Articles written by: Alex Guay

Demand Venue Cancel Cruel Bear Show

A venue is planning on hosting a traveling bear show despite the show’s negative reputation. The leader of this show has been cited multiple times by the USDA and has put his bears and the audience in danger. Sign this petition and demand the venue cancel plans with this cruel show.

Cancel Appearance of Allegedly Abused Circus Elephants

A circus accused of brutally abusing elephants and other animals could soon be hosted at a prominent venue. The circus works with trainers that have reportedly been caught on tape beating their animals. Sign this petition and demand the cancellation of this circus act.

Praise City For Banning Sale of Commercially-Bred Animals in Pet Stores

A city has put a ban on all pet stores selling commercially bred animals — instead, the stores will now feature rescue animals. This new law takes business away from large scale breeding operations like puppy mills, and will help lower the number of animals euthanized due to lack of resources and space. Sign this petition to praise the city for making the compassionate change.

Famous Designer Must Stop Using Fur

Animals held on fur farms are often exploited, neglected and abused, but this hasn’t stopped a famous designer from continuing to use fur on its products. Sign this petition and demand that Michael Kors stop supporting the cruel fur trade and no longer use fur on its products.

Save Dolphins Trapped in Small, Chlorinated Tanks

Several dolphins are trapped in small tanks where they reportedly cannot even open their eyes due to heavy chlorination. Demand that these incredibly sensitive and intelligent animals are moved to a sea pen or an accredited sanctuary immediately.

Stop Slaughtering and Exporting Horses for Human Consumption

Horses are still subjected to slaughter for human consumption in the United States. Furthermore thousands of horses are shipped from the U.S. to other countries for consumption every year. Sign this petition to demand that a proposed bill is approved that bans the consumption of horse meat and the export of horses for consumption.

Stop Using Animals as Live Props for Entertainment

Reindeer were forced to perform as live props at a business association’s recent event. Animals used in the entertainment industry are often confined to small cages and are carted around from city to city. This is not the life nature intended. Sign this petition and demand the company stop using live animals at events.

Demand Sea Park Release Lone Dolphin to Sanctuary

A lone false killer whale is reportedly being held in a small, dirty tank at a marine park. She was stolen from the wild, used for research and is now left isolated in a cramped space. Sign this petition and demand she is retired to an accredited seaside sanctuary.

Stop Yanking Feathers Off Live Ducks to Decorate Pillows

A popular furniture company continues to sell down products despite knowing the horrors ducks trapped in the down industry face. Every six weeks, ducks have their feathers plucked out while still conscious and without the use of any painkillers. Sign this petition to demand that the company stop selling all down products.

Stop Torturous Animal Transportation Methods

Animals in the meat, dairy and egg industry are in jeopardy by a proposed change in animal transport regulations, which are already very loose. Most animals would be allowed to go without food, water and rest for over 24 hours. Sign this petition to demand that stricter regulations are put in place when it comes to animal transport.

Baby Seal Beaten to Death in Video – Demand Justice

A baby seal is shown being brutally beaten by three men in a video. You can hear the men laughing as the poor animal suffers. Demand that the men accused of appearing in the video are punished.

Permanently Ban Dangerous Fishing Net Killing Endangered Porpoises

An endangered porpoise species, which only has 30 individuals left in the world, faces extinction by a lift on a temporary ban on gillnets. A gillnet, a vertical wall of net catching fish by the gills, is the leading cause of death for this porpoise species. We must act now to permanently ban gillnets in order to save this endangered porpoise.

Stop U.S. from Dropping Bombs in Ocean

The U.S. Air Force plans on dropping 100 bombs a year for five years off the coasts of Hawaii. This could severely injure over 300 species of marine creatures, and cause damage to the entire ecosystem. Sign this petition and demand the Air Force reconsider bombing these vulnerable and precious waters.

Cancel Cruel Bear Show

A venue is planning on hosting a cruel bear show despite knowing the company’s questionable history. The leader of this show has been cited multiple times by the USDA and has allegedly put the bears and the public in danger. Sign this petition to demand the venue cancel its plans with this company.

Demand University Cancel Cruel Circus Show

A university is planning on hosting a circus notorious for its alleged animal abuse and neglect. The circus works with several people who have been cited by the USDA and has even had animals escape on them. Sign this petition and demand the university cancel its plans with this cruel circus.

Demand Department Store Stop Selling Fur

A popular department store continues to sell fur products despite knowing fur comes from the tortured bodies of dead animals. Animals on fur farms face new horrors each day and their lives are cut dramatically short. Sign this petition to demand the company stop selling fur products.

Praise Military for Sparing Animals’ Lives

The U.S. military has ended its use of animals in an aspect of training. This will spare countless lives from unnecessary pain, torture and death. Sign this petition and thank the military for sparing these animals’ lives, and encourage them to make further changes throughout the system.

Baby Dolphin Died While Tourists Took Selfies–Demand Justice

A baby dolphin died, allegedly because tourists pulled it out of the water and let it roast in the sun while they took pictures. Demand that the people responsible for this cruelty be found and held accountable.

Demand Army Fort Spare Goats’ Lives

A military base could soon mutilate, torture and kill goats as part of trauma practice. This could be avoided if the base began using human simulators, which are not only the more compassionate choice, but are also more effective and cost efficient. Sign this petition to demand the base spare these goats from unnecessary pain and death.

Praise Norway for Ending Seal Slaughter

For centuries Norway has hunted seals for profit. However, this is the first year not a single Norwegian boat set sail to shoot or club seals. Sign this petition and thank Norway for no longer supporting this cruel practice.

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