Australian Designer Must Stop Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

fur-farm-flavio-brandaniCountless animals are tortured and killed every day for their fur. Sign this petition and demand a major Australian designer, Ellery, stop using fur and supporting this horrific industry.

Success: University Cancels Puppy Raffle

goldendoodle-godsgirl_madiA university was planning on raffling off a goldendoodle puppy to a random “winner.” Dogs are a huge responsibility and commitment. Thankfully, after hearing from the concerned public, the university decided to cancel this raffle. Sign this petition and thank the university for making the compassionate choice.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Slain By Teenage Girls

dog-by-igorshubinTwo teenage girls have been arrested for brutally slaughtering animals and posting the videos on social media for the world to see. Sign this petition to demand they face justice for their horrific crimes.

Justice for Brutally Murdered Puppy

pitbull-by-rescuewarriorA six-week-old pit bull puppy was found gruesomely murdered under the bed of a 19-year-old Oklahoma City man, who is being held under arrest for severe animal abuse. Sign this petition to ensure that the accused is punished and that the poor puppy did not die in vain.

Demand University Cancel Puppy Raffle

goldendoodle-godsgirl_madiA university is planning on hosting a puppy raffle where the winner will receive a mini goldendoodle puppy. Giving a puppy away to a random person does not guarantee the dog will be in a good home or have a happy life. Demand the university cancel this irresponsible raffle and replace it with something more humane.

Attacker Who Stabbed Dog Repeatedly Must be Found and Punished

skinny-dog-through-chain-link-fence-by-oaphotoA dog who was locked behind a gate was stabbed repeatedly in the face. Despite surveillance capturing the horrific incident, the unidentified attacker is still on the loose. Demand that this man be found immediately and punished to the maximum extent.

Demand Justice for Turkeys Allegedly Cut Open and Boiled Alive

800px-An_injured_turkey via Mercy for AnimalsAnimals are allegedly electrified, maimed, and boiled alive at turkey farms all over the country. Demand that laws are improved to eliminate this barbaric torture.

Justice for Dog Starved and Left by Dumpster to Die

frank-by-super-paws-rescueA dog was left by a dumpster, emaciated and near death. His owner reportedly abandoned him because he developed arthritis and could no longer walk. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Teens Accused of Ripping Cat’s Heart Out and Nailing Dog to Wall Must be Prosecuted

_5273439-by-paulA dog was allegedly nailed to a wall and a cat’s heart ripped out by teen girls. Demand that the girls accused of torturing and murdering these innocent animals be severely punished if found guilty.

Stop Selling Highly Social Marsupials Into Cruel Captivity

sugar-glider-missy-autumnSugar gliders—small, nocturnal marsupials that enjoy living in large social groups and playing in the trees—will soon be sold as pets at a state fair. Sadly, sugar gliders in captivity are often handled improperly and forced to live alone in small cages. Demand the fair cancel its plans to host the company that sells these animals into an unnatural life in captivity.

Success: Company Stops Cutting Open Pigs for Sales Pitches

pig-duncan-hullPigs were being cut open and killed in order to demonstrate how a well-known company’s products work to its sales personnel. Thankfully, after hearing from many concerned citizens, the company has decided to end this cruel practice. Praise the company for sparing countless lives from unnecessary pain and death.

Stop Murdering Rare, Majestic Snow Leopards

4146074750_37dff71e05_z_Eric_KilbyHundreds of endangered snow leopards are brutally slaughtered every year, and soon these beautiful animals may disappear altogether. Demand that the murder of these regal big cats be brought to an end.

Stop Forcing Azalea the Chimpanzee to Chain Smoke

smoking-chimp-by-justinA captive chimpanzee is made to chain smoke cigarettes for the entertainment of zoo-goers. Her health and life are being put in jeopardy as she is given an entire pack of cigarettes each day. Stop this cruel and exploitative practice.

Denounce Japan for Killing Over 300 Whales

minke_whale_by_noaaHundreds of whales, many of whom were pregnant, were recently slaughtered by Japanese whalers in direct violation of an international court ruling. Demand strict punishment for these illegal murders.

Justice for Puppy Thrown in Creek and Left to Die

dsc-0010-by-alexi-ueltzenA puppy was reportedly thrown into a creek and left to die by a random man who was trespassing on the owners’ property. Demand that the authorities find the sick person who did this and bring him to justice.

Justice For Cats Found Frozen to Death

sad-cat-by-greylochForty cats were discovered dead in the freezer of a storage unit reportedly owned by an old woman who sold the unit and left the city. Sign this petition to demand she be found, questioned and punished if found guilty.

Stop Cutting Open Pigs for Sales Pitches

pig-nick-saltmarshPigs are being cut open and killed so that a major company can showcase its products. Demand that the company stop killing these innocent animals and begin using the cruelty-free methods immediately.

Justice for Park Ranger Murdered While Protecting Critically Endangered Gorillas

gorilla-victoria-kaderbhaiA conservation officer was recently shot dead while on duty protecting the critically endangered Grauer’s gorilla. Demand that the perpetrators of this heinous act are found and punished immediately.

Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights – Demand Justice

lilo-by-charley1965Two kittens, with their legs bound, were reportedly used as bait in pit bull fights. One kitten had to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be found and brought to justice.

Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard

gabby-by-de-leon-jessica-bradentonOne dog was found dead and another seriously injured in their caretaker’s backyard. The caretaker reportedly neglected to seek medical attention for either dog and denied knowledge of their condition. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

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