Articles written by: Morgan Dunn

Stop Reported Traumatizing of Pet Store Animals for Profit

Small animals are used as part of playground-like attractions at a popular pet store chain, a practice which could seemingly cause harm and trauma. Despite repeated protests from experts, this callous and potentially abusive practice has gone ahead in the name of profit. Demand that this apparent cruelty be ended immediately.

Cows Kicked in Face and Subjected to Painful Horn Removal Deserve Justice

Cows are subjected to horn removal and other excruciatingly painful procedures without anesthetics. Farmers are apparently willing to cause misery and suffering rather than comply with laws requiring the use of painkillers. Stop the needless torture of these animals.

Save Critically Endangered Porpoises From Illegal Hunting And Fishing

The population of Mexico’s rare vaquita porpoise has dropped to a tragic low. Despite being protected by law, those charged with enforcing the ban on their intentional and accidental capture have not done their duty. Demand immediate action to protect these animals and prevent their extinction.

Halt Over-fishing in the North Atlantic

Fish and other marine animals are under threat from Iceland’s plan to over-fish for mackerel. Doing so will prevent fish populations from returning to healthy levels, while harming other marine life dependent on fish for food. Demand that Iceland stop this damaging practice immediately.

Demand Protection for Abused, Hunted Hyenas

Every day, striped hyenas in Lebanon live in fear for their lives. Killed, abused, hunted, and sold, theirs is a daily struggle to survive with the help of conservationists. Act now to demand that the president of Lebanon enforce his government’s laws protecting these beautiful animals.

Don’t Sentence Rescued Animals to Death

Countless rescued animals may end up being senselessly killed. Demand this cruel policy be overturned.

Prevent Wildlife Diseases That Put Animals And Humans at Risk

Wildlife diseases put both animals and humans at risk of sickness and death, and yet critical research that could prevent or cure them is drastically underfunded. Conservation agencies and scientists need funding to stop this public health risk. Encourage funding into wildlife disease research to save both animals and humans.

End Cruel Dyeing of Sheep at Music Festival

Sheep were dyed pink for the sake of a marketing gimmick at a music festival. While not illegal, this act is considered cruel and humiliating for the animals. Demand that the company responsible apologize and vow to put an end to this cruelty.

Demand Protection for the Mexican Gray Wolf

The Mexican Gray Wolf was critically endangered in the 20th Century. In recent years, these wolves have made progress, but they still need your help. Add your voice to those demanding better protection for this threatened species.

Praise Efforts to Save Endangered Woodpecker

The red-cockaded woodpecker was critically endangered for decades. Now, thanks to tireless conservation efforts, the species is rebounding. Thank federal and state agencies for successfully pulling this once-abundant bird back from the brink of extinction.

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