Success: Vietnam Agrees to Close Bear Bile Farms

The Vietnamese government has agreed to close bear bile farms, thanks to the ongoing efforts of animal rights organizations and activists worldwide. Sign the petition to support this decision.

Cecil the Lion’s Cub Shot by Hunters – Stop the Continuing Slaughter

A cub fathered by the famous Cecil the Lion, who made headlines following his murder in 2015, has now met the same tragic fate at the hands of hunters. Sign this petition to urge the government of Zimbabwe to do more to protect these majestic creatures.

Pet Turtle Allegedly Stabbed and Barbecued by Cruel Man Deserves Justice

A man allegedly stabbed and barbecued a family’s beloved pet turtle. Police say the intent was purely malicious. Please sign this petition to demand that this innocent turtle and the family who loved him be given the justice they deserve.

Punish Thief Who Stole Valuable Tortoise

A beloved tortoise was stolen from a Queens environmental center. The tortoise is reportedly worth $2,500 on the black market, making it entirely possible that the thief intends to sell the poor creature. Sign this petition to demand the thief be found and punished as soon as possible.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Forced to Drag Objects Around With Heavy Chains

Two horses were allegedly tied to heavy objects with chains and forced to drag the objects around. The chains reportedly cut into their skin and caused signifiant injury, leading to the death of one horse. Demand justice for these poor horses.

Praise Prison Time For Man Who Forced His Dog to Attack a Cat

A man who forced his dog to rip apart a live cat has been banned from animal ownership and sentenced to prison time. Thank authorities for taking animal cruelty seriously.

Demand Justice for K-9 Service Dog Left to Die in Hot Truck

A sheriff’s dog was found dead after he was left “inexplicably” unattended in a hot patrol truck while outside temperatures topped 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Sign this petition to demand justice for this innocent dog.

Dog Allegedly Thrown Out of Car Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly pulled from a car and hurled onto a sidewalk in a shocking case of animal cruelty. The incident reportedly followed a fight between the dog’s owner and a younger man. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Horses Allegedly Starved and Neglected

Seven horses were allegedly starved and neglected at a horse rescue. The horses were reportedly so emaciated that all of their bones showed through their skin. Demand justice for these poor horses.

Justice for Puppy Put in Plastic Bags and Cruelly Tossed Into Garbage Can

An innocent puppy, tied inside of plastic bags, was found yelping from the inside of a garbage can. The dog had been thrown in the garbage and left to die an agonizingly slow death by a cruel man who has yet to be found. Please sign this petition to demand justice for this poor puppy.

Don’t Deny Cats the Same Protections as Other Domestic Animals

Homeless cats will not have the same protections as other neglected domestic animals, according to a proposed bill. These cats are vulnerable to the dangers of the outside world, and deserve protection. Sign this petition to demand that the bill be revised immediately to include protections for cats.

Woman Accused of Allowing Starving Dog to Die in Feces Filled Room Must be Prosecuted

Two innocent pit bull puppies were so badly neglected that one died, according to reports. The puppies were apparently found lying lifelessly in their feces-filled kennels with nothing but a bowl of dirty water. Please sign this petition to demand that these innocent dogs get the justice they deserve.

Ban Deadly Horse Races

For chuckwagon races, multiple horses are strapped to a single “pioneer” wagon and forced to run at full speed. This dangerous event has led to multiple deaths and serious injuries. Sign this petition and demand an end to this cruel event.

Success: Serial Cat Killer Given Maximum Punishment

A man who has pleaded guilty to torturing and killing over a dozen cats will now spend the next 16 years behind bars following a judge’s sentencing. Sign this petition to express your gratitude that justice has been finally been served for the cats of San Jose.

Justice for Dog Found Starving, Injured and Infested With 1000 Maggots

A dog was found emaciated, severely dehydrated, and covered in maggot-infested wounds. Officials suspect that it had no access to food or water for two weeks. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Bird Who Perished During Flight

A woman’s pet bird died of hypothermia on a flight, and the airline refuses to take responsibility. The death may have been accidental, but the woman fears that if nothing is done future pet passengers will be in danger. Sign this petition to demand the airline take responsibility and protect future pets from tragedy.

Stop Exploiting Baby Wild Animals in Storefront Petting Zoo

The owner of a petting zoo that exploits baby wild animals for profit is planning to re-open his business in Las Vegas. Demand that the new location not be opened and that these innocent animals be protected.

Dog Killed in Tragic Hit and Run Deserves Justice

A dog suffered and died after she was hit by a speeding dirt bike. The driver fled the scene and the dog bled out in her owner’s arms. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Man Accused of Kidnapping and Torturing Cat on Social Media Must be Severely Punished

A man is accused of kidnapping and torturing a cat named Chester on Facebook Live. Video shows the cat being struck repeatedly with blunt objects, including a broom stick. Demand that this man is punished to the fullest extent of the law, if found guilty.

Stop Breeding Of Animals Solely For Testing

Millions of animals are bred by labs for the purpose of testing, only to be killed when their purpose has been served. This adds an extra layer of cruelty to the already inhumane practice of animal testing. Sign this petition to demand these actions be criminalized.

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