Articles written by: Alex Guay

Applaud Amusement Park for Ending Elephant Rides

elephant-guido-da-rozze-1An amusement park recently decided to no longer offer elephant rides to its visitors. This is great news considering elephants in captivity face many hardships including injury and disease. Sign this petition and thank the park for making the compassionate change.

Applaud New Ban on Sea Turtle Hunting

turtle-carey-de-conchaOver 40,000 sea turtles are killed each year despite being an endangered species. Thankfully, one nation took it upon themselves to help and protect these gentle, unique animals. Sign this petition and thank the nation for protecting sea turtles before it is too late.

Permanently Relocate Polar Bear Stuck in Mall

saddest-polar-bear-animals-asiaThe world’s saddest polar bear has recently been temporarily relocated from his concrete pit at a mall. The lack of sunlight and social interaction has caused this bear to showcase some extreme stress behaviors including violent head swinging and excessive pacing. Sign this petition and demand that this polar bear be permanently relocated to an accredited sanctuary.

Demand Company Stop Using Down Feathers

duck-brandon-weeksA popular clothing company continues to use down feathers despite knowing the horrors ducks used for down face. Every six weeks, the ducks have their delicate feathers plucked from their skin, without the use of any pain killers. Sign this petition and demand the company stop using down feathers in its products.

Thank Rescuers for Saving Orangutan Tied to Tree

orangutan-kabir-bakieAn orangutan was recently rescued from the black market and brought to safety. Rescuers acted quickly and were able to save the orangutan before it was too late. Sign this petition and thank the organization for all it does in helping these extraordinary animals.

Stop Needless Slaughter of Innocent Sheep

sheep-publicdomainpicturesA business plans on hosting a slaughter class and killing an innocent sheep in front of a crowd. The instructor has gained this animal’s trust and then will drastically cut his life short all for a class. Sign this petition and demand the class is canceled and the sheep’s life is spared.

Applaud State for Improving the Lives of Farm Animals

cows-guilhermedentistaFarm animals across the nation are forced to live in cages so small they are unable to turn around or fully stand. These basic rights have been denied to animals for years. Thankfully, Massachusetts recently banned extreme confinement of farm animals. Sign this petition and thank the state for ending this terrible abuse.

Applaud Ban Against Cruel Tail Docking

tail-docking-braque-francaisTail docking, a cruel and senseless act where an animal’s tail is cut off without the use of pain killers, has been banned in British Columbia. Sign this petition to thank the province for making the compassionate choice and banning this cruel procedure, which will help save dogs, horses and cattle from needless suffering.

Reinstate Ban on Cruel Traps

foothold-trap-animal-welfare-instituteSteel foothold traps, a cruel tool that slams down onto animals’ paws and prevents them from being able to escape, have been legalized after a 30-year ban. Sign this petition to demand that officials reinstate the ban against this cruel torture device.

Keep Ban on Cruel Rodeo Event

rodeo-turismo-bahiaA cruel rodeo event where a bull is chased and pinned between two men on horseback could soon be re-started in Brazil. Fatal injuries are common, but a strong lobby is trying to convince officials to allow the event for cultural reasons. Sign this petition to encourage officials to keep the current ban on this savage rodeo.

Success: Designer Stops Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

rabbits-worm-that-turnedA designer has finally decided to end her use of fur in her apparel products. The fur industry is notorious for treating its animals terribly and forcing them to live in atrocious conditions. Sign this petition and thank the designer for ending her use of fur.

Demand Cruel Circus Retire Its Elephants

elephant-training-petaElephants continue to be exploited for profit by a popular circus, despite documented acts of animal cruelty. The circus carts these animals from state to state and forces them to perform tricks in front of large, loud crowds. Sign this petition and demand the circus retire all its elephants to accredited sanctuaries.

Release Suffering Jaguar Doomed to Live in Tiny Cage

jaguar-cburnettA lone jaguar paces back and forth in a cage no bigger than the average living room. Demand that the aquarium holding him captive retire him to an accredited sanctuary.

Success: State Bans All Elephant Circus Acts

elephant-mister-eAcross the nation, many elephants are imprisoned within the entertainment industry and forced to perform tricks and give rides. New Jersey has now become the first state to ban all circus acts that use elephants. Sign this petition to thank the New Jersey Senate for passing this law.

Stop Selling Fur Cruelly Ripped Off Angora Rabbits

angora-oldhausA popular retailer continues to sell products that contain angora fur despite knowing the fur comes from the bodies of tortured rabbits. Every three months, these rabbits are held down and have their fur ripped out. Sign this petition to demand the retailer stop selling products containing angora fur.

Stop Selling Shots Containing Live Fish

bonytail chub or bonytail Gila elegans cyprinid freshwater fishA bar is offering shots that contain live fish. Not only is this incredibly inhumane, but it is also potentially dangerous for the people consuming the shots. A bar is offering shots that contain live fish. Not only is this incredibly inhumane, but it is also potentially dangerous for the people consuming the shots. Demand an end to this horrifically cruel marketing stunt.

Australian Designer Must Stop Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

fur-farm-flavio-brandaniCountless animals are tortured and killed every day for their fur. Sign this petition and demand a major Australian designer, Ellery, stop using fur and supporting this horrific industry.

Success: University Cancels Puppy Raffle

goldendoodle-godsgirl_madiA university was planning on raffling off a goldendoodle puppy to a random “winner.” Dogs are a huge responsibility and commitment. Thankfully, after hearing from the concerned public, the university decided to cancel this raffle. Sign this petition and thank the university for making the compassionate choice.

Demand University Cancel Puppy Raffle

goldendoodle-godsgirl_madiA university is planning on hosting a puppy raffle where the winner will receive a mini goldendoodle puppy. Giving a puppy away to a random person does not guarantee the dog will be in a good home or have a happy life. Demand the university cancel this irresponsible raffle and replace it with something more humane.

Stop Selling Highly Social Marsupials Into Cruel Captivity

sugar-glider-missy-autumnSugar gliders—small, nocturnal marsupials that enjoy living in large social groups and playing in the trees—will soon be sold as pets at a state fair. Sadly, sugar gliders in captivity are often handled improperly and forced to live alone in small cages. Demand the fair cancel its plans to host the company that sells these animals into an unnatural life in captivity.

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