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Protect Sole Remaining Bandicoot Species from Extinction

All but one species of western barred bandicoot went extinct decades ago, and the one remaining is endangered due to habitat loss and predators. However, translocating it has not helped it thrive as scientists have hoped. In order for it to survive, its original home of West Australia must make some changes. Sign this petition to save the bandicoot from total extinction.

Dog Reportedly Dragged for a Mile Behind Truck Deserves Justice

A dog was dragged behind a truck for nearly a mile in a shocking case of animal cruelty, witnesses say. He appeared terrified as he struggled to remain on his feet. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Endangered Black Rhinos Dead at New Sanctuary Home Deserve Justice

Nine critically endangered black rhinos tragically lost their lives to a botched relocation effort. Urge stronger enforced protections for this species teetering on the brink of extinction.

Punish Groomer Who Allegedly Taped Dog’s Mouth Closed

A dog was traumatized when a groomer allegedly taped his mouth closed during a nail trim. The tape extended all the way past his nostrils, his owner stated, possibly obstructing his breathing. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Puppy Starved and Abandoned in Woods Deserves Justice

A sick and emaciated puppy was abandoned in a wooded area. Fly eggs covered her tiny body and she was too weak to even move. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

Punish University for the Violent Deaths of Research Animals

A university has been cited for apparently allowing 11 lambs to be crushed to death and three pigs to die of dehydration under the care of researchers. The university has allegedly repeatedly violated animal welfare laws, killing helpless lab animals. Urge the government to investigate and impose hefty fines on the repeat offender university.

Support Major Food Companies in Banning Animal Testing

The lives of countless innocent mice and rats will be saved as four high-profile companies commit to banning cruel animal experiments. Support these new policies and PETA’s continued efforts to ban corporations’ cruel animal testing.

Save Pets Left to Die in Overheated Vehicles

You’ve read the stories, many detailed on this very website: pets succumbing to temperatures upwards of 100-plus degrees, their last moments likely filled with deep agony. Fight for the animals left in the hands of owners who lock them in hellish vehicular prisons.

Catch Person Who Blew Up Firecracker in Kitten’s Rectum

A kitten named Katy barely survived after an unknown assailant exploded a firecracker in her rectum, causing severe bleeding and burns. Although Katy miraculously survived, her tail was amputated and she will suffer long-term pain. Sign this petition to encourage authorities to devote sufficient resources to capture and prosecute Katy’s attacker.

Find Person Who Shot and Killed Dog With Bow and Arrow

A dog died in agony after she was shot through the abdomen with a bow and arrow. The person responsible is still at large. Demand justice for this poor dog.

Demand Justice for Crocodiles Killed by Angry Mob

Pictures showing the stacked corpses of hundreds of crocodiles that were allegedly killed in revenge for a local man’s death have shocked the world. Crocodiles are a protected species that deserve our respect, not brutality. Sign this petition and demand justice for these wild reptiles.

Urge Zoo Where Six Animals Were Killed to Check Security of Enclosures

Six animals were killed by a jaguar that escaped its enclosure at a New Orleans zoo. The jaguar then had to be forcibly sedated and returned to its enclosure. Sign this petition to urge the zoo to protect animals by ensuring that all enclosures are safe and secure.

Punish Men Who Allegedly Drugged Goat With Marijuana Smoke

A goat was allegedly forced to breathe in marijuana smoke for a cruel video stunt. Footage appears to show one man sitting on the goat while another places a chain around the poor animal’s neck. Demand justice for this innocent goat.

Do Not Allow Rare Amur Leopards to Go Extinct

Fewer than 100 endangered Amur leopards remain in the wild in remote areas of Russia and China. More must be done to ensure this elusive big cat’s future survival. Sign this petition to demand that Russian officials do more to protect habitat for these felines before it is too late.

Protect Bear Cubs and Wolf Pups From Trump Administration

Alaska’s bears and wolves will soon be in danger of needless slaughter. Ryan Zinke’s plan to roll back Obama-era protection for Alaskan bears and wolves will come into effect very soon, despite strong opposition from the state’s citizens. Too many bears and wolves have already been shot and killed even with these laws in place; to roll them back would spell the end of several species. Sign this petition to demand Zinke cancel his plan and let these animals live.

Justice for Slaughtered, Endangered Blue Whale

At 30 meters and over 200 tons, the blue whale is a sight to behold, but the species remains at great risk. Before protections, over 350,000 lost their lives in the last century alone. Urge immediate action on the first reported kill of a blue whale in four decades.

Tighten Ivory Ban in the UK

Illegal ivory has been discovered on sale in the United Kingdom, only months after a law was introduced to ban ivory sales overall. More action is needed to protect all remaining elephants and rhinos by tightening the existing ban. Sign the petition to support this bill.

Ban Cruel Veal Crates in Virginia

Young calves are kept confined and chained in cruel veal crates for most of their short lives before they are slaughtered in Virginia. Demand that this abuse be stopped and veal crates banned.

Puppy Allegedly Beaten With Belt Deserves Justice

A puppy was allegedly beaten over the head with a belt in a sad case of animal cruelty. The suspect reportedly hit the puppy approximately 15 times as punishment for digging holes in the backyard. Demand justice for this poor puppy.

Ban Cosmetic Animal Testing in Canada

Canada is moving forward with banning unnecessary animal testing in the cosmetics industry. This is a welcome step in the right direction toward ending animal suffering. Sign this petition to thank Canada for listening to the many voices who have fought on the side of innocent animals.

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