Articles written by: Rachel Shapiro

Success: China Bans Ivory Trade

elephants-by-benh-lieu-songHelp is on the way for endangered elephants, thanks to the Chinese government announcing that all ivory trading will be banned in the country by the end of 2017. Sign this petition to thank China for putting an end to the cruel ivory industry in their country.

Stop Oil and Gas Operations that Harm Endangered Whales

gray-whale-by-merrill-gosho-noaaWestern gray whales in the Piltun Lagoon will be severely harmed by expanded oil and gas shipping in the area. There is an effective alternate shipping route that could be used to save the whales, but the oil company refuses to use it. Sign this petition to demand that the oil company ceases operation in the lagoon.

End Deadly Horse-Drawn Carriage Rides

horse-drawn-carriage-by-amy-mingoA carriage horse drowned after it ran away from its handler and fell into the frigid Missouri River. This is the most recent in a long line of preventable injuries and deaths in the horse-drawn carriage industry. Sign this petition to demand an end to harmful horse-drawn carriage rides.

Save Zoo Animals from Starving to Death

lion-in-zoo-by-bernhard-mulhensLeopards, lions, hyena, birds, and monkeys are starving and sick after being abandoned at a zoo in Yemen. Even though these animals are close to death, the Yemeni government is reportedly refusing to issue permits to let rescue organizations take them out of the country. Sign this petition to demand that these animals are saved from starvation.

Save Turtles from Dying in Shrimp Nets

sea-turtle-by-u-s-fish-and-wildlife-service-southeast-regionThousands of sea turtles would be saved from drowning under a proposed rule that requires all shrimp nets to have escape hatches. Sign this petition to urge the National Marine Fisheries Service to put this rule into effect.

Applaud Panera Bread for Improving Chicken Welfare Policy

broiler-chicken-by-us-department-of-agricultureBroiler chickens will be raised in more humane conditions, including having outdoor access and no physical alterations, thanks to a new policy at Panera Bread. Sign this petition to thank Panera Bread for providing a better life for broiler chickens. Sign this petition to thank Panera Bread for providing a better life for broiler chickens.

Save Yellowstone Bison from Being Slaughtered

yellowstone-bison-by-don-grahamForty Yellowstone bison are sitting in a capture facility, waiting to see whether they’ll be slaughtered or relocated to a new home. In order to be relocated, Yellowstone National Park officials must put through a proposal that will send them to a reservation in Montana. Sign this petition to urge the park officials to put through this proposal as soon as possible.

Stop Killing Thousands of Badgers in Massive Culls

badger-by-peter-trimmingOver 10,000 badgers were killed in the United Kingdom’s 2016 badger cull. This cull is supposed to stop the spread of bovine tuberculosis, but there is no evidence that it is working. Sign this petition to say that you do not want any more badgers killed.

Close Marine Park Cited for Severe Physical and Mental Abuse of Animals

dolphins-at-sea-life-park-by-justin-de-la-ornellasMarine animals at Sea Life Park are allegedly covered in scars, bruises, and wounds, and are kept in small tanks with no protection from the sun. The park has received numerous USDA citations for its cruelty. Sign this petition to urge the USDA to investigate and shut down this cruel park.

Stop Breeding Debilitating, Painful Muscle Disease Into Dogs

golden-retriever-by-karen-arnoldDogs are being bred with muscular dystrophy at a research lab. They are miserable their entire lives, and the research done on them is not producing any positive results. Demand an end to these cruel and unnecessary experiments.

Applaud Shutdown of Abusive Circuses

elephants-at-circus-by-katherine-johnsonWild animals will no longer be forced to perform in the majority of circuses throughout India. These circuses regularly abused and tortured their animals, burning them with hot pokers and denying them food and water for days in order to get them to perform. Thank those responsible for saving these animals from a life of torture.

Save the Mexican Gray Wolf from Extinction

mexican-gray-wolf-by-tony-higsettOne of the last remaining Mexican gray wolves was ripped out of the wild, putting the rare species closer to extinction. Sign this petition to demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service stop removing these wolves from their natural habitat.

Stop the Brutal Mutilation of Live Sharks for Their Fins

shark-by-allan-leeMillions of sharks have their fins cruelly cut off while they are still alive, to support the cruel shark finning trade. Most major delivery services will no longer ship shark fins, but FedEx continues to do so. Sign this petition to urge FedEx to stop all shipping of shark fins.

Stop Killing Innocent, Well-Behaved Pit Bulls

pit-bull-by-hugo-a-quinteroPit bulls are targeted by breed-discriminatory laws that often result in the dogs being unnecessarily euthanized. Sign this petition to say that you do not want more innocent dogs being killed just because of their breed.

Save Flat-Tailed Horned Lizards from Extinction

flat-tailed-horned-lizard-by-california-dept-fish-and-wildlifeThe flat-tailed horned lizard is facing extinction due to massive habitat loss. Sign this petition to urge the California Department of Fish and Wildlife to protect the lizards under the California Endangered Species Act.

Stop Coming Slaughter of Mountain Lions and Black Bears

mountain-lion-by-california-dept-of-fish-and-gameMajestic mountain lions and black bears will soon be cruelly killed under a new plan. Tell authorities to reject this idea in favor of a more humane option.

Stop Hunting Diamondback Terrapins

diamondback-terrapin-by-trisha-shearsDiamondback terrapins can be harvested in unlimited amounts during a nine-month open season in New York. A new proposal will ban this harmful harvest. Sign this petition to show your support for the proposed ban.

Stop Clubbing Dogs to Death at Meat Markets in India

dog-in-cage-by-amaya-aeguizabalThousands of dogs are thrown in sacks and cruelly clubbed to death each year for their meat in illegal markets in India. Help shut down these illegal and cruel markets.

Stop Selling Orangutans, Gorillas and Chimpanzees

captive-orangutan-by-rennett-stoweApes kidnapped from their natural habitat are being smuggled into Thailand by animal traffickers. Through a loophole in the laws, the perpetrators often do not face punishment. Sign this petition to urge the Thai government to close the loophole.

Remove Outdated Dams That Are Killing Wild Salmon

wild-salmon-by-bureau-of-land-managementThe wild salmon population in the Snake River has declined 90 percent due to four outdated and expensive dams. Sign this petition to urge the Bureau of Reclamation to remove these unnecessary dams.

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