Articles written by: Alex Guay

Stop Abusing Chimpanzees for Greeting Cards

chimp-hans-hillewaertCaptive chimpanzees, who endure a lifetime of pain and suffering for the entertainment of humans, have been featured on many cards by American Greetings. These chimpanzees are housed in a facility that has allegedly failed to provide them with basic necessities, such as clean cages and proper nourishment. Demand American Greetings stop selling cards that feature captive chimpanzees and help put an end to this cruel captivity.

Don’t Kill Off Mountain Lions and Bears

mountain-lion-california-department-of-fish-and-gameMountain lions and bears are at risk of being mercilessly slaughtered in Colorado, all in a misguided attempt to increase the deer population. Killing off these innocent animals could actually lead to even more problems in the future. Sign this petition and demand the state rethink this controversial plan.

Don’t Let SeaWorld’s Cruelty Go International

seaworld-michael-lowinSeaWorld, infamous for keeping orcas and dolphins imprisoned in captivity, is planning an international expansion. Stop SeaWorld from dooming more animals to a life of suffering.

Stop Abusing Chimpanzees for Advertising

chimpanzee-chi-kingA chimpanzee trapped in the cruel entertainment industry recently appeared in a company’s ad. Chimps like this one are often exploited and subjected to years of physical and psychological abuse before they are discarded and left alone in a cage. Sign this petition and demand the company no longer use chimpanzees in its ads.

Demand University Stop Experimenting on Innocent Dogs

dog-alexas_fotosInnocent dogs have allegedly been suffering from tests and experiments for 30 years in a university laboratory researching muscular dystrophy. Decades of research has yet to yield a treatment or cure for the disease, while these dogs reportedly suffer alone in barren cages. Sign this petition to demand that the university shut down this cruel lab immediately.

Demand Major Retailer Stop Selling Fur

fur-farm-flavio-brandaniA major fashion retailer continues to sell fur despite the horrors of the fur industry. Animals held on fur farms are subjected to unnecessary pain and fear everyday and are then crudely killed for their coats. Sign this petition to demand that this retailer stop supporting the cruel fur industry.

Praise Company for No Longer Selling Fur

fox-john-leffmannA major company has decided to end its support of the cruel fur industry and no longer sell fur in any of its stores or online. This groundbreaking decision will spare thousands of animals from unnecessary pain and death. Sign this petition and thank the company for joining the fight against fur.

Rescue Corky, the Longest-Held Captive Orca in History

seaworld-loadmasterCorky the orca has been trapped in captivity for over 47 years. She is the longest-held captive orca in history and it is time for her to be brought to an accredited sanctuary. Demand that she be released to a more natural life where she can swim in the ocean and live among friends.

Demand Travel Agency Cut Ties with SeaWorld

seaworld-david-r-tribbleA popular travel agency continues to sell tickets to SeaWorld despite hearing of all the atrocities that happen at this amusement park. Captivity is severely detrimental to the animals’ physical and mental well-being. Sign this petition to demand the agency cut ties with this cruel company.

Demand Company Stop Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

mink-fur-oikeutta-elaimilleCountless animals are tortured and killed for their fur every day. There are many cruelty-free materials available and this unnecessary torture should not go on any longer. Sign this petition and demand Dior stop using fur in its products.

Reinstate Ban on Cruel Foie Gras

foie-gras-gaia-global-action-in-the-interest-of-animalsGeese and ducks used for foie gras, also known as fattened liver, have a pipe shoved down their throats and are force fed three to four times a day. These animals’ lives are filled with fear and pain. Sign this petition and demand California reinstate its foie gras ban.

Demand Airline Stop Using Wool in Its Uniforms

sheep-publicdomainpicturesA major airline recently decided to switch its employees’ uniforms to a wool fabric. Not only does wool come from the bodies of tortured sheep, but the wool has been causing many irritations including burning skin and rashes among airline employees. Sign this petition to demand the airline switch to a cruelty-free material.

Don’t Allow Cruel Bowhunting of Deer Population

deer-jks-lolaAn agency allows bowhunting on its properties as a means of population control. Not only is this method ineffective, but it is extremely cruel. Bowhunting often injures animals and kills them slowly. Sign this petition and demand that the agency no longer allow bowhunting on its properties.

Praise Organization for Helping Shut Down Last Fur Farm

mink-tsaiprojectAn animal rights organization worked diligently and was a key component in shutting down Japan’s last fur farm. Animals trapped on fur farms face misery and pain daily just for their coats. Sign this petition and thank the organization for all its hard work in shutting down the last fur farm.

Stop Overseas Imports of Fur

mink-fur-oikeutta-elaimilleDespite closing its last fur farm, Japan continues to import over a million furs from overseas. Animals held on fur farms live short, miserable lives that are filled with fear and pain. Sign this petition and demand Japan stop importing furs.

Rescue Primates Reportedly Imprisoned in Filthy, Small Cages Facility

Extreme neglect and animal abuse have been reported by eyewitnesses from inside an ape holding facility. The primates are reportedly stuck in dirty cages with little to no physical and mental stimulus. Demand the USDA shut down this facility and relocate the primates to accredited sanctuaries.

Stop Hacking Up Live Animals at Restaurants

octopus-dr-dwayne-meadowsAt many restaurants, live octopuses are being cut up alive and served. Customers watch as an octopus is held down and has each of his sensitive tentacles hacked off. Sign this petition and demand lawmakers protect animals and ban restaurants from preparing animals alive.

Stop Supporting Cruel Fur Industry

oikeutta-elaimille-fur-farmEvery day, countless animals are tortured and killed for their fur. Sign this petition and demand the high fashion designer, Gucci, stop supporting this cruel industry and end the use of fur in its products.

Stop Cutting Up and Cooking Live Animals

octopus-pseudopanaxChefs cut up and prepare a struggling octopus while the animal is still alive at popular restaurants. A crowd watches as the octopus is held down and has each sensitive limb cut off one by one. Save more animals from this cruel fate.

Demand Company Stop Using Down

down-goose-fred-leviezA popular clothing and outdoor gear company uses down in many of its products despite knowing the horrors geese used for down face. Every six weeks, geese are live plucked without the use of any pain killers. Sign this petition and demand the company stop using down feathers in its products.

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