Articles written by: Keri Ann

Don’t Abandon Endangered Species Programs in the Wake of COVID-19

Over 200 American zoos are in danger of shuttering their conservation programs due to financial stress from COVID-19. These initiatives are the only means of protecting and rebuilding populations of thousands of species. Demand that the government bail them out.

Protect Rare Salmon from Extinction

The Atlantic salmon has seen its population decline due to overfishing and damming. Sign the petition to demand that it be afforded protections at the state level to ensure its survival.

German Shepherds Reportedly Starved to Death Deserve Justice

A pair of German Shepherds allegedly starved to death, with another being found nearly dead in a woman’s home. Demand that the individual accused of heartlessly abusing these poor animals be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Justice for 100+ Animals Allegedly Neglected, Starved, and Abused

Over 100 animals were allegedly found living in squalor, neglected and starved by their owner. They appear to have lived in a true house of horror. Demand justice.

Beagle Found Beaten and Drowned in Pond Needs Justice

A Beagle was found tragically drowned in a pond, beaten and with his snout zip-tied shut, allegedly at the hands of his owner. Demand justice for this poor animal.

Protect the Humboldt Marten from Extinction

The Humboldt marten faces extinction due to logging, pelt hunting, and illegal marijuana farms. It has waited ten years for protection. Demand that it finally be added to the endangered species list.

Protect the Nashville Crayfish from Extinction

The small Nashville crayfish faces certain extinction at the hands of urbanization and pollution. It needs the protection of the Endangered Species Act now more than ever. Demand that the species not be removed from the endangered species list.

Applaud Protection of Rare Island Butterfly

The island marble butterfly, after facing near extinction, has finally been granted the protections it deserves. Thank the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service for taking actions to protect the species.

Protect the Amazon’s Short-Eared Dog from Extinction

The short-eared dog, the only canine native to the Amazon, is facing imminent extinction. Sign the petition to demand that the species be protected.

Don’t Destroy Endangered Tiger Habitat with Roads and Construction

Tens of thousands of miles of road cut through endangered tiger habitat and threaten the species with extinction. Demand the tiger’s protection.

Protect Rare Bumblebee from Extinction

A rare bumblebee has seen its population decline by over 90 percent. Demand that the bee be afforded protections under the Endangered Species Act to save it from extinction.

Protect New Black Iguana Species from Extinction

A newly discovered black iguana already faces extinction. Demand that immediate action be taken to protect this species from harvest, hunting, and habitat loss.

Protect the Spring Chinook Salmon from Extinction

An entire salmon population in Oregon is threatened with extinction due to pollution, harvesting, logging, and other human activities. Demand that the species be given endangered status and federal protections.

Stop the U.S. Government’s Murder of Endangered Gray Wolves

Endangered gray wolves are being killed by the U.S. government in acts of revenge. Demand that this cruelty be stopped immediately.

Protect Koala Bears from Imminent Extinction

Over 50 percent of Australia’s koala bear population has been lost. More than 6,000 of the beloved species died after the nation’s devastating brushfires. Demand the species’ protection.

Save Habitat of Endangered Rat

Japanese cherry blossom trees are facing destruction. A rare rat species, devoid of food and habitat, has turned to feasting on the trees. Demand the protection of the rare rat in order to protect Japan’s national treasure.

Protect the Eastern Black Rail from Extinction

The eastern black rail is facing imminent extinction brought on by global warming, flooding, and hurricanes. Demand that the bird finally be given the endangered species protections it deserves.

Protect the Cauliflower Coral from Extinction

Over 40 percent of a rare coral species has disappeared. Sign the petition to demand that the species be listed as endangered and afforded the protections it deserves.

Protect the Clubshell Mussel from Extinction

A 600 mile natural gas pipeline may lead to the extinction of an important indicator species. Demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service do its duty to protect the species.

Protect Endangered Mouse from Extinction

The endangered New Mexico meadow jumping mouse is facing immindent extinction. The U.S. Forestry Service has failed in its duty to protect them. Hold them to their promise.

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