Articles written by: Lindsay Savitzky

Save Endangered Animals From Disappearing Forever

Once nearly-extinct species are returning to the wild thanks to breeding programs. With roughly a million species of wildlife on the brink of disappearing forever, this is an example of the kind of work the world needs to protect biodiversity. Help push for the continued support of controlled breeding.

Justice for Dog Shot and Killed for Digging in Garbage

A Mississippi resident’s dog was reportedly shot and killed by a neighbor who left the owner a note, claiming legal and moral reasons for murdering the poor creature. This is not only a barbaric, disgusting act of animal cruelty, but the killer would not even admit to their supposed wrongdoings, instead placing the blame with the owner and the dog for “forcing them” to end the dog’s life. See that this alleged killer faces justice for their actions immediately.

Punish Shooter Behind Mass Killing of Horses

Over 20 horses have recently been slain by a mysterious shooter, among them several young and a few pregnant mares. This is a disgusting act of random violence against animals and the culprit must be punished. See that the shooter is penalized to the fullest extent of the law.

Stop Denuding the Oceans of Threatened Fish

Important fish species could soon vanish from our oceans forever because of policies that allow overfishing. This is a drastic step backward in the fight to stop exploitation of these species. Demand the government protect threatened fish populations immediately.

End Dam Construction That Endangers Fish Populations

Hundreds of fish species are at risk of extinction due to the excessive damming of Cambodia’s Mekong River. This is not only disrupting the ecosystem, but the livelihood of fishermen and families. Stop the construction of dams in the Mekong River and see that many of the most disruptive are removed.

Don’t Let Scotland’s Unique Wildlife Disappear

Iconic and beloved species are suffering severe declines in Scotland. One in nine species is facing extinction, and the loss of even a single one is dangerous to the ecosystem. Demand the Scottish government allot more funding to the preservation of wildlife.

Success: Several Species Saved From the Brink of Extinction

The previously extinct-in-the-wild Guam rail has finally made a comeback thanks to the efforts of captive breeding programs. The flightless bird had been declared extinct over a decade ago, but it is hoped that with strong enough protection the species will once again thrive. Thank the Guam Department of Agriculture for their tireless efforts.

Stop Seahorse Poaching

Seahorse poaching is at an alarming high, with millions of the creatures being trapped, fished, and even killed with bombs along Italy’s coastline. They are sold on the black market to China, which uses the corpses to make liqueur, ornaments, and aphrodisiacs. Sign this petition to stop the black market trade of seahorses before they go extinct.

Don’t Endanger Polar Bears With Graffiti Tagging

Video footage of a polar bear tagged with graffiti has sparked outrage among environmentalists who fear for the creature’s safety. This move was either a prank or a desperate protection measure by a resident of the city, but there is no excuse for placing an already endangered animal in further peril. Demand that authorities outlaw future tagging of polar bears.

Save Hermit Crabs From Dying in Plastic Containers

Over half a million hermit crabs were recently killed by plastic debris on two remote islands, after suffocating or being trapped in plastic containers. These creatures are vital to the well-being of these islands, keeping the soil in good condition and dispersing seeds. Fight to tighten the laws against plastic pollution to prevent future hermit crab deaths.

Save Koalas From Impending Extinction

Recent bushfires have killed hundreds of koalas, driving the species further into endangerment. These lovable and iconic creatures have already faced serious habitat loss due to climate change, industry, logging, and agriculture, and will go extinct within the next 30 years or sooner unless important steps are taken. Help protect koalas from further endangerment.

End Reported Dog Deaths on Wag App’s Watch

Dog walker app Wag has come under fire after over 15 dogs have apparently died, been stolen, or gone missing on their watch. When pet owners entrust their companions to a service, they should feel confident in knowing they will be cared for, and Wag has seemingly inspired the exact opposite. Demand this service implement a more rigorous screening process for potential workers to prevent future tragedies.

Strictly Ban Deadly Glue Traps That Torture And Kill Birds

Millions of birds a year are caught in glue traps and struggle fruitlessly until they die a slow and painful death. Hunters continue to set these traps, despite them having been illegal for the past 40 years. Demand harsher laws against glue traps, with no room for loopholes or exemptions, and protect the bird populations from a cruel and barbaric death.

Success: Animal Cruelty Offenders Face Federal Fines and Imprisonment

Animal cruelty is now officially banned across the United States, as President Trump has signed the federal document. The recognition of the link between cruelty to animals and crimes against humans played a major role in this ban. Thank those responsible for making the country safer for animals.

Protect Seabirds From Extinction Due to Rising Ocean Temperatures

Short-tailed shearwaters have been dying at an alarming rate due to unnaturally warm ocean temperatures depleting their food supplies. Many surviving birds were underweight and malnourished. These birds are normally abundant in number, but left unchecked, they could easily veer towards critically endangered in almost no time. Prevent the further decline of the short-tailed shearwater before it is too late.

Protect Wildlife From Damaging Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is one of the biggest threats to wild animal and plant life. The excessive noise from air and road travel, oil drilling, and machinery interrupts the communication, foraging, and breeding patterns of many different species. Demand tighter and stricter regulations against excessive noise to protect wildlife and their ecosystems from further damages.

Save Moths From Extinction

Britain’s moth population is in danger as farmers and other landowners set traps to capture them, killing thousands of moths every year. Moths are vital pollinators that keep the ecosystem thriving, fostering the growth of plants and providing food sources for birds, bats, and small mammals. Outlaw the setting of moth traps to prevent the further decline of the species.

Stop Endangering Sealife With Dumped Fishing Gear

Improperly discarded fishing equipment has been discovered to make up more than half the world’s ocean pollution. Fishing nets have already killed thousands of sea creatures, and many more are endangered by discarded traps, lines, and other gear. Help enforce stronger laws against fisheries engaging in such carelessness.

Success: Courts Uphold Ivory Ban

The ban on the sale of elephant ivory has been upheld after antique dealers made a bid to overturn it. They claimed antique ivory used in cultural items was different from that taken from the tusks of recently killed elephants. Thankfully, the courts rejected this bid and took a big step forward in the fight to protect elephants. Thank those who upheld this important ban.

Don’t Let Adorable Pygmy Possums be Wiped Out by Climate Change

Critically endangered pygmy possums are losing their alpine habitat to global warming, but emergency relocation efforts could help save them from extinction. Support the bid to relocate the species as soon as possible.

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