Allow Passersby to Save Animals From Hot Cars

Good Samaritans who force their way into hot cars to rescue animals can currently be prosecuted in Texas, but a new bill could change that. It will also apply to small children and the disabled, but needs public support to be passed into law. Sign this petition to show your support for the bill.

Save Zoo Animals From Unhealthy Concrete Exhibits

End the use of painful, unstimulating concrete floors in zoo exhibits. Zoo animals require a habitat that resembles the one they would populate in the wild, not one that allows zookeepers to easily clean up. Please sign this petition to demand that zoo animals be provided with more natural and stimulating environments in their enclosures.

Don’t Allow Hunters to Shoot Bears From Airplanes

Hunters will now be able to target hibernating bears and wolves in their dens. Sign this petition to condemn this unnecessarily cruel new law.

Stop Cruel Butterfly Releases

A hospice care group is planning butterfly releases at several of its locations. Butterflies used for releases are often taken from the wild and killed while being shipped to various locations. Sign this petition and demand the care group cancel its releases.

Punish People Who Allegedly Neglected 60 Dogs and Exotic Birds

Sixty dogs and multiple exotic birds were reportedly neglected and forced to live in filth. Photos reportedly showed the animals confined to small cages and surrounded by feces. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Juveniles Who Admitted to Hanging Stray Dog Must Not Escape Punishment

A stray dog was allegedly hanged and killed by two juveniles who posted photos of the horrific scene on social media. Police seem to be excusing their behavior, saying they thought the animal was sick and going to die anyway. Sign this petition to demand that these animal killers be brought to justice.

Stop Using Bug Secretions to Make Candy

A popular candy company uses bug secretions in many of its products. About 100,000 bugs are killed in order to get a pound of the secretions. Sign this petition and demand the company start using bug-free recipes.

Stop the Abuse of Kidnapped Elephants for Tourists’ Entertainment

A popular travel company made the compassionate choice to no longer offer elephant rides to its customers. Elephants used for rides face a variety of hardships and are often beaten and neglected. Sign this petition and encourage the travel industry to immediately phase out this cruelty.

Man Accused of Hurling Dog From Balcony Must be Thoroughly Prosecuted

A man was arrested for allegedly killing his ex-girlfriend’s dog in a fit of rage by throwing the poor animal from a balcony. Demand this man receive the maximum possible penalty if found guilty of this horrific crime.

Demand Venue Cancel Plans with Cruel Circus

A venue is planning on hosting a traveling circus despite its notorious reputation of allegedly abusing and neglecting its animals. Inspectors recently investigated the circus’ headquarters and discovered many injured animals that seemed to be lacking proper care. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with this cruel circus.

Justice for Dog Found Nearly Dead From Starvation

An emaciated dog was surrendered at an animal clinic after claims that he had been too sick to eat for weeks. This dog was near death and has miraculously been saved through the efforts of vets and rescuers. Sign this petition to seek the maximum penalty if the owner is found guilty of neglect.

Success: New Technology Helps Capture Poachers

Rangers have successfully arrested numerous poachers thanks to new technological devices that they received from the World Wildlife Fund. Thank the WWF for helping to put an end to this horrific crime and for further doing whatever possible to ensure that animals continue to thrive.

Stop Cruel Rabbit Farm From Opening

Factory-farmed rabbits are subjected to unthinkable cruelty. They are unable to turn in their cages and suffer from disease due to overcrowding. Sign this petition to demand that a new farm not be allowed to open in England.

Protect Vulnerable Nesting Geese from Danger

Many geese families are forced to nest in dangerous areas where they come into conflict with humans and dogs. Sign this petition to urge city parks to provide designated nesting areas for geese.

Do Not Open Exploitative Tiger Zoo

Last year, the zoo Tiger Temple in Thailand was exposed for alleged abuse and brutality and shut down after the government seized their tigers. Now, Thailand has plans to open a new zoo. Sign this petition to demand the plans for this zoo be shut down immediately.

Justice for Puppy Who Lost Leg in Alleged Abuse

A puppy was reportedly kicked in the leg in an act of abuse. The leg had to be amputated due to the extent of the injury. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Stop Torturing Rodeo Animals for Entertainment

Bulls, steers and horses are forced to compete in rodeos where they are prodded, kicked, tied with bucking straps and severely injured, all for entertainment. Stop this cruel practice at a popular annual event.

Men Who Cruelly Fed Cat to Dogs Must Receive Harsher Punishment

A live cat was fed to a couple of rottweiler dogs that were reportedly starved intentionally before the incident. The group of men responsible for this heinous act of cruelty were only given community service as punishment. Please sign this petition demanding that this disgusting injustice be reversed and a harsher punishment issued.

Save 67 Farm Animals From Imminent Massacre

Sixty-seven farm animals are about to be killed over a property dispute with a church. Sign this petition to ask the church to show some compassion for these innocent creatures.

Stop Japan from Hunting the Endangered Sei Whale

The endangered sei whale continues to be hunted for Japan’s so-called “research program.” The nation is planning to slaughter over 300 whales per year. Demand an end to Japan’s hunting of the sei whale by signing this petition.

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