Articles written by: Keri Ann

Protect the Puerto Rican Butterfly from Extinction

puerto rican butterly_us fws southeastThe Puerto Rican butterfly has seen its population decimated. Demand that the species be protected from extinction. It has waited far too long for the sanctuary it deserves.

Protect the Vaquita from a Deadly Fate

The vaquita is one of the rarest animals in the world. Fishing continues to kill the species, leading to only 10 left in the wild. Demand that this species be protected.

Protect Alaska Lake Seals from Extinction

Only 400 freshwater Alaska lake seals remain in the wild. They were denied protections in 2016, but face more dire threats than ever. Demand that they be protected.

Applaud Efforts to Protect and Preserve Long-Eared Bat

The northern long-eared bat was facing death, until conservationists and activists took a stand. Sign the petition to thank these grassroots organizations for their efforts.

Protect Sierra Nevada Red Fox from Extinction

With only 70 left in the wild, the Sierra Nevada red fox has become one of the rarest species in the United States. Poisoning, hunting, and more have killed the species. Demand that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service grant the species the protections it deserves.

Protect Rare Butterfly from Extinction

The Hermes copper butterfly is facing extinction, driven by wildfires and land development. Sign the petition to demand that the species be awarded protection under the Endangered Species Act.

Protect the Newell’s Shearwater from Extinction

Over 1,600 rare seabirds are killed every year after collisions with power lines. Demand that one utility company make a change to help protect the future of this species.

Replenish Madagascar’s Forests to Protect Lemurs from Extinction

Lemur populations have declined by 95 percent. Only replenishing the plant life of the island can help restore this mammal’s population. Sign the petition to demand the rainforest of Madagascar, and its lemur population, be restored.

Protect Ohio’s Endangered Species from Extinction

Nearly 100 species in Ohio are facing extinction. However, new legislation may give them a second chance at life. Demand that these species, no matter their size, be protected.

Help Bring the White Abalone Back from the Brink of Death

The white abalone used to number in the millions. Now the species struggles to survive. Sign the petition to demand that the species be protected.

Protect the Little Brown Bat from Extinction

The little brown bat, once the most populous bat in North America, is facing certain extinction due to development and disease. Sign the petition to demand its protection.

Protect the Dixie Valley Toad from Extinction

A newly discovered toad species is already facing extinction caused by habitat loss and power plant development. Sign the petition to demand its protection.

Protect the Rare Pacific Fisher from Extinction

A small weasel is facing extinction due to trapping, forestry, climate change, and even rodenticide from marijuana farms. Demand that the USFWS protect the species.

Protect More Than 100 Endangered Species in Alabama

Alabama is home to some of the most ecologically diverse species in the U.S. and some of the most endangered. Demand that the state act to protect its 100+ endangered species.

Protect the Endangered Powesheik Skipperling from Extinction

The Powesheik skipperling is rapidly facing extinction due to habitat loss and global warming. Demand that the state of Michigan act now to protect the species.

Protect Endangered Florida Panther from Extinction

The endangered Florida panther is facing extinction due to massive development and traffic accidents. Demand that the state act to protect and preserve the species.

Protect the Tufted Puffins from an Untimely Demise

Endangered species roll backs by President Donald Trump indicate that the endangered tufted puffin may never get the protections it deserves. Demand that the states act to protect the species.

Protect the Ruffed Grouse from Extinction

The ruffed grouse is rapidly disappearing from Indiana’s landscape. Protect the species from extinction by asking that it be added to Indiana’s list of endangered species.

Protect Endangered Sea Turtles from Fishermen’s Greed

More endangered loggerhead turtles are in danger of being killed by fishing operations. Demand that money not be placed before the future of an entire species.

Protect the Mojave Poppy Bee from Extinction

Should the rare Mojave poppy bee die off, it won’t be the only species in the Mojave Desert to suffer. Sign the petition to demand that the bee be protected by adding it to the endangered species list.

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