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Kittens Used as Bait in Pit Bull Fights – Demand Justice

lilo-by-charley1965Two kittens, with their legs bound, were reportedly used as bait in pit bull fights. One kitten had to be euthanized because of the severity of her injuries. Demand that the sadistic person who did this be found and brought to justice.

Justice for Dogs Found Injured and Dead in Caretaker’s Backyard

gabby-by-de-leon-jessica-bradentonOne dog was found dead and another seriously injured in their caretaker’s backyard. The caretaker reportedly neglected to seek medical attention for either dog and denied knowledge of their condition. Demand justice for these innocent dogs.

Justice for Horses and Mules Found Starved and Near Death

horses-by-makamuki0Six horses and two mules were found emaciated and near death on property too small to accommodate them. Their owners reportedly kept them on land that contained no food and only filthy water to drink. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Demand Justice for Sick Dogs Forced to Live in Cruel Conditions

pit-bull-puppies-by-al-caseMore than thirty dogs were reportedly being kept in horrific conditions, leaving many sick and one that had to be euthanized. A dozen of those poor dogs are now wandering the streets, abandoned. Demand that these innocent animals be given justice.

Shut Down Pet Store Accused of Selling Severely Ill Dogs

puppies-by-jens-art-soulA puppy mill in New York City has reportedly sold dangerously sick dogs to customers who were not aware of this fact until they brought the dogs home. Sign this petition to demand this store be shut down.

Thank FEMA for Saving Dogs Stuck in Floods

dog-flood-femaFollowing the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, rescuers went to the affected areas to help people stuck in the floods. However, rescuers have gone above and beyond to not only help people, but the countless dogs left behind. Sign this petition and thank rescuers for helping all those who needed aid.

End Deadly Bow-and-Arrow Bear Hunting

big-black-bear-detailed-ursus-americanus-680x544-steve-hillebrandNearly 500 bears were murdered in less than a week during New Jersey’s bow-and-arrow hunt. Demand that this deadly and cruel hunt be brought to an end.

Justice for Dog Stolen From Home and Shot

german-shepherd-dog-by-ronoliTwo dogs were reportedly found, one suffering from a gunshot wound, after being stolen from their home. Demand that the monster who stole these innocent dogs then left them for dead be found immediately and brought to justice.

Justice for Dog Duct-Taped and Left on Road to Die

paw-by-szpadiA German Shepherd was found on the side of the road with her muzzle duct taped shut. Her injuries were so extensive that she had to be put to sleep. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Cats Euthanized After Being Severely Neglected Deserve Justice

dying-cat-by-sarah-roseNineteen cats were found nearly dead from being neglected for so long. Most of them were suffering so severely that they had to be euthanized. Sign this petition to make sure other animals are kept safe from similar abuses.

Stop Using Monkeys in Cruel Research

lab-monkey-ed-schipulOne of the nation’s top universities continues to use monkeys in its research despite knowing these animals can experience pain and fear just like humans. Sign this petition and demand the university retire its monkeys and start using non-animal methods in its research.

Stop the Murder of Wild Wolves

wolves-by-pixel-mixerA mother wolf has been slain, leaving her mate and cub to fend for themselves. This is another instance of people laboring under misconceptions about wolves, and another senseless killing of an animal by humans. Sign this petition to demand the killers be found and punished, and that the laws protecting wolves be strengthened.

Protect Koala Habitats From Land Clearing

654px-cutest_koala-erik-velandKoalas could lose millions of hectares of habitat to land clearing should a new proposal be approved. Sign the petition to demand that this harmful and dangerous plan be revoked.

Cancel Cruel Elephant Appearance at Fair

elephant-guido-da-rozze-1An elephant held in captivity for 45 years and forced to give rides is slated to make an appearance at a fair despite the obvious physical and mental suffering that captive elephants endure. Sign this petition to demand the fair stop exploiting these sensitive and intelligent animals.

Investigate Animal Shelter After 250 Dogs Were Reportedly Abused

Valley City, ND, April 13,2008--Shannon Harrigan volunteers at an emergency animal shelter in Valley City, ND.  Residents who are evacuating are bringing their animals to the shelter for safety in case the town is flooded by the Sheyenne River. North Dakota is experiencing record flooding throughout the state.  Photo by Patsy Lynch/FEMAOver 250 dogs were rescued from an allegedly abusive, neglectful caretaker at a Hawaiian animal shelter, which has been called into question once before. Sign this petition to demand a thorough investigation of the shelter.

Severely Punish Couple for Allegedly Starving Animals to Death

fmsc-distribution-partner-qoryoley-development-community-by-fmscMultiple dead animals were reportedly found on property belonging to a sheriff’s deputy and an EMS worker. Some of them were allegedly starved to death. Sign this petition to demand that these innocent animals are given proper justice.

Expedia: Stop Selling Tickets to Attractions that Use Endangered Species

800px-thailand_06_-_19_elephant_ride_at_ayuthaya_158623042-mckay-savageElephants, dolphins, and other endangered animals are being abused and exploited for the entertainment of tourists. Tell Expedia to follow the lead of TripAdvisor, and stop selling tickets to attractions that use endangered species.

Praise Travel Site for Ending its Support of Elephant Rides, Safari Adventures, and More

swimming-with-dolphins-zenitmktThe world’s largest travel site recently announced that it will no longer sell tickets for events that exploit animals. This includes, but is not limited to, swimming with dolphins, lion and tiger encounters, and elephant rides. Sign this petition to thank the company for making the compassionate choice.

Stop Using Live Tiger as Mascot at Football Games

tiger-j-patrick-fischerAnother tiger has died in captivity, imprisoned by a university where it was used as a live mascot for football games. Sign this petition to demand the school make this tiger its last and stop using live animals as mascots.

Abusive Horse Facility Used to Collect Antitoxins Must be Shut Down

horses-mikel-ortegaHorses were found suffering from anemia, blindness, swollen limbs, infected wounds, and other serious ailments, according to investigators who inspected antitoxin production facilities. Sign this petition and demand the Indian government shut down these cruel places.

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