Articles written by: Alex Guay

Clothing Retailer Must Stop Use of Angora Fur

Angora_rabbit_post_hair_cut[1]Free People is one of the few remaining major clothing retailers to still use angora fur. Angora fur farms are typically rampant with disease and abuse. Tell Free People to stop its use of angora fur immediately.

Stop the Expansion of Atrocious Mink Fur Farm

Minks Jo-Anne McArthurA mink fur farm is seeking permission to grow their business. This expansion would more than double the amount of animals imprisoned and killed for their fur. Tell the Brant County Planning Committee to deny the building permit for a fur farm expansion.

Praise Town for Making Big Cat Circus Cancel Show

Lions Jane HiltonThe last lion tamer in all of Britain was forced to cancel his show after the town protested. Thank the townsfolk for all their work and encourage them to spread their message to other towns where the circus plans on performing.

Success: Breeding of Orcas at SeaWorld Banned

Orca Whale Breaching Glacier Bay Composite SEThe California Coastal Commission has banned the orca breeding program at the San Diego SeaWorld. The 11 orcas currently held captive at this facility will most likely be the last to ever be confined in these tanks. Sign to applaud the ban on captive breeding of orca whales.

Stop Annual Slaughter of Countless Birds

Geese-StephenStJohnThousands of wild birds are annually being slaughtered due to the USDA’s practices for population control. Demand that they begin using non-lethal, more humane ways of controlling wild bird populations.

Release Bears Living in Concrete Ditch to a Sanctuary

Bears - ByknishBears have been held captive in a bare concrete ditch at a roadside zoo for far too long. Their living conditions have caused many health problems, including arthritis, excessive stress, and problems shedding their winter coats. This zoo must retire its bears and let them live the happy life they deserve.

Demand Harsher Punishments for Severe Animal Abusers

SkylandsOver 75 dead bodies in various stages of decay and 200 animals on the brink of death were found on two locations belonging to a New Jersey couple. The abusers’ punishment was a mere 30 days of community service. Demand harsher punishments for such horrific crimes.

Stop Horrific Animal Abuse at Government Labs

Monkey-PETAA cow dying of hypothermia and 15 mice dying after being put in scalding cages are just two examples of the horrific abuse taking place at the CDC’s labs. This callous treatment of innocent animals must be stopped at once; sign the petition to ensure it does.

Don’t Murder Wheezer the Orphaned Deer

Wheezer-Jodi ProgerA deer named Wheezer, whose mother was tragically killed, may soon be taken away from his caregivers and heartlessly euthanized for legal reasons. Tell officials to let Wheezer live in peace with his adoptive family and to create a sanctuary for orphaned deer.

Stop the Yearly Slaughter of Thousands of Black Bears

Bear-Robert LoweThousands of black bears are killed yearly due to Wisconsin’s horrific hunting practices. Demand the state stop this brutal and unnecessary slaughter.

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