals used and killed in gratuitous research.

Demand Release of Lone Orca Imprisoned for Over Thirty Years

A lonely female orca has suffered in isolation for over 30 years at a Marine Park in Florida. Forced to swim in a substandard pool that does not even meet the minimum requirements for orca imprisonment. Please demand this Marine park give Lolita the retirement she deserves and release her to an appropriate ocean sanctuary.

Urge Mayor to Ban Carriage Horses from City Streets

A 13-year-old carriage horse recently collapsed from heat exhaustion on Salt Lake City streets. Though an investigation revealed no regulations had been violated, the existing ordinance governing treatment of carriage horses is insufficient to protect them from abuses at the hands of their owners. Urge Mayor Becker to ban horse-drawn carriages in the city in order to protect these hardworking creatures.

Support Ending Animal Testing on Consumer Products

The organization Leaping Bunny is taking a prominent stand against animal cruelty by requiring makers of household products and cosmetics to pledge the end of animal testing. Applaud this organization’s efforts to end barbaric and unnecessary animal testing on consumer products.

Commend Man for Risking Life to Save Cats From House Fire

An Arizona man recently saved his two cats from a house fire by going back into the house to find them. Commend his selfless heroism.

Condemn Traditional Goat Sacrifice

A female goat is thrown into a pond and attacked by young men, torn apart limb from limb until she is dead. This atrocity happens annually at the Khokana Festival in Nepal. The man who is thought to have dealt the final blow is announced the winner. This is extreme cruelty at its most horrific and must be stopped.

Encourage Expedia to Drop Abusive Tiger Attraction from Itineraries

A tourist attraction in Thailand that allows visitors to interact with tigers has been cited for cruel treatment and terrible living conditions. Travel site Expedia offers itineraries that glorify this tiger jail, while many other travel companies have removed their offers. Encourage Expedia to follow suit and remove this abusive attraction from its itineraries.

Thank Agency for Denying Aquarium’s Request to Import Belugas

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration recently rejected Georgia Aquarium’s permit application to import 18 beluga whales from Russia, which could have a very serious negative impact on wild beluga populations in Russian waters. Thank this agency for upholding regulations that protect animals and environmental sustainability.

Demand Animal Shelter Serve Cruelty-Free Food

Despite sheltering a variety of farm animals, the Sacramento County Animal Shelter continues serve meat and dairy products at shelter fundraising events. Please urge the shelter to be consistent with its mission by only offering cruelty-free food choices at its functions.

Stop Deadly Horse Drawn Carriage Rides

A horse in Salt Lake City succumbed to severe heat exhaustion and fell to the ground while slaving away in nearly 100-degree heat. Please tell the Mayor of Salt Lake City that the horse drawn carriage business is inhumane and that a ban must be enacted immediately to end the torture inflicted upon these innocent horses.

Commend Non-Profit for Rescuing Humpback Whale Trapped in Netting

A humpback whale recently became trapped in netting meant to keep sharks away from public beaches. Thank the Seaworld Research and Rescue Foundation for being on call to rescue one of our most majestic marine mammals.

Tell Online Breeder to Stop the Breeding and Sale of Teacup Dogs

Tiny teacup dogs have become popular in recent years, but behind them are questionable breeding practices and a plethora of health problems. Tell one of the largest online teacup puppy breeders to stop selling these puppies and help put an end to this inhumane practice.

Stop Shoving Tubes Down the Windpipes of Cats

At Washington University, pediatrics residents use cats to learn how to insert breathing tubes. They force long tubes down the cats’ windpipes, which can cause bruising, bleeding, scarring and intense pain. The cats will be abused again and again like this for years. Tell this Med School it is time to stop abusing cats.

Demand Aquarium in Florida Improve Conditions

The Clearwater Marine Aquarium continues to receive citations from government inspectors for conditions that put its marine mammals in danger. Protect these animals now.

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