Articles written by: Bethann Parmelee

Stop Invasive Species from Destroying Countless Rare Ecosystems

Invasive Cuban treefrogs are gaining ground in the continental U.S. and displacing native species. Sign the petition to support action to limit the spread of this invasive species.

Stop Cruel Dolphin Hunting Practices

The Amazon river dolphin is quickly disappearing due to the cruel hunting of these animals for use as bait in commercial fishing operations. Sign the petition to demand the current temporary hunting ban be extended indefinitely.

Protect Loggerhead Turtles from Microplastic Pollution

Microplastic pollution on the beaches along the Gulf of Mexico is threatening loggerhead turtle hatchlings. Sign the petition to urge Florida’s governor to enact a stricter microbead ban.

Protect African Forest Elephants from Extinction

Endangered species could go extinct as the Trump administration continues to cut funding for international conservation efforts. Sign the petition to encourage Congress to continue these programs abroad, the loss of which could affect us here at home.

Stop Underwater Noise Pollution From Harming Marine Life

Whales and other marine animals are being bombarded with noise from ship traffic and oil exploration, compromising their survival. Sign the petition to mobilize the National Marine Fisheries Service to protect marine life from this underwater noise pollution.

End the Siege Against Endangered Pollinators

Wild pollinators are under siege by human actions such as pesticide use, monoculture farming, and changes in land cover. Sign the petition to encourage the USDA to implement broad conservation efforts to save these important species.

Ban Stores From Selling Abused Puppy Mill Animals

Dogs and cats are being raised in filthy, unsafe commercial breeding operations and sold in retail pet stores. Sign the petition to encourage New York lawmakers to ban this practice.

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