Articles written by: Jennifer McCue

Shark Kicked in Jaws And Killed Deserves Justice

A protected great white shark was dragged to shore, kicked, and forced to pose in selfies in a horrific case of cruelty. The shark later died from injuries caused by these torturers. Demand that justice be served for this vulnerable creature.

Injured Fawn Reportedly Kicked Repeatedly Deserves Justice

An injured fawn was reportedly viciously and repeatedly kicked after being hit by a vehicle. Onlookers could be heard laughing at the alleged abuse and a video of the incident was posted on social media. Demand justice for this innocent deer.

End Lawful Killing of Trumpeter Swans

Twenty trumpeter swans were accidentally hunted and killed this season, doubling the yearly quota and putting this migrating species in danger of population loss. Hunters are protected from legal consequence due to difficulties in distinguishing the species while in flight. Demand mandatory education for swan hunters and a stricter ban on trumpeter hunting before it’s too late.

Man Who Reportedly Shot Dog and Stomped Cat to Death Must be Punished

A dog and cat were reportedly maliciously killed in two separate instances of cruelty committed by the same man. A young child allegedly witnessed the suspect stomping and kicking the cat to death. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Protect Horses From Death By Speeding Cars

A horse was killed by a motor vehicle at a busy intersection, prompting outrage in the local community. Though this incident was deemed an accident, the risk to horses and their riders is extremely high in this area due to laws not being followed and a lack of protected crossing. Demand that those in charge take measures to protect horses and their riders.

Beloved Dog Shot in Fenced-in Yard Deserves Justice

Mack Man, a beloved family bulldog, died after he was shot in his own fenced-in backyard. The person responsible is still at large and likely a danger to other animals. Demand they be found and punished.

Protect Platypuses From Extinction Due to Climate Change

The platypus population has decreased by almost half due to the effects of climate change and human encroachment. Despite this, their conservation status remains at “near threatened.” Demand that those in charge take a proactive response to save this species before it is too late.

Dog Reportedly Thrown Into Icy Lake Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly thrown into an ice-covered lake three times for the amusement of two men. The poor animal seemingly broke through the ice after a rough landing and swam through chilling waters to safety. Demand justice for this innocent dog.

Stop Dog Poisoner Who is Terrorizing Neighborhood

One dog has died under suspicious circumstances and at least 11 more local pets have suffered symptoms similar to poisoning. Now, an anonymous letter threatened to poison another dog for barking. Demand that the person behind this letter, and possibly the death and suffering of this neighborhood’s animals, is punished harshly.

Protect Pets From Convicted Animal Cruelty Offenders

Dogs, cats, and other domesticated animals can still be placed with convicted animal cruelty offenders, putting their health and wellbeing at risk. One state has a plan to change this cruel practice by banning offenders from owning pets for at least two years after conviction. Demand that lawmakers support this plan and protect those most vulnerable.

Dog Reportedly Gunned Down By Secret Service Agent Deserves Justice

A beloved family dog was reportedly shot and killed by an off-duty Secret Service agent. Demand action in the wake of this needless death to ensure no more tragedies like it ever happen again.

Shut Down Farm That Allegedly Tortures Ducks

Ducks are reportedly thrown by their necks, subjected to days of constant artificial lighting, and denied access to open water at one duck farm. Injured ducklings allegedly cried out in pain for up to 15 hours without attention. Demand the immediate shut down and investigation of this seemingly horrific farm.

Dog With Chain Reportedly Embedded in Neck Deserves Justice

A dog was reportedly tied up outside for so long that the chain embedded into her neck. Four puppies also seemingly suffered starvation and neglect at the hands of the same suspect, leading to one of their deaths. Demand justice for these innocent animals.

Dog Reportedly Tied to Rock And Dumped in River Deserves Justice

Bella the Belgian shepherd was reportedly tied to a heavy rock and dumped in a river. If not for the efforts of one good Samaritan, she likely would have drowned. Demand justice for Bella.

End Rash of Poaching That Killed Hundreds of Trophy Animals

Poaching has dramatically increased in Utah, with trophy animals dying by the hundreds. Despite this trend, detection and enforcement of this illegal activity has decreased. Demand stricter penalties and enforcement in order to prevent further mass slaughter.

Success: Cruel Wildlife Killing Contests Banned

Wild animals will no longer be hunted as part of promotional or profit-driven incentives, thanks to the recent ban on wildlife killing contests. These privately sponsored contests offered cash prizes or incentives to the so-called hunters who brought in the largest prey. Thank those who took a stand for animal rights.

Punish Police Officer Who Reportedly Kicked K9 Partner

A trained police dog was seemingly abused by an officer following an arrest. Video footage reportedly showed the handler kicking the K9 once in the side while in transition back to their car. Demand that this officer face consequences for this alleged cruelty.

Success: Endangered Kakapo’s Population Increased Through Conservation  

The endangered kakapo has experienced a population increase due to multiple targeted conservation programs. Scientists have implemented captive breeding programs to help these struggling birds and tracking efforts to ensure their health and safety. Thank those who have dedicated their time and effort to saving this species.

Pregnant Turtle Reportedly Slaughtered for Meat Deserves Justice

A helpless leatherback turtle was reportedly hunted down and killed for her meat while about to lay eggs. Her remains were then apparently sold on the black market for profit. Demand justice for this endangered animal.

Save Endangered Lemur With Calculated Reforestation

The red ruffed lemur will soon be extinct due to deforestation and human activity. While those in power have pledged to reforest its habitat, an effective and scientifically approved plan has yet to be put into place. Demand that leaders take a collaborative approach with conservationists to restore this habitat and save this species.

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