Articles written by: Alex Guay

Stop Using Animal Actors in Commercials

african_elephant_by_richard_towellA nonprofit recently released a commercial featuring a donkey and an elephant. The elephant comes from a company with a history of animal abuse accusations, including allegations that employees used electric prods and bullhooks on elephants. Sign this petition to demand that the organization no longer uses animal actors in its advertisements.

Stop Using Animals in Annual Circus Event

Circus DirkJan RanzijnA popular circus continues to use animal in its acts despite how unnatural and cruel it is. Animals in circuses are typically imprisoned, neglected, and beaten. Sign this petition and demand the circus retire all of its animal acts.

Praise Airline for Ending Transport of Laboratory Monkeys

Monkeys Pro-Test ItaliaAn airline announced that it will no longer be transporting monkeys used in laboratories. These monkeys used are typically imprisoned, mutilated and killed. Sign this petition and thank Air Transport Services Group for ending its transport of laboratory monkeys.

Success: Zookeeper Finally Charged With Animal Cruelty

An animal trainer and zookeeper was caught on tape whipping a tiger until the animal defecated in fear. After an investigation, this alleged animal abuser is now charged with five counts of animal cruelty. Sign this petition to thank all the efforts put forth to investigate this zookeeper and his alleged abuse toward animals.

Demand Mall Cancel Circus Show

A mall is planning on hosting UniverSoul Circus, which uses several animal acts. Unfortunately, the animals are abused and neglected for profit. Zebras have escaped and large cats have been crammed into small cages without any chance to exercise. Sign this petition and demand the mall cancel UniverSoul Circus’ performances.

Urge Magician to Cancel Show at SeaWorld

SeaWorld Michael LowinSeaWorld San Diego is putting together a magic show in order to increase attendance after losing money for getting a reputation as a place where animals are neglected, abused, and imprisoned. Sign this petition and demand the magician Michael Grasso cancel his show at SeaWorld.

Praise Rescuers for Saving Kitten Stuck in Tomb

Kitten Flavio LamasA kitten was trapped inside a large tomb at a cemetery in Brazil. Thankfully an animal rescue organization came to save him. Sign this petition and thank the rescuers for all the hard work they do in saving countless animals including this kitten.

Success: Country Club Stops Raccoon Slaughter

Raccoon Paxson WoelberA country club was planning on killing a large group of raccoons that lived on the grounds. After public outcry, the organization decided to use a more humane form of animal control. Sign this petition and thank the country club for its compassionate choice.

Success: Dynamite Ends Use of Angora Fur

Angora ClevernameA global clothing retailer has made the decision to stop supporting the cruel fur trade by banning the use of angora fur in its clothes. Sign this petition to thank Dynamite for making such a progressive decision.

Success: SeaWorld Will Never Again Breed Orcas

Orcas Robert PittmanSeaWorld has stated that all of its parks will end the captive breeding program. This means that the current generation of orcas at SeaWorld will be the last. Sign this petition and thank the Humane Society of the United States for all the hard work it has put into making this idea a reality.

Success: Fashion Brand Stopped Using Angora Fur

Angora OldhausEvery three months, angora rabbits on fur farms have their fur plucked or sheared from their bodies in order to be used in clothing. Many retailers have decided to end the use of angora fur. Sign this letter and thank this international fashion brand for ending its use of angora fur.

Success: Dog Saved From Mud Hole

Noah Jeff MillerA neglected dog is getting a second chance at life after being saved from the barren mud pit he was confined to. Sign this petition and thank the local police department for taking this matter so seriously and for saving the dog.

Success: Ringling Bros. Will Retire Elephants Earlier Than Planned

Ringling Elise AmendolaIn 2015, Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus announced that they would be retiring all their elephants in 2018. However, the plan has changed and now all the elephants will be retired in May 2016. Sign this petition and thank Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus for recognizing that these highly intelligent animals deserve happiness sooner rather than later.

Success: Kikkoman Ends Cruel Animal Testing

Kikkoman Richard MasonerThe popular soy sauce company, Kikkoman, has put an end to their cruel animal testing practices. Sign this letter and thank the company for listening to the public, being innovative, and sparing hundreds of lives from unnecessary pain and death.

Success: Government Agrees to Cut Bullfighting Funds

Bullfighting Fernando VergaraThousands of bulls are killed each year during barbaric bullfights that have been funded by the government for years. Applaud the decision to cut subsidies for bullfighting.

Success: Germany Bans Grinding Up Chicks Alive

Chicks Benjamin RondelMale chicks are either thrown into the trash or ground up alive in the egg industry because they’re considered “unprofitable.” Germany is now the first country to ban this practice. Applaud Germany and the German agriculture minister for this huge step in addressing this problem.

Success: Breeding of Orcas at SeaWorld Banned

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SEThe California Coastal Commission has banned the orca breeding program at the San Diego SeaWorld. The 11 orcas currently held captive at this facility will most likely be the last to ever be confined in these tanks. Sign to applaud the ban on captive breeding of orca whales.

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