Articles written by: Alex Guay

Praise Armani for Ditching Fur

Armani BrenderSignatureArmani has announced it will no longer be using fur for any of its products. This is amazing news coming from such an iconic label. Sign this petition and thank Armani for deciding to use alternative, cruelty-free materials.

Urge Country Club to Stop Raccoon Slaughter

Raccoons garyjwoodA country club has allegedly hired an exterminator to kill a large group of raccoons living on the grounds. Not only is this method inhumane, but it is also ineffective. Sign this petition and urge the country club to use more humane and effective forms of animal control.

Don’t Put Immoral Trainer Into the Horse Racing Hall of Fame

Asmussen Billy HathornA racehorse trainer who was found giving copious amounts of medication to increase his horses’ performances and mask their pain is nominated to be inducted into the Horse Racing Hall of Fame. Sign this petition and demand his nomination be withdrawn.

Stop Torturing Rabbits for Fashion

Angora rabbit by Weißes SatinangoraAngora fur is obtained by shearing or ripping the fur from angora rabbits every three months. The ordeal is terrifying and painful for the innocent rabbits. Demand that retailers stop selling products containing fur.

Success: SeaWorld Will Never Again Breed Orcas

Orcas Robert PittmanSeaWorld has stated that all of its parks will end the captive breeding program. This means that the current generation of orcas at SeaWorld will be the last. Sign this petition and thank the Humane Society of the United States for all the hard work it has put into making this idea a reality.

Praise Switzerland for Ending Sale of Cosmetics Tested on Animals

Switzerland HansSwitzerland has issued a ban on the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. This is a great step forward for animal rights. Sign this petition and thank officials for implementing this ban.

Stop Annual Stingray Massacre

Stingray Georgia AquariumEvery year, countless stingrays are killed in Chesapeake Bay. The number of stingrays killed is never counted, and their lifeless bodies are thrown back into the bay when the competition is over. Sign this petition and demand the Maryland Department of Natural Resources end this barbaric slaughter.

Praise Rescuers Who Saved Trapped Leopard

Leopard Wildlife SOSA leopard fell into a 30-foot well while on the search for water. Wildlife SOS came to the rescue and was able to get the leopard out of the well, give her a quick vet check and then release her back into the wild. Sign this petition and thank Wildlife SOS for going above and beyond to help this leopard.

Take Cesar Millan Off the Air for Alleged Animal Abuse

Millan by TrueVisionsOfficialWell-known dog trainer Cesar Millan reportedly unleashed a dog nicknamed ‘pig slayer’ onto unsuspecting pigs, causing multiple injuries. Sign this petition to demand Cesar Millan be taken off the air for this irresponsible and foolish act.

Praise Ban on Commercially Bred Animals

Puppy by YardBoston has banned the sale of commercially bred dogs, cats, and rabbits in a move that will land a huge blow against the cruel puppy mill industry. Sign this petition to thank Boston for its efforts in helping to protect animals.

Stop Annual Duck Strangling Festival

Duck Brandon WeeksEach year, festivalgoers put small animals in pinatas and beat them to death and compete in a brawl to rip the heads off of ducks. Demand these savage events be put to an end.

Praise Country For Ending Year-Long Tests on Dogs

Beagle Trent RocheCanada has announced that it will be ending its mandatory year-long pesticide testing on dogs. Dogs were being forced to eat pesticide-laced foods or inhale pesticide fumes every day for a year to then be killed, dissected and studied. Thank Canada for ending these unnecessary and cruel tests.

Demand Whaling Company Stop Hunting

Fin Whales Janice WaiteA large whaling company has decided to call off this year’s whale hunt. Now 150 endangered fin whales’ lives will be spared. Sign this petition and demand that the company call off whale hunting indefinitely.

Stop Popular Christian Band From Performing at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Yathin S KrishnappaA popular Christian band is planning a performance at SeaWorld despite the park’s notorious reputation for animal cruelty. Demand that MercyMe remove its support from SeaWorld’s desperate attempt to increase attendance.

Protect Mangrove from Senseless Destruction

Mangrove RiandiA mangrove is being destroyed in order to build a shopping mall and condominiums. Mangroves are home to an abundance of different animals and are crucial elements in local ecosystems. Sign this petition and demand the unnecessary construction be put to an end.

Applaud Company’s Refusal to Finance Animal Cruelty

ING Paul SablemanA global financial services company has announced they will no longer fund many activities that harm and kill animals. This is a huge step forward for animal rights and many animals will be spared from unnecessary pain and death. Sign this petition and thank the company for standing up for animals.

Demand University Stop Abusing Rats

Rat Janet StephensA university in Texas is allegedly performing terrifying experiments on rats despite the existence of cruelty-free alternatives such as computer simulation. Demand that this needless experimentation on rats ends immediately.

Demand Company Stop Selling Ostrich Skin Bags

Ostriches AvenueA major international retailer sells bags made from the skin of ostriches. These ostriches are hit, have their feathers ripped out and then are killed all for a handbag. Sign this petition and demand Hermes end their production of ostrich skin bags.

Free Horse Stuck in Stall for Two Years

Magic Karen DuceyA 13-year-old horse has allegedly been stuck in his 10-by-10-foot stall for two years all alone. No animal should be forced to live in these conditions. Sign this petition and demand that Magic the horse be released from his stall.

Praise Officers for Saving Trapped Turtle

Turtle Linda MartinA group of officers found a leatherback turtle stuck in netting. The officers went out of their way to help this vulnerable species. Sign this petition and thank the officers for saving this turtle’s life.

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