Tell Sports Event to Stop Promoting Cruelly Produced Milk milk is unhealthy and is produced by treating animals cruelly, but Ironman Triathlon has named chocolate milk as its official recovery beverage. Tell Ironman to endorse a healthier, cruelty-free recovery beverage and help put an end to the dairy industry’s abuse of animals.

Demand State Stop Euthanizing Dogs

PitbullThe Wisconsin State Senate is considering a bill that would give dogs of convicted animal fighters a second chance at life. We must encourage Wisconsin legislatures to adopt the new bill and stop automatically euthanizing these unfortunate animals.

Commend Recently Announced World Wildlife Day

UN Endangered ActThe United Nations has dedicated a day of recognition to the world’s wildlife, in part to raise awareness for ongoing wildlife crime. Celebrate this victory for our fragile wildlife populations by signing this petition.

Stop Live-Animal Trauma Testing in Military Training

11-24-13 Oklahoma Pig Farm Abuse picThe Australian Defence Force has continued to mutilate and murder live pigs in its trauma training exercises despite proof that non-animal training methods have shown to be just as effective. Urge the ADF to stop this cruel, outdated practice and encourage it to switch to non-animal training methods.

Urge for Extra Protection of Humpback Whales

humpbackThe humpback whale has been on the endangered species list for over two decades; the species may be delisted in 2014. Urge that the necessary protection of the species ensues, if need be.

Create Animal Abuser Registry

2425512863_b461967f9aA Nevada senator recently proposed a bill to create an animal abuser registry. Protect Nevada’s animals now.

Stop Cruelty to Ducks by Banning Foie Gras

Foie grasThe production of foie gras is a cruel and barbaric practice that involves the forced feeding of ducks in order to give them abnormally large and fatty livers. During this process the ducks’ stomachs undergo so much expansion that they become nearly immobile. Please urge Oregon legislators to ban this cruel food.

Praise Clothing Store for Protecting Rabbits

2971024105_2c16a0ba4cRetail giant H&M has halted production of its angora products. Thank them for protecting rabbits from torture now.

Commend Humane Society for Protecting Neglected Animals

kennelThe Humane Society recently seized 92 rabbits, 25 goats, 10 cats, 21 chickens, four dogs and a duck from a property in Franklin County Missouri. The animals were living in squalid conditions with no protection from the cold.The Humane Society has been involved in many such rescues of abused and neglected animals and should be commended for its ongoing commitment to direct intervention in cases of such clear animal abuse.

Save Elephants From Inhumane Confinement

Oregon_zoo_elephant_P1537Elephants held at the Oregon Zoo are suffering terribly in their old age. The zoo once promised to build a preserve for older elephants, but the elephants remain in cramped and inhumane conditions. Demand that the suffering elephants be retired to an animal sanctuary as planned.

Shut Down Illegal and Inhumane Slaughterhouses

A number of illegal slaughterhouses in India are rampant with animal abuse. Because the animal cruelty is unbridled and unrestricted, these butcheries must be permanently shut down. Ban these slaughterhouses from operation.

Protect Family Pets From Cruel Laboratory Experiments

2241616932_71b05dddff_oBeloved family pets are stolen from their yards, taken from shelters, or rounded up as strays to be sold to research facilities for painful experimentation. Tell Congress to end this disturbing practice by holding those who fraudulently acquire animals accountable.

Save Prairie Dogs From Poisoning

Prairie Dog - Kristi Decourcy - FlickrThe Forest Service plans to poison 16,000 prairie dogs living on a protected grassland. Help save thousands of prairie dogs from a slow, painful death by speaking out against this misguided plan.

Condemn Wildlife Officials Caught Hunting on Duty

Fawn-in-grassRecently, 18 wildlife officials have been accused of hunting for sport while still on duty. Sign this petition to demand a thorough investigation and justice served to those found guilty.

Commend Organization for Worldwide Veterinary Care

Dog in Flood - Richard W Sinyem - InterestingFotoThe volunteers at World Vets are helping animals during disasters, and are improving the quality of veterinary care in developing countries. Thank this organization for doing such important work.

Don’t Fine Dog Owners Who Allow Barking

Reject Fine for Barking DogsAlaskan lawmakers are trying to limit how long a dog can bark during the day. The fine for barking can be as high as $400. Defend the natural right of dogs to bark without penalty.

Save Bald Eagles from Lead Poisoning

bald eagleLead particles from hunting ammunition kill hundreds of bald eagles and other wildlife every year. Eagles naturally come to pick up scraps left behind by hunters, ingesting bits of poison at each meal. Remove toxic lead from hunting ammunition to save bald eagles from poisoning.

Commend Companies for Stopping Use of Angora Rabbit Fur

White_Satin_Angora_RabbitAfter a video was released showing workers ripping fur from an Angora rabbit’s writhing body, many retailers have stopped buying products made with Angora rabbit fur. Commend them for taking a stand to improve Angora rabbits’ welfare.

Protect Endangered Giant Panda Bears

800px-Xiao_Liwu_im_San_Diego_Zoo_-_Foto_2China’s endangered giant pandas may soon lose more of their shrinking natural habitat. The Chinese government must invest in existing plans to save these pandas and avoid driving them to extinction.

Protect Farm Animals From Cruelty

Hog_confinement_barn_interiorA recent undercover investigation revealed widespread cruelty at a pig farm in Pennsylvania. The workers were witnessed removing piglets’ tails with pliers and ripping out the animals’ testes with bare hands. Protect all animals from cruel treatment.

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