Justice for 20,000 Chicks Neglected and Killed at Airport

20,000 baby chicks were kept in a hot container, many of them dying from no food or water. The chicks that did not die were then gassed. Demand those responsible for the death of these chicks be prosecuted.

Don’t Hunt Grizzly Bears

Wyoming’s Game and Fish Commission just opened up hunting season on grizzly bears. Sign this petition to demand they reverse the decision to trophy hunt precious grizzlies.

Stop Forcing Elephants to Swim Underwater for Tourists

A Thai zoo is cruelly exploiting elephants by forcing them to dive underwater for the amusement of tourists. The elephants are made to go fully underwater inside aquarium-style tanks, risking drowning and asphyxiation. Sign this petition to demand that this zoo stop forcing these elephants to risk their lives for tourists.

Save Britain’s Puffin Population from Extinction

Britain’s puffin population is in danger, with its numbers having dropped drastically within the last five years. These birds are important not only to British heritage, but to the ecosystem as well, and must not be allowed to disappear. Sign this petition to save the puffin population.

Dog Reportedly Covered in Maggots and Matted Hair Deserves Justice

A dog reportedly suffered a maggot infestation and severely matted hair in a shocking case of animal cruelty and neglet. Per veterinarians, her hair was so matted that she could not walk or stand. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Mutilation of Alligators in Florida

The decapitated corpses of many alligators have been found along a Florida highway, sparking two investigations. It is a felony to harm or kill alligators in Florida, yet someone has broken this law in order to possibly obtain hunting trophies and meat. Sign this petition to demand the culprits face justice once found, and demand that the state act now to strengthen alligator protection laws.

Urge Trump to Retain Ban on Extreme Hunting in Alaska

The Trump administration has suggested lifting a ban on extreme hunting tactics on federal lands in Alaska. If these rules are nullified, hunters will be able to practice cruel hunting techniques, like shooting bear cubs and coyote pups in their dens. Sign this petition to urge Trump to retain the ban on extreme hunting tactics in Alaska.

Urge American Airlines to Take Care When Transporting Animals

A monkey being transported to an animal sanctuary in San Antonio, Texas escaped his enclosure and ran loose in the airport before being contained and captured in a baggage claim area. Sign this petition to urge American Airlines to take additional precautions to ensure that animals are safe during air travel.

Dog Reportedly Caught in Trap and Killed with Arrow Deserves Justice

A dog was allegedly tortured and killed in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly caught his dog in a claw trap and then shot him with an arrow as punishment for tearing up the house. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Forbid Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests

An undercover investigation has revealed the cruel blood sport taking place in New York, at wildlife killing contests where animals are massacred simply because it is “enjoyable.” Demand that this brutality be made illegal.

Punish Man Who Kicked Leashed Dog Twice on Walk

A dog was kicked twice by a screaming man while out on a walk. The abuse was captured on a security camera, and the person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this poor dog.

End Trophy Hunting as Conservation Measure

Some in the conservation community continue to support trophy hunting as a means to fund conservation programs. Sign the petition to discontinue support of this practice and find more humane alternatives.

Man Accused of Beating Dog With Baseball Bat for Eating His Whopper Must be Punished

A dog was savagely beaten by his owner with a baseball bat, according to eyewitnesses of the horrifying scene. Demand justice for this innocent, brutalized victim.

Former Shelter Dog Allegedly Starved and Neglected Deserves Justice

A former shelter dog reportedly suffered severe neglect at the hands of his adoptive owners. Per investigators, the dog weighed only a fraction of his healthy weight, and he suffered pressure sores due to spending much of his time in a crate. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Stop the Mass Slaughter of Thousands of Mountain Hares

Nearly 40 thousand mountain hares in Scotland have died in just one hunting season. Sign the petition to demand that this iconic species be protected against ruthless sport hunting.

Success: Humane Solution Found for Controlling Wild Horse Population

A bill has recently been proposed to stop the culling of wild horses in New South Wales, protecting thousands of these horses from unnecessary deaths. This bill has been very much needed for the past two years, as there are far more humane ways to control the brumbie population. Sign this petition to support the bill and ensure it becomes a law.

Don’t Allow Trophy Hunters to Kill Sleeping Wolf Pups and Bear Cubs

Hunters may soon be allowed to raid the homes of wildlife and bring their carcasses home as trophies. Without action for the animals roaming our nation’s lands, federal protections that ban highly controversial hunting methods on Alaskan preserves will be abolished. Make your voice heard in ending this epidemic assault on wildlife.

Discipline Teacher For Allegedly Drowning Animals

A Florida teacher was reportedly caught on video drowning two raccoons and an opossum in front of and with the aid of his traumatized students. This is a jarring discovery in light of the man’s past reputation as an excellent teacher; however, regardless of reputation he must face justice for his alleged cruelty. Sign this petition to demand this man be properly disciplined and punished.

Save Suffering Elephant From Lifetime of Beatings and Abuse

Suman the elephant has been exploited for entertainment her whole life, never knowing freedom. Demand that she be taken away from her owners and sent to a sanctuary.

Stop Carnival Cruises from Using Dolphins as Entertainment

Carnival Cruise Line still uses captive dolphins for tourists to swim with. Demand that this practice be put to an end and these dolphins allowed to live freely.

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