Commend China for Phasing Out Animal Testing

China recently stated that it plans to phase out mandatory cosmetic testing on animals. The country is heading in the right direction; encourage China to be rid of animal testing altogether, and applaud the government for taking this first step.

Commend Organization for Saving Rhinoceros from Poachers

The World Wildlife Foundation has donated a large amount of money to save Kenya’s rhinoceros. With this contribution, conservationists in Kenya will be able to track rhinoceros, and their horns, in an effort to discourage and reprimand poachers. Sign this petition to thank the World Wildlife Foundation for their dedication to endangered species.

Commend Ban on Wild Animals in Circuses

A European Country recently made it illegal to use wild animals in circuses. Applaud the country for this humane move, which will protect many animals from cruel treatment.

Commend Stylist for Advocating Cruelty Free Fashion

An Australian stylist is working to put an end to animal cruelty in the fashion industry. Applaud her efforts and encourage the positive changes she advocates for.

Stop McDonald’s from Torturing Chickens

No hens should be confined to tiny battery cages where they cannot move at all. Tell McDonald’s Canada to stop the mistreatment of hens on their egg farms.

Condemn Use of Remote Control Animals

Backyard Brains is selling a product that you attach by inserting electrodes into a cockroach. The cockroach is then controlled by a mobile device. Condemn this cruel product that tortures live animals.

Ban Performance Enhancing Drugs for Race Horses

Horses are becoming critically injured and even dying due to the use of performance enhancing drugs in horse races. Sign the petition to stop this practice and save the lives of innocent horses.

Stop Police from Shooting Dogs

Countless animals are killed every day by police officers on the job. Demand that guidelines be set in place to protect innocent animals from unnecessary tragedy.

Commend Adoption Fairs for Rescuing Animals

Animal adoption fairs maximize the chance that a homeless animal has of finding a new family. Sign this petition to support animal adoption fairs.

Stop Killing Wolves in Minnesota

The 2013 wolf hunting season in Minnesota has begun, and hundreds of wolves will be unnecessarily killed. With the support of many, it is still possible to end the hunt in 2014. Urge Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton to represent the majority of Minnesotans, and Americans, who oppose wolf hunting and trapping for sport.

Praise Vigil for Tortured Puppy

Hundreds of people are expected to attend a vigil honoring the life of a puppy who was tortured and left for dead. Thank Northborough, Massachusetts now for showing how much they care about animals.

Chastise Kennel Owner for Shocking Abuse

A kennel owner is responsible for abuse so extreme that one puppy was driven to chew her own leg off to relieve the pain. Shame this owner for his repulsive act of animal cruelty.

Condemn Principal for Animal Abuse

Principal Rosa Martinez has been charged with animal cruelty for allowing one of her dog’s legs to rot off. Condemn the principal for this act of blatant cruelty.

End Cruel Bear Torture for the Sake of Entertainment

Bear baiting is a savage blood sport where dogs are released to attack a tethered bear for entertainment, and it’s still common in Pakistan. Encourage bear owners to abandon cruel bear torture practices and release them to caring sanctuaries.

Save Rare Shorebird from Extinction

The rufa red knot is a medium sized shorebird that migrates twice a year from Patagonia to the Arctic. Its population has declined by about 75 percent. Support comprehensive measures to protect and ensure the survival of this amazing migratory bird.

Reprimand Couple for Hoarding and Abusing Cats

A South Carolina couple is guilty of hoarding over two dozen emaciated, neglected cats in their cramped mobile home, while they lived comfortably in another room. Reprimand them for this hideous act of cruelty.

Support Positive Steps to Protect Animals

Several important laws proposed in Michigan would make positive changes in the lives of animals, setting a strong example for other states to follow. Demand that these laws be put into effect immediately.

Stop Unsustainable and Dangerous Whaling Practices

Japanese whaling has killed over one million whales, dolphins, and porpoises in the last 70 years alone. Recent studies suggest this high level of killing is driving these animals to extinction. Demand the Japanese government create better laws to regulate hunting in the sea.

Don’t Treat all Pit Bulls Like Criminals

A recent Michigan law would require all pit bull owners to register their dogs with the police. Such registries are costly and do nothing to prevent an attack before it happens. Demand that a more effective education program be instated to promote awareness about reducing aggression in all large dog breeds.

Support Zero Tolerance Stance on Wildlife Trafficking

The United States has decided to destroy six tons of ivory, sending a zero tolerance message to poachers of elephants and rhinos. Commend the director of the Fish and Wildlife Service for this effort to protect endangered species.

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