Articles written by: Alex Guay

Stop Shipment of Wild Elephants to U.S. Zoos

Elephant Michael NicholsEighteen elephants will be taken from the wild in Africa to zoos in the U.S. This move will take elephants away from their homes and force them into a lifetime of confinement. Instead of zoos, demand that these 18 elephants are moved to accredited sanctuaries that are similar to their natural habitat.

Tell Ringling Bros. Circus to Retire All Animals

Tigers Patti FrazerIn 2014, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced they would be retiring all elephant acts. However, there are still countless animals being forced to perform unnatural acts in front of large, jeering crowds. Sign this petition to demand Ringling Bros. retire all their animals and move them to sanctuaries.

Tell Guess To Stop Using Angora Fur

Angora PETAGuess, a major clothing retailer, continues to use angora fur despite knowing the cruelty that is needed in order to obtain it. Rabbits have their fur ripped from their skin or are strapped down to be sheared. Sign this petition and demand Guess ends its use of angora fur.

Demand Siegfried and Roy Stop Breeding Animals

Siegfried & Roy are two German-American former entertainers who became known for their appearances with white lions and tigers.
From 1990 until an injury ended their stage careers on October 3, 2003, the duo formed the show "Siegfried & Roy At The Mirage", which was regarded as the most-visited show in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The magic word of the duo was "SARMOTI" (Siegfried And Roy, Masters Of The Impossible"). This image was taken of Siegfried & Roy and their white lion in their private apartment in Las Vegas.The famous entertainers Siegfried and Roy have allegedly been over-breeding and inbreeding their large cats for years. Inbreeding and over-breeding causes deformities, injuries and even death. Sign this petition and demand the USDA bans the duo from breeding anymore animals.

Success: Dog Saved From Mud Hole

Noah Jeff MillerA neglected dog is getting a second chance at life after being saved from the barren mud pit he was confined to. Sign this petition and thank the local police department for taking this matter so seriously and for saving the dog.

Save Dog From Barren Mud Hole

Dog Deb TodescoA dog has reportedly been confined to a small, barren mud pit without adequate shelter from rain or snow. His owners allegedly neglect him and feed him by throwing dry food over the fence to scatter in the mud. Sign this petition and demand the local police department save the dog from his neglectful owners.

Don’t Send Monkeys to Space

Space Animal PlanetRussia is training four monkeys to go to Mars in 2017. These monkeys are now being subjected to countless stressful experiments to make a trip they will most likely not survive. Sign this petition and demand that these monkeys be sent to a sanctuary rather than to space.

Justice for Dogs Forced into Dogfighting Ring

Dog Oakland County Sheriff's DeptA brutal dogfighting ring was busted where five dogs and multiple puppies were found. Sign this petition and demand that a thorough investigation takes place and that the appropriate action is taken against those responsible.

Success: Ringling Bros. Will Retire Elephants Earlier Than Planned

Ringling Elise AmendolaIn 2015, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that they would be retiring all their elephants in 2018. However, the plan has changed and now all the elephants will be retired in May 2016. Sign this petition and thank Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for recognizing that these highly intelligent animals deserve happiness sooner rather than later.

Tell Boxer to Bring Tiger to Sanctuary

Floyd Mayweather Jr in Las Vegas for a fight described by Sugar Ray Leonard as 'about history'A famous boxer recently received a tiger as a gift and plans on keeping her as a pet. A human’s house is no place for a wild tiger. Sign this petition and demand the boxer bring the tiger to an accredited sanctuary.

Free Captive Elephant From Cruel Isolation

Lucky San Antonio Express-NewsLucky the elephant has been kept in isolation since 2013. Elephants are extremely intelligent, curious and social animals who form deep family bonds. Demand that the zoo where Lucky is imprisoned move her to a reputable sanctuary with other elephants.

Praise Woman for Saving Stray Animals

AATS Mike BroznaResidents of a town in Mexico used to shoot stray cats and dogs as a form of population control. Thankfully, one woman changed all that by establishing free spay and neuter clinics. Praise the woman’s efforts to save the lives of countless animals.

Praise Activists Who Freed Chained Elephant

Thong Bai Lek ChailertAn elephant has been stuck in chains for over four decades. Thanks to a team of activists, the elephant now lives without chains and in a sanctuary specifically for elephants that have only known captivity. Sign this letter and thank the activists for all their hard work in freeing the elephant.

Rescue Tiger Caged at Truck Stop

Tony Tiger Big Cat RescueTony the Siberian tiger has been locked in a cage at a roadside truck stop for 13 years. He has suffered physically and mentally and deserves a chance at a better life. Demand authorities rescue Tony the tiger.

Support Ban on Exploiting Animals for Entertainment

Tiger Sergey PetrovHawaii’s Department of Agriculture unanimously voted to end the import of “wild animals for … public entertainment shows such as circuses, carnivals and state fairs.” Sign this petition and thank Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture for their support in ending the use of animals in entertainment.

Tell Sesame Street to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

Orca PETAThe popular children’s show Sesame Street still promotes SeaWorld despite all the atrocities that happen at the park. Sign this petition and demand the show stop promoting SeaWorld and teaching children that it is okay to imprison animals for human entertainment.

Applaud Efforts to Help Abused Circus Elephant

Nosey PETAMembers of Congress have been fighting hard to give an abused circus elephant a life out of the industry. Despite being brushed off by the USDA, a Congressman refuses to be silent on the issue. Sign this petition and applaud Congress’ efforts to help this suffering circus elephant.

Tell Home Decor Company to Stop Using Inhumane Down

Birds Friedrich MullnDown is typically obtained by ripping handfuls of feathers from birds’ bodies all while the animals are fully conscious. However, a major home decor company still uses this inhumane material for many products. Demand the company start using synthetic materials instead.

Rescue Hanako the Elephant From Concrete Cell

Hanako Ulara NakagawaA lonely elephant has been trapped in a barren, concrete cage for the past 61 years, with little to no contact with other elephants. She is suffering mentally and physically. Take action now to move her to a reputable sanctuary.

Applaud Racetrack Owners for Closing Track

Horse Chris Kelly HurdThe last racetrack in Virginia with a license for betting has been closed down. Thank the owners of the racetrack for shutting down the track and re-purposing the land for something that does not cause innocent horses to suffer.

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