Success: No More Permits Issued for Cruel Black Bear Killings

Permits will no longer be issued in Washington authorizing the inhumane killing of black bears. Support this victory and encourage the discontinuance of any such permits in the future.

Horses Reportedly Forced to Eat Dirt and Wood to Survive Deserve Justice

Two horses allegedly died of starvation in an unfortunate case of animal cruelty. One surviving horse reportedly ingested large amounts of dirt and wood due to overwhelming hunger. Demand justice for these poor horses.

Cancel Chinese Dog Meat Festival

Despite countless petitions and protests from animal welfare activists, the Yulin dog meat festival is approaching for the ninth year in a row. This festival relies on the kidnapping, torture, and slaughter of up to 15,000 dogs per year, many of which are beloved pets. Sign this petition to cancel this inhumane festival for good.

Protect Endangered Dragonfly from Extinction

The Center for Biological Diversity is demanding that more than 40 species, including the rare southern snaketail dragonfly, be classified as endangered and protected. Sign the petition to demand that the federal government protect the southern snaketail dragonfly from extinction.

Puppy Kicked to Death Deserves Justice

A puppy died after a group of children kicked her into the air like a football. Those responsible are still at large. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Success: Teacher Who Fed Puppy to Snapping Turtle Charged With Animal Cruelty

The teacher who fed a dog to a snapping turtle was charged with animal cruelty. Sign this petition to praise the attorney general’s office for charging him with a crime in the cruel death of this innocent dog.

Justice for Dog Buried Alive by Hot Tar

A dog was buried alive by hot tar as it slept. The dog died in agonizing pain as workers continued to work on the street. Demand that the workers responsible be found and prosecuted for this cruel and disgusting act of animal abuse.

Punish Men Who Allegedly Burned Snake to Death  

A snake was allegedly burned to death in a horrific case of animal cruelty. A graphic video shows two men allegedly hitting the snake over the head and running the poor animal over just before setting him on fire. Demand justice for this innocent snake.

Save America’s Wolves: Do Not Remove Their Endangered Species Protections

All of America’s wolves will be threatened if the Trump Administration goes through with plans to remove their Endangered Species protections. Demand that wolves remain protected and this cruel and corrupt proposal rejected.

Save Police K9s from Preventable Drug Deaths

The effects of the opioid epidemic have been well-documented. Police dogs, who can die from just a granule of some opioids, are the unrecognized casualties of this war on drugs. Fight for the future of these brave animals.

Starbucks: Stop Encouraging Cruel Shark Fin Trade

Starbucks conducts business with a company that allegedly sells shark fin on a secret menu, despite claiming they stopped selling it. Selling shark fins is illegal and cruel. Demand that Starbucks cuts their ties with this company.

Save Britain’s Wild Mammal Population

One fifth of Britain’s wild mammal population is at risk of extinction due to habitat loss, as their homes are destroyed to make way for industrialization. The loss of so many species will deal a great blow to the ecosystem. Sign this petition to ensure the protection and preservation of these mammals.

Find Maniac Who Decapitated and Dismembered Geese

Over a dozen geese were brutally slaughtered by an unknown maniac, their heads and limbs ripped off and their bodies scattered. Such a disgusting act of animal cruelty must not go unpunished. Sign this petition to ensure that the culprit is found and faces justice immediately.

Punish Man Accused of Savagely Beating and Abandoning Dog

Eddie the pit bull was reportedly beaten and abandoned in the middle of the road by a man in a deranged fit of rage. The suspect is accused of fleeing the scene and leaving Eddie to die. Demand justice.

Stop Sanctioning Cruel Wildlife Hunts on Nature Reserves

Land that is supposedly meant for “conservation” is allowing the hunting of wild animals for sport, including a male lion that may have been the leader of his pride, which would set off a chain reaction of still more deaths within the pride. Demand that these hunts be banned.

Stop Russia’s Mass Slaughter of Stray Dogs for World Cup

Stray dogs in Russia are being slaughtered right now, in preparation for the World Cup. The dogs are being shot with poisoned darts and fed poisoned food, causing the poor animals to suffer slow and painful deaths. Sign this petition to demand Russia put an immediate end to this slaughter.

Adapt New Technologies to Save North Atlantic Whales

North Atlantic right whales could face extinction soon, but there is new hope that lies in advancing technology. Sign this petition to demand life-saving technology be implemented.

Punish Grandmother Accused of Confining Children to Dog Kennels

A Tennessee grandmother was allegedly caught on video driving with her two grandchildren confined to dog kennels in the back seat of her car, in 95-degree heat. It has been suggested by neighbors that the woman may have been suffering mental illness and did not realize what she was doing. Sign this petition to see that she faces justice if found guilty, and to ensure that she receives therapy if need be.

Denounce Ornithologist for Killing Endangered Bird

Moments after the rare male mustache kingfisher was identified and photographed for the first time in the Solomon Islands, it was euthanized. The ornithologist responsible tried to justify his actions for the sake of ¨research¨ even though less than 1,000 remain in the wild. Urge leading conservationists to not tolerate such unethical scientific practices.

Justice for Dog Found with Mouth Bound Shut by Rubber Band

Sugar was abandoned with her mouth bound by a rubber band. She was left not being able to eat or drink and in severe pain. Demand that Sugar’s abuser be found and prosecuted.

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