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Justice for Service Dog Reportedly Shot to Death

A service dog was reportedly tied to a tree and shot to death. A shocking video showed his owner and her boyfriend laughing as they shot him in the head. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Justice for Puppy Cruelly Thrown From Balcony During Fight

A small puppy was allegedly thrown from over 30 feet in the air by a man who was arguing with his girlfriend. The dog survived, but her injuries, including a broken neck, a fractured pelvis, and cracked ribs, are severe. Please sign this petition to demand that this poor puppy gets the justice she deserves.

Dogs Burned Alive in Car Need Justice

Several dogs were locked in an abandoned car and set on fire. The dogs yelped and howled as they burned to death. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Justice for 30 Dogs Reportedly Used for Dog Fighting

Over 30 dogs were reportedly neglected and used in a massive dog fighting ring. The dogs were reportedly malnourished and suffered from serious untreated medical conditions. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Free Elderly Elephant From Chains and Retire Him to a Sanctuary

Gajraj the elephant was stolen from the wild in 1965 and has been languishing in captivity ever since. He is chained to a small, concrete slab and reportedly suffers from many debilitating physical and mental health problems. Sign this petition to demand that Gajraj is retired to an accredited sanctuary immediately.

Ban Cruel and Deadly Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

While pulling a carriage with a dozen people, a horse fell to the ground and was unable to get back up until people assisted him. Horse-drawn carriages are not only outdated but incredibly cruel and can lead to death and injury in horses. Sign this petition to ban horse-drawn carriage rides.

Release Anna the Elephant From Captive Isolation

Anna Louise the African elephant was stolen from the wild and forced into the cruel world of circus entertainment. She has reportedly been kept in solitary isolation since 1988. Demand that she be retired to an accredited sanctuary.

Urgent: Demand Police Find Dog Being Held Ransom by Kidnapper

A family dog named “Teddy Bear” is being held ransom after being taken on Easter morning. The family is worried sick and Teddy Bear must be absolutely terrified. Sign this petition to demand police make more of an effort to rescue Teddy Bear and capture the sick kidnapper.

Stop Drowning Otters for Their Fur

Every year, countless otters are trapped and killed for their unique fur. Trappers have started using underwater traps, which kill this poor animal by drowning it. Sign this petition and demand that otter trapping end now.

Don’t Strip Protections From Majestic Manatees

The manatee has been removed from the endangered species list. However, despite its increasing population, this action means that the animal may lose its protections and once again face endangerment. To ensure that the manatee can thrive, sign the petition and ask that this amazing animal be put back on the endangered species list.

Cancel Rodeo Event That Rips Tails Off Bulls

A rodeo event where the tails of bulls are ripped and pulled by cowboys is about to take place in Colorado. Bulls typically experience broken tails or even dismemberment during this sick event. Sign this petition to demand that the cruel event is canceled.

Praise Country for Banning Animals in Circuses

A country has made the bold decision to ban all animals in circuses. Animals in circuses are denied everything natural to them and are often subjected to abuse and neglect. Sign this petition to praise this country for making the compassionate change.

Stop Cruel Circus That Allegedly Beats Animals

An arena is moving forward with its plans to host the notoriously cruel Jordan World Circus. Animals used in circuses are typically subjected to abuse, neglect and excessive confinement. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel its plans with Jordan World Circus unless it drops its animal acts.

Success: Taiwan Bans the Sale of Dog and Cat Meat

Taiwan has recently issued a ban on the sale and consumption of dog and cat meat in addition to stronger general animal protection laws. This is a huge step forward for Asia’s understanding of animal welfare. Sign this petition to thank the president of Taiwan for helping to make this possible.

Justice for Puppy Dragged Behind Vehicle Until Dead

A puppy was found dead by the side of the road with ropes attached to her legs. Her severe injuries suggested that she was beaten and dragged behind a vehicle. Demand that justice is served for this innocent puppy.

Stop Festival That Tortures and Kills Thousands of Snakes

Every year, thousands of rattlesnakes are rounded up for a festival where they are exploited, killed and skinned. There are claims that this festival is for population control although there is no science backing an overpopulation of this species in the area. Sign this petition to demand that this cruel festival come to an end.

Praise Ban on Circus Accused of Beating and Starving Animals

After learning about the cruelty animals trapped in the circus face, a venue decided to only host a circus if it dropped its animal acts. Sign this petition and praise the venue for not supporting this unnecessary cruelty.

Punish Dog Trainer Who Allegedly Abandoned and Starved Dogs and Birds

Multiple dogs and birds died after they were reportedly abandoned in a building with no access to food, water, or electricity. The animals found alive were reportedly severely malnourished. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Do Not Expand SeaWorld to China

A company recently bought the rights to expand and build new SeaWorlds in China. The animals at SeaWorld are denied everything natural to them and face a variety of mental and physical hardships. Sign this petition and demand the company stop the expansion and stop exploiting animals for profit.

Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged Up Stairs and Beaten

A puppy was reportedly dragged up the stairs by his scruff and beaten. His intense screams of pain could be heard on a witnesses’ audio recording. Demand justice for this innocent puppy.

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