Articles written by: Maggie Fulmer

Demand Melha Shrine Circus Go Animal Free Again

The Melha Shrine Circus is adding animals back to their show after removing them during 2016. Sign this petition to demand that the Melha Shrine Circus keep animals out of their show and acknowledge that the safety of animals is more important than making a profit.

Protect Anti-Poaching Efforts From Budget Cuts

Large budget cuts could threaten anti-poaching efforts in South Africa. Sign this petition to ensure that the government continues to protect its species from poachers.

Stop Cruelly Raising Rabbits in Tiny, Cramped Cages

Rabbits are being raised in cramped metal cages under incredibly cruel conditions. Sign this petition to demand that their living situations are improved.

Stop Cruelly Driving Sharks Toward Extinction

Lethal shark control methods used in Australia run the risk of driving certain species to extinction. Sign this petition to protect endangered species and to encourage the government to seek out more humane shark control methods.

Don’t Legalize Trophy Hunting of Black Bears

The trophy hunting of black bears may soon be legalized due to a new proposal in Connecticut. This would subject bears to cruel and inhumane deaths in the forms of bowhunting and hound hunting. Sign this petition to ensure this bill is rejected.

Rescue Gajraj the Elephant From Torture at Indian Temple

An elephant named Gajraj is dying in agony after spending most of his life in captivity. He is kept completely alone and chained to the floor. Help save Gajraj from a sad, lonely and painful death.

Stop the Import of Shark Fins to Europe

Citizens are allowed to import up to 20 kg of shark fins for personal use due to a loophole in European legislation — this issue is contributing to the extinction of sharks throughout the world. Sign this petition to close the loophole and stop the import.

Save Tasmanian Devil and Forest From Greedy Loggers

Tasmanian devils and their home forest are facing destruction at the hands of greedy loggers. Sign this petition to ask authorities to not sell out endangered animals and forests just for corporate profits.

Stop Culling of One Million Kangaroos

Every year kangaroos in and around Canberra in Australia are slaughtered in large numbers. An estimated of over one million kangaroos are expected to be shot this year. Sign this petition to demand that a nonlethal way of sustaining the kangaroo population is implemented.

Demand Help For Japan’s ‘Cat Island’ Cats

The ‘Cat Islands’ in Japan have a cat population that is growing at an alarming rate. Many of the felines are suffering from treatable illnesses and dying very young because no one is willing to help them. Sign this petition to get the cats the help they deserve and to control the population in a non-lethal way.

Stop Torturing Baby Elephants to Learn Tricks for Zoo Visitors

Elephants are forced to perform circus tricks for zoo visitors and are allegedly abused during the training process. Sign this petition to demand that this zoo stop exploiting these innocent animals.

Release Elephant From Zoo And Send Her to Sanctuary

An elephant named Chendra is suffering at the Oregon Zoo. She was recently diagnosed with profound stereotypic behavior which results in her spending her days walking around in circles from boredom and loneliness. This zoo euthanized a different sick elephant in February. Sign this petition to get Chendra sent to a sanctuary where she can live out the rest of her life happily.

Save Ruperta the Sick, Starving Elephant From Impoverished Zoo

Ruperta is a sick and apparently starving elephant held at an extremely impoverished zoo. Photos show Ruperta’s poor health and it is feared she may not live much longer under these conditions. Demand that she be released.

Stop Superhighway From Destroying Rainforest Wildlife

Nigeria has plans to build a six-lane superhighway through one of its most remote rainforests and other national parks. The habitat of endangered wildlife is at risk because of this project. Sign this petition to demand the project be completely relocated or stopped entirely.

Justice For Dog Killed By Cyanide Trap

A boy was walking his dog behind their house when a cyanide trap went off, killing the dog within minutes. Sign this petition to demand justice for the dog and his family by asking the USDA to stop using these devices.

Stop Forcing Orangutans to Perform in Boxing Matches

Orangutans are forced to dress up and fight each other at a Bangkok zoo. Orangutans are extremely intelligent and peaceful creatures and should not be exploited for human entertainment.

Do Not Open Exploitative Tiger Zoo

Last year, the zoo Tiger Temple in Thailand was exposed for alleged abuse and brutality and shut down after the government seized their tigers. Now, Thailand has plans to open a new zoo. Sign this petition to demand the plans for this zoo be shut down immediately.

Stop the Killing of Slovenia’s Bears and Wolves

Slovenia will allow hunters to kill 93 bears and eight wolves this year to prevent the population of those animals from growing. Sign this petition to discourage this decision.

Don’t Force Dolphins Into Captivity

Dolphins are at risk of being kept in cruel captivity in a proposed new tourism attraction. Sign this petition to encourage the rejection of this proposal.

Demand SC Johnson Stop Testing on Animals

Animals are having toxic chemicals injected into their bloodstreams and are being forced to inhale hazardous fumes as part of testing for household products. Demand an end to this barbaric practice.

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