Stop Law Endangering Farm Animals

United States lawmakers passed a bill that would end many protections for animals. Sign this petition demanding that lawmakers kill this bill that would likely trigger animal abuse.

Make Dog Tail Docking Illegal in Washington

Tail docking was once a procedure done to help keep working dogs safe. However, breeds that typically have docked tails are now being bred solely as companion animals, not working dogs, eliminating the need for tail docking. Encourage Washington to pioneer a ban on tail docking.

Reform Abusive Animal Shelter

A rescue organization for condemned animals has become an abusive torture chamber for hundreds of dogs. The owner of the sanctuary is knowingly abusing these animals, but refuses to accept aid from other organizations to improve the conditions of his own. Urge him to stop abusing animals and either reform his shelter or shut it down.

Commend Zoo for Keeping its Animals’ Comfort a Priority

A close encounter zoo in Britain has banned guests from wearing animal print clothing. Animal prints were proving to be confusing to the animals, resulting in negative guest and animal experiences. Applaud the zoo for understanding the needs of its animals, and catering to their comfort.

Commend City’s Alternative to Badger Culls

Each year, thousands of badgers are slaughtered in the United Kingdom in the name of disease prevention. A new project will vaccinate the badgers rather than kill them, and is likely to be more successful than a cull. Commend the creator of this new humane program.

Condemn Zoo for Kidnapping Endagered Sloths

The CEO of a Dallas aquarium was caught kidnapping endangered sloths. There are very few sloths left in the wild, and the victims would not have fared well in captivity. Condemn the CEO for his unethical misconduct.

Tell the NRA That Toxic Bullets Are Killing Wild Birds

The fate of 20 million birds and other wildlife are at risk, due to lead laced bullets that emit over 3,000 tons of toxicity into the wild every year. Tell the National Rifle Association to stop promoting the use of lead bullets, and help save the lives of endangered wild birds.

Investigate Police Officer Involved in Multiple Animal Shootings

A police officer recently shot a resident’s pet dog in her own home. The officer was previously involved in a similar pet shooting earlier this year. Demand that the officer be subject to a psychiatric evaluation and possible criminal charges.

End the Slaughter of Sea Mammals in Japan

In Japan, porpoises are being fished at such a high number that it will not be sustainable and could lead to irreversible population decline. Urge the Prime Minister of Japan to study and regulate the porpoise fishing industry.

Congratulate Poultry Producer For Receiving Humane Award

Recently, an American poultry farmer received a prestigious award for its consistently humane treatment of animals. The farmer actively encourages humane industry standards by educating his fellow producers on its benefits. Applaud him for his continued effort to improve the livelihood of farm animals.

Commend Countries’ and Conservation Groups’ Efforts to Stop Illegal Poaching of Elephants

A partnership of nations and a plethora of conservation groups are pooling their efforts to save the African elephant from poachers. With the ivory trade in high demand in Asia, it is crucial that their efforts are successful. Sign this petition and commend the partnership for their efforts.

End Violent and Worthless Experiments on Innocent Animals

The National Football League has been funding cruel and unnecessary experiments on animals, saying that its studies follow all existing regulations for the treatment of laboratory animals. Urge the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare to update its standards to protect all laboratory animals from inhumane treatment in experiments like these.

Demand Justice for Brutally Abused Dog

A female pit-bull was recently discovered beaten and abused so badly by her owner over time that she could not be saved and had to be put down. The dog had several fractures, bone crushing injuries, dislocations, and a mutilated tongue, none of which she could defend herself against. The owner responsible still remains at large and must be put to justice.

Urge Designer Chain to Keep their Promise of Going Fur-Free

In 2012, an English designer chain publicly pledged to stop selling fur in their stores. Less than a year later, fur products are being found in store locations across Britain. Demand that they keep their promise by removing these products from retail.

Promote Inexpensive Cure for Fatal Disease in Pet Rabbits

Facial abscesses are tragic and common occurrences in rabbits that often result in euthanasia due to the difficulty of removing the abscess entirely. A little-known treatment called Bicillin can effectively eliminate these abscesses without surgery, but few rabbit owners and veterinarians are informed of this. Read this petition to learn about Bicillin, and help spread awareness to pet owners by featuring an informative article about this treatment online.

Criminalize Operation of Factory Farms

Factory farms endanger us all, from the employees who work in them, to the residents living nearby, to the children who consume the meat they produce. This state of affairs is unacceptable; demand that Congress introduce legislation to end factory farms permanently.

Urge the U.S. Government to Ban Public Contact With Dangerous Animals

Dozens of humans and animals are killed because of direct human contact with dangerous animals. The U.S. government is considering banning direct public contact with dangerous animals. Sign this petition to urge the government to enact this helpful regulation.

Condemn Police for Killing Injured Stray Animals

A police department is allowing its officers to kill injured stray cats and dogs. The department does not determine, with one-hundred-percent certainty, if the animal has a chance to survive. Urge the police department to bring the animal to a medical professional for treatment rather than kill it.

Demand a Stop to the Poaching of Elephants

Elephant poaching has increased at an alarmingly rate. As a result, the African Elephant population could soon be facing extinction. Efforts to decrease elephant poaching and preserve the population must be implemented before it is too late.

Applaud Town for Banning Exotic Animals in Entertainment

West Hollywood has banned the use of exotic animals for entertainment purposes. The city has been in the forerunning of animal rights activism for decades; applaud these officials that are standing up for innocent animals.

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