Articles written by: Alex Guay

Praise Officers for Saving Trapped Turtle

Turtle Linda MartinA group of officers found a leatherback turtle stuck in netting. The officers went out of their way to help this vulnerable species. Sign this petition and thank the officers for saving this turtle’s life.

Success: Fashion Brand Stopped Using Angora Fur

Angora OldhausEvery three months, angora rabbits on fur farms have their fur plucked or sheared from their bodies in order to be used in clothing. Many retailers have decided to end the use of angora fur. Sign this letter and thank this international fashion brand for ending its use of angora fur.

Petland Must Stop Supporting Cruel Puppy Mills

Petland Fibonacci BluePetland is allegedly obtaining its dogs from puppy mills, despite many consumer complaints. Puppy mills are extremely traumatic and unsanitary places for dogs. Sign this petition and demand Petland stop buying dogs from puppy mills.

Stop Zoo from Allowing Public to Touch Hippos

Hippo Jon ConnellA zoo is allowing the public to touch hippopotamuses, including a mother and her baby. Hippopotamuses are aggressive animals and are responsible for more deaths in Africa than any other mammal. Sign this petition to demand that this program be put to an end for the safety of the public and the animals.

End Cruel Deer Trapping Program

Deer USDA by Scott BauerDeer are lured to a trap, pinned down and then have their antlers sawed off all while conscious as a means of population control in a Texas city. The deer are then thrown into a truck and head to slaughter. Sign this petition and demand the town employ more humane ways of population control.

Shut Down Inhumane Zoo

Zoo Grey WulfA roadside zoo was investigated by the USDA and issued $5,000 in fines due to neglect. Allegedly, animals were not given proper veterinary care when needed and were given no form of relief while in 100+ degree weather. Sign this petition and demand this roadside zoo be shut down and that the animals are sent to accredited sanctuaries.

GEICO Must Stop Using Chimpanzees in Ads

Chimp Hans HillewaertGEICO recently released a commercial featuring a chimpanzee “actor.” Chimpanzees in the entertainment industry are subjected to years of physical and psychological abuse before being discarded and spending the rest of their years confined. Sign this petition and demand GEICO no longer use chimpanzees in their ads.

Tell NBC to Stop Promoting Westminster Dog Show

Dog Pets AdviserEvery year, NBC airs the Westminster Dog Show, a showcase of purebred dogs that inspires many people to buy purebreds themselves. Purebred dogs are more likely to have hereditary problems and their sale contributes to the overcrowding of shelters and euthanasia of homeless dogs across the country. Sign this petition and demand NBC stop airing the Westminster Dog Show.

Close Exhibit Before More Elephants Die

Elephant 2 US Fish and Wildlife ServiceAn elephant passed away while under the care of the Oklahoma City Zoo. Their five remaining elephants are stuck behind bars for profit. Sign this petition and demand the zoo close its elephant exhibit and send the elephants to an accredited sanctuary.

Stop Contributing to Animal Torture By Using Angora Fur

Angora OldhausThe global clothing retailer Dynamite continues to use angora fur on their products despite the brutal process that must take place in order to obtain it. Every three months, rabbits are held down as their fur is sheared off or ripped from their skin. Sign this petition and demand Dynamite stop using angora fur.

Rescue Annette the Elephant From Isolation in Circus

Elephant US Fish and Wildlife ServiceAnnette the elephant has been all alone since the death of her friend years ago. She has been carted from state to state to entertain crowds in circuses by performing tricks or giving rides. Demand Annette be retired to an accredited sanctuary.

End Sale of Marsupials at State Fair

Sugar Glider Alessandro Di GraziaA company seeks to sell innocent sugar gliders, which are small, nocturnal marsupials, at a state fair. These animals belong in the wild and not in people’s homes. Sign this petition to end the sale of sugar gliders at Florida’s state fair.

End Cruel “Greased Pig on Ice” Event

Piglets_in_Cyprus[1]Young pigs could be cruelly chased and captured while trapped on an ice rink if a community holds its planned “Greased Pig on Ice” event. Sign this petition and demand this dangerous and unnecessary event be put to an end.

Stop Yellowstone’s Annual Bison Slaughter

Bison Daniel MayerEvery year, Yellowstone National Park slaughters hundreds of bison. This practice is unnecessary and cruel, and only done to calm the unfounded fears of cattle ranchers. Sign this petition and demand Yellowstone end this practice.

Don’t Let Ringling Retire Elephants to Its Own Cruel Facility

VietnamCircus[1]The good news is that Ringling Bros. is going to retire its elephants. The bad news is that they’re being sent to Ringling’s own center where they could be abused with bullhooks and electric prods. Demand Ringling Bros. send its elephants to an accredited sanctuary to live the life they deserve.

Let Ajax the Police Dog Retire With His Family

German Shepherd American Kennel ClubAjax the dog has served his police force for three years, but the department is denying him the chance to retire with the officer he was always loyal to. Demand that Ajax be kept with his rightful caregiver.

Relocate Neglected Animals from Zoo to Sanctuary

Bear Animals AsiaA new zoo located inside a mall confines numerous animals in small, barren, dark rooms with little to no enrichment. If nothing is done, these animals will never see sunlight again. Sign this petition and demand the animals be moved to an accredited sanctuary.

Demand Company Stop Using Fur and Down

Geese PETAA popular cold weather clothing retailer uses fur and down for many of its products. Fur and down come from the bodies of tortured animals. Sign this petition and tell Canada Goose it is time to stop the needless suffering and to start using cruelty-free alternatives.

Stop Using Monkeys in Ads

Monkey Marissa StrnisteHomeVestors of America has released a new commercial featuring a capuchin monkey. Monkeys used in the entertainment industry are deprived of everything natural to them including companionship, living environment and their natural diet. Demand HomeVestors stop using animals in their advertisements.

Justice for Tormented Fox

Fox RSPCAA group of teenagers allegedly chased, cornered and hit a fox for their own entertainment. The fox was found cowering in fear and covered in puncture wounds. Sign this petition and demand the people responsible for this crime face the proper punishment.

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