Articles written by: Alex Guay

Applaud Rescue Group for Saving Critically Endangered Animals

Pangolin Laos Wildlife Rescue CenterA man was recently apprehended while attempting to smuggle more than 80 pangolins over the Laos/Thailand border. Pangolins are a critically endangered species and considered the world’s most illegally trafficked animal. Praise officials for capturing this man and thank the rescue groups that rushed to the scene to help save these animals.

Put NFL Player’s Pet Monkey in Wildlife Sanctuary

An NFL player has illegally obtained a baby monkey for a pet. Sign this petition and demand that authorities take action against the football player and move the monkey to an accredited sanctuary.

Praise Animal Advocates for Freeing Captive Lion

Lion Drakenstein Lion ParkA lion has spent his entire life in captivity and has spent years in isolation in a 6-meter shipping compartment in the dark. A group of animal activists worked very hard for the release of this lion and, thanks to them, the lion now lives at a sanctuary for lions born in captivity. Thank these activists for all their hard work.

Boycott All SeaWorld-Owned Parks

Orca Free Morgan FoundationSeaWorld attendance has been on the decline in recent years thanks to the release of the documentary “Blackfish.” However, many people are unaware that SeaWorld owns several other parks. Sign this petition and tell SeaWorld’s CEO that you will boycott all SeaWorld-owned parks until their sea animals are retired to accredited sanctuaries.

Demand Zoo Retire Chimpanzee to Sanctuary

Joe PETAA roadside zoo that has been cited numerous times by the USDA has held a lone chimpanzee for 16 years. He lives in a barren enclosure and has not been given the social and environmental stimuli he needs. Demand that this zoo release him to a proper sanctuary.

Retire Former Lab Chimpanzees to Sanctuary

Chimp Tim MuellerOne facility is looking to retire their chimpanzees to an unaccredited zoo that has never held chimpanzees before. Sign this petition and demand these former lab chimpanzees retire to a proper sanctuary rather than a zoo.

Praise Cop Who Risked Life to Save Dog

Dog Sephora AricaA local cop put his life in danger to save a dog who was hit by a car and also managed to catch the man who hit the small dog. Praise this officer for going above and beyond the call of duty.

Don’t Import Elephants for Zoo Attractions

Elephant PETAA few zoos throughout the U.S. are trying to obtain permits that will allow the import of 18 elephants from Swaziland. By allowing this import, the elephants will be torn away from their families and forced to live in captivity. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to not allow the import and to keep these elephants wild.

Stop Sale of Fur and Angora at Major Retailer

Fur Jean-Luc RodierA major international retailer, The Kooples, still uses angora and fur in its clothing. Animals used for their fur are typically confined to small cages with limited access to food and water. Sign this petition and demand the retailer stops its use of angora and fur.

Success: Government Agrees to Cut Bullfighting Funds

Bullfighting Fernando VergaraThousands of bulls are killed each year during barbaric bullfights that have been funded by the government for years. Applaud the decision to cut subsidies for bullfighting.

Boycott Daisy Farms for Alleged Animal Abuse

Factory Farm CowsAn investigation uncovered countless acts of alleged abuse on the farm of a popular dairy brand, including isolating and force-feeding newborn calves and kicking and whipping cows. Sign this petition and tell Daisy Farms that you will no longer buy their products until the abuse ends.

Success: Germany Bans Grinding Up Chicks Alive

Chicks Benjamin RondelMale chicks are either thrown into the trash or ground up alive in the egg industry because they’re considered “unprofitable.” Germany is now the first country to ban this practice. Applaud Germany and the German agriculture minister for this huge step in addressing this problem.

Reinstate Bear Hunting Ban After Hundreds of Bears Killed in One Day

black bear, Ursus americanus, resting on an old growth log in the rainforest, Olympic National Park, Olympic Peninsula, WashingtonAfter 20 years of peace between bears and humans in Florida, the state lifted the ban on bear hunting and 207 bears were killed in a single day. Demand Florida officials reinstate the ban on bear hunting to protect these majestic creatures.

Tell Travel Company to Stop Promoting SeaWorld

USA,Florida,Orlando,Sea World, killer whale showA popular travel company still promotes trips to SeaWorld despite all of the abuse orcas in captivity face. Many other companies have severed ties with SeaWorld because of this cruelty. Urge Adventure Student Travel to do the same and end their business relationship with SeaWorld.

Boycott Circus Allowing Nosey the Elephant to Suffer

Nosey PETANosey the elephant has been held captive for over 10 years by a cruel and neglectful circus company. She has allegedly been tied so tightly she could barely move and has not been given proper veterinary care. Tell a local city that it should no longer host the atrocious circus that is now holding her captive.

Don’t Let Hunter Ship Tusks of Murdered Elephant

Tusker Stuart BasilOne of the largest elephants on the planet was killed by a German businessman hunting in Zimbabwe. Ask the Berlin international airport to ban the import of hunting trophies to help fight barbaric big game hunting.

Demand Kikkoman End Cruel Animal Testing

Kikkoman Richard MasonerA major food retailer has allegedly been performing cruel and unnecessary tests on animals even though they are not required by law. Demand this company stop animal testing immediately.

Protect Rhinos From the Brutal Ivory Trade

Rhino Brent StirtonSouth Africa is considering reversing the ban on the sale of rhino horns. With less than 5,000 rhinos left in sub-Saharan Africa, the reverse of this ban would put these already endangered animals in even more danger. Sign this petition to keep the current ban on the sale of rhino horns to help protect these precious animals.

Stop Killing Thousands of Endangered Sea Turtles

Turtle marksullivanOver 1,200 endangered green turtles were allegedly killed in a four-month span at an abusive tourist attraction. These deaths were reportedly caused by a bacterial outbreak that is also dangerous to the thousands of people who visit the attraction annually. Demand that this farm be shut down and the turtles moved to a sanctuary.

Stop Harming Live Animals for Trauma Training

Surgeon PETAAnimals are tortured, injured, and murdered in trauma training courses even though there is a safe alternative. Take action now so that this unnecessary animal abuse be put to an end.

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