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Punish Reckless Behavior That Endangered Sea Lion And Child

Wildlife such as sea lions are put at risk when they are fed or harassed by humans. As a recent video showing a sea lion dragging a girl into the water in British Columbia shows, reckless behavior can threaten human safety as well. Sign this petition to demand that existing laws be enforced for both the protection of wildlife and people.

Allegedly Neglected, Scabies-Infested Dogs Deserve Justice

Six dogs suffered with severe mange and scabies infestation due to alleged neglect. Their diseases were so severe that they had to be euthanized. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Capture Person Who is Setting Dogs on Fire

Two dogs were found having been set on fire, one with third degree burns all over her body. The second dog was found with mouth taped shut and legs bound. Their torturer is still on the loose. Demand that authorities find and punish this dangerous person.

Success: Coast Guard Stops Killing Animals for Training

For years, animals have been tortured and killed for military trauma training.Thankfully, high-tech simulators will now replace live animals. Sign this petition and praise the Coast Guard’s decision to end this brutality.

Demand Temple Stop Using Animals in Circus

The largest of all the Shrine circuses still uses wild animals in its acts. Animals trapped in the circus are often abused and neglected. Sign this petition and demand Yaarab Shrine drop the animal acts.

Man Accused of Raping Dog Must be Vigorously Prosecuted

A dog suffered serious traumatic harm after she was reportedly sexually abused. She had to be euthanized due to the extent of her injuries. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Beaten Against Ground and Abandoned

A dog was reportedly swung around by his paws and then slammed roughly against the ground in a cruel act of abuse. The injured dog was then allegedly abandoned in a park. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Ban Dissection State-Wide After Student Uses Cat’s Intestines as a Jump Rope

After a student used a cat’s intestine as a jump rope, a school district decided to ban cat dissections. Sign this petition and praise the school district for ending this unnecessary cruelty.

Don’t Host Circus That Allegedly Beats Its Animals

Despite a circus’s notorious reputation for animal abuse and neglect, a venue is moving forward with its plans to host the circus. Animals held in the entertainment industry are often subjected to extended periods of time in small cages and frequent beatings. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with the circus.

Euthanized Dog Reportedly Living in Feces With Open Wounds Deserves Justice

A dog was found starving, living in filth, and with an untreated head wound that caused his eye to protrude from its socket. Demand justice for this innocent animal.

Demand Church Cancel Plans with Cruel Circus

A church is moving forward with its plans to host a notorious circus. The circus has a long list of Animal Welfare Act violations and seems to lack respect for its animals. Sign this petition and demand the church cancel its plans with the circus.

Sick Elderly Dog Thrown Out in Trash Deserves Justice

A senior dog named Motto was found thrown out with the trash. Motto was suffering from advanced dental disease and smelled of rot. Sign this petition to ask authorities to dedicate more resources to finding and prosecuting this dog’s abuser.

Success: Apartment Complex Stops Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex took down the cruel “body-gripping” traps it was using to control the squirrel population. Sign this petition and praise the apartment complex for making this compassionate change.

Fight for International Ban on Captive Orca Breeding

Captive orca and dolphin breeding is now banned in France. Sign this petition and praise France for making this groundbreaking decision to help and protect animals trapped within the entertainment industry and encourage other countries to do the same.

Don’t Bring Back Fox Hunting

The Prime Minister of Britain has said she supports lifting the current ban on fox hunting. This cruel sport involves using riders and hounds to relentlessly chase down foxes and then subject them to a slow and torturous death. Urge Prime Minister May to side in favor of animal welfare and not allow this barbaric practice to return.

Stop Dog Fighters From Owning More Dogs

A man with a prior conviction of animal cruelty was charged yet again when officers found 13 pit bulls, who had injuries consistent with forced animal fighting, in his home. He was also convicted of illegal possession of animals. Sign this petition to demand that this man receive the maximum punishment and a lifetime ban from owning animals.

Jail Man Accused of Throwing and Stomping on Puppy

A young puppy named Diesel was reportedly stomped on and thrown around in a gruesome act of cruelty. He suffered multiple fractures to his hind legs and hips and will require surgery. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Praise Festival for Canceling Cruel Shark Show

A fair decided to cancel its plans with an “educational” shark show after learning about the hardships these animals face. The show carts around nurse sharks from city to city and allows the public to poke and prod the gentle creatures. Sign this petition and praise the fair for no longer allowing this cruel show to attend.

Stop Cruelly Killing Squirrels

An apartment complex has set up traps to kill squirrels as a means of population control. Not only is this cruel, but it is also ineffective. Sign this petition and demand the apartment complex get rid of these traps.

Justice for Cat Reportedly Tortured and Killed by Neighbor

A man allegedly lured his neighbor’s cat into his home, then strangled and mutilated him before hanging the poor animal over their fence. Police say the man admitted to this sadistic act of animal cruelty. Please sign this petition to demand that he receive a lifetime ban from owning animals and the most severe possible punishment, if guilty.

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