Don’t Let Pet Stores Reportedly Torture Animals in “Playgrounds”

Target: Peter Pritchard, Pets at Home CEO

Goal: Remove interactive pet villages from your stores.

The chain Pets at Home has recently installed interactive pet villages where customers can play with animals that are for sale in a playground. The RSPCA has raised serious concerns over this seemingly unethical money-grab. Most of the animals used in these villages are prey animals, who may be traumatized by being “hunted” through the tunnels and buildings.

Not only that, Pets at Home has used up valuable floor space that should be used to build adequate housing for animals. Instead, the animals are locked in apparent torture houses that are designed for human pleasure and do not accommodate the animals’ needs.

Sign this petition to urge Pets at Home to stop constructing these seemingly horrible hell-holes, and remove any that are already in use.


Dear Mr. Pritchard,

I am shocked and disgusted that your company has built your pet villages to seemingly torture and exploit animals for personal profit. These play villages apparently send the disgusting message that pets are no better than toys to be played with for human amusement. The animals in your stores do not deserve to be traumatized in this manner.

Not only are you setting a shameful precedence, but you are reportedly putting small, mostly prey animals in a situation where they are continually being “hunted” by people. Furthermore, you are wasting valuable floor space on a money-grab when you could be building proper homes for the animals in your stores.

I implore you to stop building these seemingly horrific pet villages and demolish any already in existence.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. This is disgusting.pets are not entertainment! I hope they all rot in hell!

  2. Elizabeth Sargeant says:

    Live animals should NOT be kept in any shop for sale or so called entertainment for humans. Good grief is this country going backwards with regard to animal welfare? Shocking, just shockng!

  3. silver_wing says:

    Evil greed driven human scum.

  4. This is disgraceful abuse and must be ceased immediately!

  5. Here is another piece of crap to read out – STOP this form of animal abuse – these poor animals should not be sold in a god damn pet store anyways and they definitely shouldn’t be allowed to be a form of more animal abuse.

  6. Ban Animal Abuse. Its a big NO.

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