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Stop Coyote Killings

A city voted to trap and kill numerous coyotes. Not only is this incredibly cruel, but mass killings are an ineffective method of population control. Sign this petition and demand the city reverse its decision.

Demand Venue Cancel Cruel Bear Show

A venue is planning on hosting a traveling bear show despite the show’s negative reputation. The leader of this show has been cited multiple times by the USDA and has put his bears and the audience in danger. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel plans with this cruel show.

Justice for 37 Dogs Allegedly Starved and Neglected

Thirty-seven dogs were allegedly neglected in their own home. They were reportedly starved, dehydrated, and forced to live in their own filth. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Cancel Appearance of Allegedly Abused Circus Elephants

A circus accused of brutally abusing elephants and other animals could soon be hosted at a prominent venue. The circus works with trainers that have reportedly been caught on tape beating their animals. Sign this petition and demand the cancellation of this circus act.

Success: Cruel Hunters Will No Longer Get Away with Hurting Sharks

A prison sentence for shark finning and shark spining, a violent practice of dismembering sharks to use their body parts in soup, has been handed out for the first time in Costa Rica. Applaud this victory for the protection of sharks.

Praise City For Banning Sale of Commercially-Bred Animals in Pet Stores

A city has put a ban on all pet stores selling commercially bred animals — instead, the stores will now feature rescue animals. This new law takes business away from large scale breeding operations like puppy mills, and will help lower the number of animals euthanized due to lack of resources and space. Sign this petition to praise the city for making the compassionate change.

Stop Animal Abusers from Owning Animals

Convicted animal abusers could soon be prevented from owning animals thanks to a proposed new bill. The bill would create a registry of convicted animal abusers and sanction all pet stores, breeders, and shelters who provide pets to them. Demand that the Florida House of Representatives pass this important bill.

Hundreds of Allegedly Severely Neglected Animals Deserve Justice

Over 400 animals were allegedly found living in inhumane conditions, with multiple dead animals also being found on the property. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Cat Swung By Tail and Slammed Into Ground Needs Justice

A cat was swung around by the tail and brutally slammed into the ground. The poor animal’s tail and part of its spine were ripped off. Demand justice now.

Justice for Dog Allegedly Dragged Behind Motorized Scooter

A dog was reportedly dragged behind a motorized scooter for over two blocks. Shocking video footage shows the dog lying on its side and struggling to keep up. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Slaughtering Innocent Animals for Misguided Medicinal Purposes

The African pangolin is being smuggled throughout Africa and Asia and used for medicinal purposes. This animal is already endangered in Asia and may very well become endangered in Africa if this illegal trade is not brought to an end. Sign the petition to demand that one African nation ban the hunting of this animal.

Punish Children’s Band That Allegedly Slaughtered Goat

Members from the band The Blue Lions allegedly filmed themselves decapitating an innocent goat. Men can be heard chanting in the video as they hold the poor animal down and gruesomely cut its head off. Sign this petition to demand that these people be punished for this disgusting act of animal cruelty.

Punish Person Who Tortured Dog and Hung It From Ceiling by Harness

A dog was hung by its harness and tortured. Disturbing photos were posted on social media depicting the shocking abuse. Demand that justice is served for this innocent dog.

Protect Animals From Neglect in Life-Threatening Heat Conditions

Too many dogs have been left to die in the heat, despite many warnings and laws telling owners to be wary of this. Sign our petition to demand stricter laws against such neglect, as well as stronger protection for animals in danger.

Starving Dog Seen Jumping From Balcony – Demand Justice

A starving dog reportedly jumped from a second-story balcony in a desperate attempt to find food. Demand the person responsible for this injustice be properly punished.

Justice for Dog Thrown from SUV on Highway

A dog was pushed out of an SUV while it was in motion on a highway. The dog desperately chased after the SUV as it sped away from the scene. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Dogs Allegedly Locked in Cages and Drowned

Several dogs drowned after they were allegedly locked in their cages during a flood. The surviving dogs were in poor condition and could not walk on their own. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Stop Torturous Animal Transportation Methods

Animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry are in jeopardy by a proposed change in animal transport regulations, which are already very loose. Most animals would be allowed to go without food, water and rest for over 24 hours. Sign this petition to demand that stricter regulations are put in place when it comes to animal transport.

Baby Seal Beaten to Death in Video – Demand Justice

A baby seal is shown being brutally beaten by three men in a video. You can hear the men laughing as the poor animal suffers. Demand that the men accused of appearing in the video are punished.

Permanently Ban Dangerous Fishing Net Killing Endangered Porpoises

An endangered porpoise species, which only has 30 individuals left in the world, faces extinction by a lift on a temporary ban on gillnets. A gillnet, a vertical wall of net catching fish by the gills, is the leading cause of death for this porpoise species. We must act now to permanently ban gillnets in order to save this endangered porpoise.

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