Stop the Illegal Trade of Endangered Live Eels

Endangered eels are being traded, farmed, and consumed. Sign the petition to demand that this illegal trade be brought to an end.

FDA: Raise Legal Standards for Pet Food

A dog’s death in 2016 and the following investigation have forced the recall of certain dog food brands, highlighting the FDA’s lack of quality control laws regarding pet food. Pets’ lives are just as important as those of humans, and this must be reflected in their practices. Sign this petition to demand the FDA enforce stricter quality control for pet foods.

Punish Man Who Allegedly Punched his Girlfriend’s Dog

A dog suffered convulsions and possible neurological damage when she was allegedly punched by her owner’s boyfriend. The dog reportedly had cuts and severe bruising all over her tiny body. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for 123 Mistreated Animals

An Oklahoma dog trainer was arrested for 123 counts of animal cruelty. Many of the animals found were reportedly living in critical condition and needed medical care. Sign the petition below to make sure this criminal pays for her alleged crimes.

German Shepherd Allegedly Starved to Only 42 Pounds Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly starved and denied life-saving veterinary care in a horrific case of animal cruelty. The German shepherd weighed only 42 pounds, per veterinarians, and she was too weak to walk on her own. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Demand Community Home Stop Using Glue Traps

Reportedly, a community home is using glue traps to control rodents despite knowing how horrible these traps are. Animals stuck on glue traps will do anything to escape, including ripping off their own fur and chewing off their limbs. Sign this petition and demand the community home switch to a more humane method of population control.

Success: Wales to Ban Wild Animals in Circuses

In a victory for animal welfare, Wales has announced plans to ban the practice of using wild animals in circuses. Support this stand for animal rights.

Terrified Hamster Allegedly Flushed Down Airport Toilet Deserves Justice

Pebbles the hamster was reportedly drowned in a toilet because an airline wouldn’t let him past security. Make sure whomever is responsible for this tragic, unnecessary death is punished.

Demand Popular Comedian Cancel SeaWorld Performance

A popular comedian and musician is planning on performing at SeaWorld despite the amusement park’s horrible history of abuse and neglect. The animals trapped at SeaWorld face unimaginable difficulties daily and suffer mentally and physically. Sign this petition and demand the comedian cancel his plans at SeaWorld.

Justice for Injured Dogs Rescued From Alleged Dog Fighting Ring

Nineteen dogs were allegedly found covered in scars and other wounds in a Colorado home. The owners were reportedly using these dogs as part of an underground dog fighting ring. Sign this petition to demand that those responsible be punished severely if found guilty.

Save Australian Shellfish Reefs

Australian oyster reefs have almost completely disappeared, leaving roughly seven where there used to be hundreds. These reefs are a vital ecosystem, filtering seawater and increasing production of local fish. Sign this petition to support the restoration efforts being made to aid these reefs.

Puppies Found Starving in Filth and Garbage Deserve Justice

Two puppies died and several more suffered horribly when they were allegedly starved and kept in deplorable conditions. Per deputies, the dogs lived in mud and trash with no access to shelter, food, or water. Demand justice for these poor puppies.

Save Our Ocean Life from Plastic Waste: Ban Single-Use Plastics

The BBC has announced that it will eliminate single-use plastics, leading the charge in protecting marine life from the tons of deadly plastic waste that humans dump into the oceans. Demand that the U.S. follow this example and enact regulations to cut down on plastic waste.

Justice For Pet Birds Allegedly Slain During Burglary

A pair of teenagers were arrested after allegedly robbing their classmate’s home and killing her pet parakeets. Burglary is bad enough, but this apparent display of animal cruelty is particularly deplorable. Sign this petition to demand the accused teenagers face justice for their actions if found guilty.

Dog Allegedly Beaten with Leash Deserves Justice

A dog suffered considerable pain and fear when he was allegedly beaten. Video footage shows the dog cry out and attempt to flee the lashes of a thick, rope-like leash. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

End Cruel Factory Farming and Force-Feeding of Ducks and Geese for Popular Culinary Dish

Geese and ducks are being force-fed several times a day with a funnel shoved down their throats in order to make foie gras, a popular culinary dish of fattened liver. Sign this petition to demand that the United Kingdom include a ban on foie gras in its new animal welfare proposal.

Dog Reportedly Thrown Off 7th Story Deserves Justice

Believed to have been ruthlessly thrown from a 7-story building, Dunky the Chihuahua never stood a chance. His suspected killer, an alleged car burglar, appears to value material possessions more than life and must be punished. Demand justice for Dunky.

Success: Montana to Ban Hunting of Yellowstone Grizzlies

Montana’s Yellowstone grizzlies will be protected this year, as the state’s Fish, Wildlife & Parks department recommends a hunting ban. Support this humane decision to preserve this iconic species.

Do Not Return Nosey the Elephant to Allegedly Abusive Owner

After finally finding a home at an elephant sanctuary, Nosey the elephant may have to return to her previous owner who exploited her in captivity for over a decade. Sign this petition to demand that Nosey remain in compassionate care.

Protect Endangered Quino Checkerspot Butterfly from Harmful Border Wall

The Quino checkerspot butterfly has been added to the list of over 100 endangered species at risk from President Trump’s border wall. Sign the petition to urge the Department of Homeland Security not to renounce current environmental laws for the advancement of wall construction at the expense of our environment.

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