Articles written by: Keri Ann

Protect the Mojave Poppy Bee from Extinction

Should the rare Mojave poppy bee die off, it won’t be the only species in the Mojave Desert to suffer. Sign the petition to demand that the bee be protected by adding it to the endangered species list.

Protect the Devil’s Hole Pupfish from Extinction

The world’s rarest fish is in danger of dying out. Sign the petition to demand that the Devil’s Hole pupfish be saved from extinction.

Protect Critically Endangered Southern Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog

One of the world’s most endangered amphibians faces a perilous future if nothing is done to protect it. Sign the petition to demand that the southern mountain yellow-legged frog be saved from extinction.

Protect the Endangered Marbled Murrelet from Extinction

The marbled murrelet, a seabird in Oregon, faces imminent extinction. The government has failed this species. Demand that it be given a second chance.

Protect the Bethany Beach Firefly

The Bethany Beach firefly faces extinction due to habitat loss. Demand that the government protect this rare and unique insect species from imminent extinction.

Save Pennsylvania’s Bog Turtle from Extinction

The bog turtle is Pennsylvania’s most critically endangered species. Demand that the government continue to do all it can to prevent the animal’s untimely demise.

Protect the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard from Extinction

The dunes sagebrush lizard has been failed for over two decades, awaiting federal protections to prevent its extinction. Demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service step up and do its duty.

Protect Endangered Species’ Habitats from Destruction

As many as 12,000 endangered species could be protected from extinction. Sign the petition to demand that the government follow through with plans to devote $1.4 billion to our planet’s protection.

Punish Teen Who Allegedly Stole Endangered Lemur from Zoo

An endangered lemur was allegedly kidnapped from a zoo and left for dead. Demand that the individual reportedly responsible for this crime be charged to the fullest extent of the law.

Protect Endangered Songbird from Extinction

A once prominent songbird is now facing extinction. Despite this, the federal government has refused to act. Demand protections for this bird and its habitat.

Protect New Zealand’s Kakapo Parrot from Extinction

The kakapo parrot, plagued with deadly illness and habitat loss, may soon disappear forever. Demand their protection.

Six Hundred Vultures Poisoned by Poachers Deserve Justice

Nearly 600 vultures were murdered by ivory poachers. The birds likely died in agony after eating a poisoned elephant carcass. Demand that the individuals responsible for this tragedy be found and punished.

Protect California Mountain Lions from Extinction

The majestic mountain lion may disappear from California in as little as 50 years. Sign the petition to demand that this species be protected from extinction.

Protect Prairie Chickens from Extinction

The lesser prairie chicken is experiencing a steep decline in population due to habitat loss. Demand that the species be protected from extinction.

Protect the Endangered Pygmy Rabbit from Extinction

An adorable rabbit, recently back from the brink of extinction, may once again face a deadly fate. Demand its protection.

Cut Ties with Trophy Hunting Group

An organization that is intended to protect endangered species from trade has instead partnered with an organization that promotes trophy hunting and the importation of endangered species. Demand that these organizations cut ties.

End the Murder of Beavers by the Department of Agriculture

Beavers across California are being murdered, but their lives aren’t the only ones lost. Endangered species who find their homes in beaver dams and ponds are also being killed. Demand an end to this cruelty.

Protect Mexico’s 660+ Endangered Species

Mexico is home to the most endangered species in the world: 665. Demand an immediate change that will end deforestation and protect these species from extinction.

Protect the Endangered American Bumblebee from Extinction

The American bumblebee has decreased by over 89 percent. Should the bee disappear, so too will an entire ecosystem. Demand it be protected.

Protect the World’s Smallest Porpoise from Extinction

With only 10 to 15 left in the ocean, the vaquita is the most endangered marine species on Earth. Demand that action be taken to protect the species before it becomes nothing more than a memory.

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