Justice for Service Dog Burned and Blinded in Alleged Acid Attack

Target: Ed Gonzalez, Sheriff of Harris County, TX

Goal: Fully investigate alleged act of animal cruelty involving acid attack on service dog.

A beloved service dog allegedly became the victim of a sadistic acid attack. Gizmo, a Shih Tsu, was found outside his caretaker’s door in visible distress. To his service companion’s horror, burns seemingly covered him. A veterinarian later reported that Gizmo had been doused with a large quantity of a cleaning chemical called boric acid. Tragically, the poor pup’s injuries were so severe that he is now blind and will likely need both of his eyes surgically removed.

The injustice did not end here, however. Although Gizmo’s caretaker harbored strong suspicions about the perpetrators and although she reported this seeming act of cruelty to authorities, no action was immediately taken. The local police department reportedly initially dismissed her complaint, telling her they did not even investigate animal cruelty cases.

Justice must be done for this innocent dog. Sign the petition below to demand authorities reevaluate their priorities in regards to this serious crime.


Dear Sheriff Gonzalez,

Recently, your department allegedly rebuffed a woman who claimed a vicious acid attack had been perpetrated against her service dog. If this woman’s assertions are true, you told her that the police were not in the business of investigating animal cruelty. 42.092 “Cruelty of Non-Livestock Animals” of the Texas Penal Code would say differently. Under Loco’s Law, the most heinous of crimes could be classified as a felony. A victim injured so severely that his eyes must be removed would seemingly meet the very definition of aggravated cruelty.

This living being deserved to be treated with a true understanding of the gravity of the crimes committed against him, not as a nuisance or an afterthought. You are aware that some of the most sadistic perpetrators of brutality against humans begin their “experimentation” with animals. You must take these crimes seriously. As one of the largest Sherriff’s Offices in the United States, you must set a standard for law enforcement not only locally but across the country.

Expedite an investigation into this troubling case at once.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Denise Duplinski 


  1. Brenda Roy says:

    I want 5 minutes with the cruel fucker that did this to this poor dog. I would pour acid all over this piece of shit from head to toe! That would be just for starters. I would make sure this asshole felt excruciating pain!

  2. i agree burn out the eyes of the prick who did this. let him know how it is to live this way and feel the pain.

  3. Rachel Rush says:

    The person who poured acid on to this dog blinding it needs to be arrested, be found guilty, and serve a real long prison sentence with no parole, and no early release do to good behavior!! He deserves a place in HELL for all intensity!!!

  4. This is such a horrible act to commit. It is a felony! The courts need to provide the correct punishment. A long prison sentence, payment for ALL medial issues resulting from this crime. This person should never be allowed any animals again in his life or even near him. I so wish there were a registry for these poisonous individuals. I also wish ALL crimes against animals were treated the same as order is across this country. England has a new law that forces a 10 year prison sentence for animal abuse such as this. If the laws are not tougher the crimes will continue.

  5. All animal abusers globally must have the mandatory death penalty implemented!

  6. Pour acid on his eyes, beat him for one minute straight and imprison him for 35 years. Fair is fair. The other fair sentence is a summary execution.

  7. Teresa Zamalloa says:

    No doubt this world is coming to an end – Satan and his followers are now in charge!

  8. jackie Pflucker says:

    When will there be a brave magistrate who gives a law whereby all those who abuse and/or murder animals are jailed 10 years and fined $10,000?

    No exceptions …

  9. Shaon bushman says:

    Justice for Service Dog Burned and Blinded in Alleged Acid Attack

    – the responsible coward should be subject to the same sadistic act but being that this is impossible, the least hata should be done in this case is jailed them for t0 years minimum!

  10. E.Hutzelman says:

    The sheriff needs to be reported for not referring this case to his Animal Cruelty Task Force. They would look into the case and follow up. That is their job. Shame on him!

  11. Disgusting sheriff. While whoever did this is an evil piece of filth, law enforcement that has a lackadaisical and uncaring approach to cases of animal cruelty are co-conspirators to these serious crimes. This sheriff and all others like him should be investigated and prosecuted for enabling animal cruelty. There are many wonderful members of law enforcement who do care about animals, I read stories in the news about them all the time, but to the ones who exhibit this kind of infuriating indifference: you will NOT get away with any of this. We the people will work to ensure that cases of animal cruelty will come to receive the same kind of attention and concern that crimes of serious neglect, assault or murder towards a human being does. And what you did “in the past” when it was in your power to stop a perpetrator of animal cruelty or help bring justice in a case will not be brushed under the carpet.

  12. The police were wrong to tell the victim they did not investigate this type of crime. A crime is a crime. Mr. Gonzales, please ensure the police investigate this crime and prosecute the scum that did this to the fullest extent.

  13. E johnson says:

    If authorities won’t take action they are just as culpable in the crime and deserve jail time

  14. Would so like to have a few minutes with this ignorant bastard. Apparently the law enforcement is not able to handle something like this for whatever god damn ignorant reason they might have. Guess that is why people just decide to take matters into their own hands. This f*cker needs to have acid on his face until it is totally disfigured and then make sure not to miss both of the eyes. How horrible and for no reason – there never are reasons good enough for animal abuse.

  15. Kathleen I Nagy-DeRosa says:

    The sickest thing of all are the “good ol’ boys” who could care less about animals enough to take the case seriously and hide behind their badges. They should be be held accountable as much as the ones who poured the acid. Damn cowards!

  16. “Don’t investigate animal cruelty” well I don’t consider whomever did this to be human, simple solution here.

  17. Whitney Covert says:

    This is Bullshit! Do your fucking job cops! SERVE AND PROTECT isnt that’s your slogan? Why didn’t you serve and protect? DO YOUR JOB! And don’t even get me started on TEXAS!!! Texans don’t care about animals they only care about their big ass ugly as shit stupid cowboy hats
    ,Way too many animal abusers, torturers, dogfighters and animal killers, and way way way too many idiots!

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