Articles written by: Isabella Skovira

Demand Justice for Dog Found with Metal Collar Embedded in Neck

A dog was found wandering a service road by two hikers and turned into the local British Columbia SPCA branch. There, the dog had to receive treatment for injuries resulting from a metal chain being tied so tightly around his neck that it was embedded in his flesh. Sign this petition to seek justice for this dog.

Ban Online Gamer Who Publicly Admitted to Killing a Dog

A popular online gamer recently admitted to killing a dog on purpose while she worked as a veterinary technician. Simone Scott, known online as “Aqua,” made this admission on the platform Twitch, which is owned by Amazon. Sign this petition to urge Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, to ban Scott from the platform.

Applaud Rent the Runway for Eliminating Fur Products from Inventory

Rent the Runway, a fashion brand that allows customers to rent designer pieces, recently made the decision to stop carrying products with fur. Sign this petition to applaud the company’s compassionate decision.

Urge Lead Actor in Film Accused of Animal Abuse to Donate Salary

While filming the Chinese science fiction movie ‘Crazy Alien,’ a crew member came forward to PETA with video and a statement of alleged animal abuse. Some scenes reportedly involved a dog being caged, thrown, and submerged in water. Sign this petition to urge the lead actor, Matthew Morrison, to donate a portion of his salary from ‘Crazy Alien’ to animal rights charities.

Trump: Reinstate Trophy Ban on Elephant Parts

The Trump administration recently lifted a ban on elephant trophies, allowing trophies to be imported into the United States on a case-by-case basis. This directly contradicts Trump’s previously stated personal views on the ‘horror show’ of big game hunting. Sign this petition to urge Trump to reinstate the ban to protect elephants from big game hunters.

Ban YouTuber Who Filmed Himself Tasering Rats

Logan Paul, a video blogger who was recently temporarily banned from YouTube for posting footage of himself interacting with and joking about the corpse of a hanged man, has returned to posting on the site. He has recently posted videos of himself tasering rats. Sign this petition to urge YouTube to ban Paul.

Justice for Golden Eagle Killed and Dumped at Sea

A golden eagle that was well tracked and well loved by environmentalists was found killed and dumped into the ocean off the coast of Edinburgh. Golden eagles are a protected species and to kill one is illegal. Sign this petition to urge the Scotland Police to investigate this suspicious death.

Save Starving Polar Bears

Polar bears have a faster metabolism than previously believed, and without proper nutrition are starving and heading towards extinction more rapidly than expected. Sign this petition to urge Donald Trump to instate policies that combat climate change and protect these animals.

Stop Subjecting Horses to Violent, Raging Crowds

A deranged Eagles fan reportedly attacked a police horse outside of a recent football game, punching the animal in the mouth. This was the second recorded instance of assault to a police horse in two weeks. Sign this petition to urge police forces to discontinue the use of mounted units at crowded events like sport games.

Prohibit the Cruel Practice of Dyeing Pet Fur with Human Hair Dye

A dog in Florida almost died after her owner reportedly attempted to dye her hair using human hair dye. The dog reportedly suffered burns all over her body and intense swelling. Sign this petition to urge lawmakers to prohibit the dyeing of pet fur and hair.

Prevent Senseless Animal Shooting by Licensing Air Guns

Beloved animals are being killed or horrifically injured by air guns, dangerous weapons that can be legally owned without a license. Sign this petition to urge the UK government to pass laws regulating ownership of air guns.

Prosecute Man Who Reportedly Forced Badgers and Dogs to Fight to the Death

Badgers and dogs were reportedly made to fight to the death in the illegal practice of badger baiting, which allegedly took place on the property of David Thomas. Sign this petition to urge judges at the Llandudno Magistrates Court to prosecute Thomas to the full extent of the law at his trial in February.

Demand Mental Health Evaluations for Animal Abusers

Dogs purchased off Craigslist were allegedly used for ‘target practice’ by the Sutherland Springs shooter. Experts agree that animal cruelty is an indicator for other forms of violence, like violence against humans. Sign this petition to demand that people found guilty of animal cruelty undergo mental health evaluations.

End Diesel Emissions Testing on Monkeys

Volkswagen conducted research that involved exposing monkeys to diesel emissions for a four hour period, depriving the animals of fresh air. Afterward, the monkeys were examined for inflammation and samples of their lung tissue were harvested for research. Sign this petition to urge Volkswagen to stop this research.

Protect Badgers from Senseless Unregulated Killing

20,000 badgers are to be killed in the U.K., in a misguided attempt to prevent bovine tuberculosis. Some districts are considering suspending protection laws, which would allow anyone to kill badgers. Sign this petition to urge local police forces to uphold laws that protect badgers from the general public.

Stop Plastic Pollution from Killing Coral Reefs

A staggering 89% of corals experience disease when exposed to plastic pollution, versus 4% under regular conditions. Sign this petition to urge world leaders to reduce plastic waste that causes the death of coral reefs.

Save Greyhounds from Illegal Racing and Death

Greyhounds are reportedly being severely mistreated at a racetrack in Macau, China, where animal rights groups say they are left with untreated skin conditions and injuries in a concrete compound. This track will close in July, and without government intervention, the fate of these dogs is being sold into illegal racing in mainland China or death. Sign this petition to urge the government to turn these dogs over to animal welfare groups.

Applaud Tasmanian Campaign to Reduce Road Kill Animal Deaths

500,000 animals are killed on the roadways of Tasmania each year, ranking this nation as one of the worst for road kill animal deaths. Applaud Tasmania’s recent campaign to address this animal welfare issue and reduce the number of animal deaths.

Stop Barbaric Annual Slaughter of Pilot Whales

Every year, thousands of pilot whales are speared and dragged to shore by fishermen and slaughtered on the beaches. Some of the whales are left to rot. Sign this petition to demand a ban on whaling in the Faroe Islands

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