Articles written by: Linda Damerel

Stop Marine Animals From Drowning in Abandoned Fishing Gear

Over 100,000 marine animals every year die slow and insufferable deaths in discarded fishing gear on the ocean floor. Sign the petition to demand that research and action be taken to stop this surging threat to oceanic ecosystems.

Punish PetSmart Store for Alleged Animal Cruelty

Authorities raided a PetSmart store in Tennessee, seizing six suffering animals desperately in need of medical attention. Reportedly, the animals were being left to die a slow and wretched death. Sign the petition to admonish a pet store that has allegedly allowed its animals to suffer.

Punish Minors Accused of Injecting Dog with Cocaine

A defenseless dog was injected with harmful drugs by a group of neighborhood kids. She was found barely moving and near death. Sign the petition to ensure that whoever is responsible for this unconscionable act of animal cruelty be fully punished.

Cat Gruesomely Cut in Half Deserves Justice

A cat was found brutally mutilated, cut in half with a large, sharp instrument. No one has been arrested for this ruthless crime and the killer remains at large. Demand police solve this case so justice may be served.

Over 150 Animals Reportedly Found Starving in Feces-Filled Squalor Need Justice

Over 150 dogs, cats, horses, and other animals were reportedly found living in squalor on a single farm. Demand those responsible face justice.

Man Accused of Covering Puppies in Toxic Paint Must be Punished

Four puppies were doused in harmful latex paint, allegedly at the hands of their owner. These small creatures deserve justice. Sign the petition to ensure the person guilty of this cruel act is barred from owning animals and given the maximum sentence.

Justice for Starving and Neglected Cattle

A desperate herd of over 300 cattle was abandoned and left defenseless with no food, water, or shelter. Some died from neglect, and remaining cattle were skeletal. Demand justice for these cows by signing the petition to demand the maximum sentence for the heartless offender.

Stop Prairie Dog Killing Contests

Prairie dog killing contests are being held that promote the shooting of harmless creatures for fun and prizes. Take action to stop this atrocity by signing the petition to ban these merciless and needless competitions.

Ban U.S. Shark Fishing Tournaments

Cruel shark fishing tournaments continue to be held despite protest. Killing for sport is repulsive and wasteful, and only feeds the ego of the hunter. Demand respect for sharks and protect our oceans by signing the petition to ban these competitions in the U.S.

Demand Justice for Puppy Allegedly Dragged, Choked, and Beaten

A defenseless dog was allegedly dragged, choked, and beaten on the head with a hard, plastic leash handle. Demand justice for this animal by signing the petition to assure the alleged cruel perpetrator receives the maximum sentence provided by law.

Dog Reportedly Thrown Off 7th Story Deserves Justice

Believed to have been ruthlessly thrown from a 7-story building, Dunky the Chihuahua never stood a chance. His suspected killer, an alleged car burglar, appears to value material possessions more than life and must be punished. Demand justice for Dunky.

Protect Endangered Quino Checkerspot Butterfly from Harmful Border Wall

The Quino checkerspot butterfly has been added to the list of over 100 endangered species at risk from President Trump’s border wall. Sign the petition to urge the Department of Homeland Security not to renounce current environmental laws for the advancement of wall construction at the expense of our environment.

Stop Construction of the Pilgrim Pipeline

A dangerous fossil fuel pipeline has been proposed that would span 178 miles from Albany, New York, to Linden, New Jersey. This project would put many communities and the environment at severe risk. Demand that New York legislators vote to oppose the Pilgrim Pipeline to protect the Hudson River Valley.

Ban the Brutal Indonesian Dog Meat Trade

Dogs in Indonesia are being brutally slaughtered for human consumption. Markets are merciless arenas for the public execution of helpless canines. End this brutality now by demanding the dog meat trade be banned in Indonesia.

Demand Justice for Murdered Dog Bound and Thrown from Car

An 18-month-old dog was inhumanely bound and thrown out the window of a moving vehicle onto the freeway. Unable to walk, he was struck and killed by another car. Give this innocent animal the justice he deserves by demanding whoever is responsible be found and punished to the maximum extent of the law.

Stop Cruelly Shooting Doves for Entertainment

Innocent doves are hunted and used as live targets, with over 20 million shot to death annually. Although a symbol of peace and hope, doves are being slaughtered for the sake of entertainment. Demand that all dove shooting be banned in California, and reinstate respect for this inoffensive species.

Murdered Alpacas of Buckinghamshire Deserve Justice

Three darling alpacas were brutally executed by blunt force trauma in their shelters in Buckinghamshire County, UK. Alarmingly, the heinous person or party responsible for this cruelty has not been found. Give these alpacas the justice they deserve and help support the effort to keep this case in the forefront until it is solved.

Save the White-Tailed Prairie Dog

Adorable and ecologically important white-tailed prairie dogs are at risk of going extinct. Don’t let these animals be killed off by development.

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