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Find Serial Dog Killer Responsible for Burning and Poisoning Dogs

izzy-by-angrywayneMultiple dogs are being burned, poisoned, shot and buried by an unknown serial dog killer. Demand that authorities take action to find and punish whoever is responsible for these disturbing attacks before more creatures are tortured and killed.

Punish Dog Trainer Who Allegedly Held Dog Up By Leash

dog-by-jadeA dog trainer reportedly lifted a dog up by its leash and held it there until it defecated. This is just one of many complaints about her allegedly cruel methods. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

End Trophy Hunting of Endangered African Leopards

533px-leopard_standing_in_tree_2_caelioThe African leopard is one of trophy hunting’s most lucrative prizes. As a result, its population has plummeted by 30 percent. Demand that trophy hunting be brought to an end so this majestic animal and others like it can be saved from extinction.

Don’t Allow Cruel Bowhunting of Deer Population

deer-jks-lolaAn agency allows bowhunting on its properties as a means of population control. Not only is this method ineffective, but it is extremely cruel. Bowhunting often injures animals and kills them slowly. Sign this petition and demand that the agency no longer allow bowhunting on its properties.

Severely Punish Woman Who Allegedly Threw Cat From Balcony

black-kitten-by-murat-livaneliFootage shows a woman throwing a cat from the third floor balcony of an apartment building. Laughing is heard as the cat hits the pavement below, but miraculously survives. Demand that the monster who did this be given the maximum penalty possible and banned from ever having animals.

Justice for 79 Animals Allegedly Neglected and Cruelly Stuck in Small Crates

img-3817-by-rik-roseNearly 80 animals were reportedly found in feces-covered crates stacked on top of each other without adequate food or water. Sign this petition to demand that these innocent animals are given justice.

100 Cats Per Day Butchered and Sold as Rabbit Meat in China

meat-by-wildebeast1A man decapitated, froze, drowned and skinned thousands of stray cats before selling them to restaurants in China. Authorities found one ton of feline carcasses in his warehouse. Sign this petition demanding that this man be prosecuted fully and that China take animal welfare seriously.

Justice for Dog Found Starved to Death in Dog Food Bag

dog-by-latemagnoliaA dog was found on the side of the road starved to death, with his body stuffed into an empty dog food bag. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Praise Organization for Helping Shut Down Last Fur Farm

mink-tsaiprojectAn animal rights organization worked diligently and was a key component in shutting down Japan’s last fur farm. Animals trapped on fur farms face misery and pain daily just for their coats. Sign this petition and thank the organization for all its hard work in shutting down the last fur farm.

Save the Sea Turtles

sea-turtle-by-brocken-inaglorySea turtles are on the brink of extinction due to poachers, water pollution, global warming and other threats. These animals have been on this planet for millions of years, and we must help them keep their longevity. Sign this petition to demand stronger protections for sea turtles.

Stop Overseas Imports of Fur

mink-fur-oikeutta-elaimilleDespite closing its last fur farm, Japan continues to import over a million furs from overseas. Animals held on fur farms live short, miserable lives that are filled with fear and pain. Sign this petition and demand Japan stop importing furs.

Rescue Primates Reportedly Imprisoned in Filthy, Small Cages Facility

Extreme neglect and animal abuse have been reported by eyewitnesses from inside an ape holding facility. The primates are reportedly stuck in dirty cages with little to no physical and mental stimulus. Demand the USDA shut down this facility and relocate the primates to accredited sanctuaries.

Justice for Kitten Burned Alive

oh-hai-another-dead-cat-closeup-by-jayaA kitten was set on fire and burned alive while nine others were killed and thrown into people’s yards, according to reports. The suspected killer has been arrested but not yet prosecuted. This is our chance to ask the prosecutor to seek the absolute maximum penalty possible.

Justice for Animals Allegedly Decapitated and Frozen to Death

mouse-in-research-for-animal-testing-by-understanding-animal-researchAnimals were reportedly frozen to death and decapitated by lab researchers at a university in Europe. An undercover investigator says the animals had to endure severe pain and agony. Demand the university’s testing license be suspended, if guilty of these actions.

Don’t Revoke Protections for Endangered Species

1024px-american_bison_k5680-1_jack-dykingaA group of Republicans are launching a lawsuit that would restrict protections of certain endangered species and their habitats. Sign the petition and demand that this lawsuit be dropped.

Justice for Two Female Dogs Reportedly Sexually Abused

dog-by-harald_landsrathTwo female dogs sustained severe trauma after they were reportedly sexually abused. Two men were accused of renting them out to strangers, but deny this and any involvement in the abuse. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Stop Hacking Up Live Animals at Restaurants

octopus-dr-dwayne-meadowsAt many restaurants, live octopuses are being cut up alive and served. Customers watch as an octopus is held down and has each of his sensitive tentacles hacked off. Sign this petition and demand lawmakers protect animals and ban restaurants from preparing animals alive.

Cat Shot and Killed in Backyard Deserves Justice

cat-by-wolfblurA cat was shot in her own backyard, leading to her death. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this innocent cat.

Find and Punish Sadistic Abuser Who Broke a Cat’s Jaw

jello-11-days-after-the-accident-by-tony-cyphertA cat was beaten severely before turning up at her owner’s home again. The cat had a broken jaw and her tail had been pulled so hard that she couldn’t use the bathroom. Demand that authorities catch the person who committed these purely evil acts of cruelty and severely punish them.

Stop Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

oikeutta-elaimille-fur-farmEvery day, countless animals are tortured and killed for their fur. Sign this petition and demand the high fashion designer, Gucci, stop supporting this cruel industry and end the use of fur in its products.

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