Stop Crabbers From Pushing Endangered Bird to Extinction

Target: Robert E. Beal, Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission, Executive Director

Goal: Stop harvesting horseshoe crabs for bait and save red knots from extinction.

In the last 40 years, the population of red knots on the beaches of Delaware Bay has dropped from 90,000 to an all-time low of only 7,000. Despite valiant efforts to save this species, their numbers have dwindled to near extinction. While there are many factors contributing to the demise of this shorebird, the harvesting of horseshoe crabs for the bait industry is one reason we are seeing fewer birds each year.

The eggs of horseshoe crabs provide vital food for the birds during their long migration. While regulations restrict the harvest of female crabs, these rules are rarely enforced, and too many of the males and young are taken off the beaches each year.

Sign this petition to immediately stop the harvest of all horseshoe crabs, and help save threatened shorebirds such as the red knot.


Dear Mr. Beal,

I am appealing to you to stop allowing horseshoe crabs to be harvested for bait. As I am sure you are aware, the loss of even the smallest creature can have huge implications on entire ecosystems. In this case, taking horseshoe crabs from the beaches of America has detrimental effects on the red knots. This shorebird relies on horseshoe crabs as a vital food source during its long migration from the arctic. In the last 40 years, the population of the red knot has decreased from 90,000 to a mere 7,000. While there are many factors at play, continuing to allow horseshoe crabs to be harvested for the bait industry is a reckless and short-sighted decision that fuels a non-essential industry at the expense of a nearly endangered species.

I urge you to immediately ban the harvest of all horseshoe crabs in your jurisdiction.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: USFWS Endangered Species



  1. Pathetic. Only 397 signatures – because people don’t give a shit about birds.

    They are the most important species on the planet in terms of the nature jobs each one does.

    Try living in a bird-less world when they are gone.

    • Michele OBrien says:

      Hi…there are now 2,191 signatures….its starting to pick up.🤞🤞👍

      • I must have seen this alert when it first was posted. I’m glad the responses have picked up. I work helping birds for many years and while bird lovers are devoted, they are still fewer in number than supporters of other animals. Believe me, I know EVERY creature needs our help today!

  2. I agree with ABS. A world without birds would be unfathomable. The birds who nest on the beach have been doing so for eons. Yet the human toll is causing them to become extinct. Humans don’t need the entire beach. Humans must learn to share. We also need to learn the horse shoe crab is not here for our convenience. I know it is a valuable animal for research but we also must respect the many we take blood from and then kill. To them we must be akin to Nazism. Humans always take more than they need. We are directly causing their extinction. Both crabs and birds and all life has the right to live. We humans must respect that fact!

  3. Fisherman ought to be cognizant about not over fishing! Humans need to realize we share this planet with other species & can’t wipe out someone else’s food supply, damage their habitats etc….but we are obviously failing big time in this regard. … People like us who care about the environment & animals welfare are sadly in the minority. Greedy people !

  4. Maria Bertrand says:

    Agree with comments above. The world would be a sad place without birds. Every specie should be RESPECTED!

    Man should start to consider the implications on the ecosytem with each and every action they take. Birds are the Lord’s gift….stop destroying them with all your greedy inhumane actions! STOP ERADICATING SPECIES WITHOUT ANY COMPASSION, HUMANITY AND CONCERN FOR THE IMPACT.

  5. We must stop killing everything off! Otherwise, we will kill this planet, and we will die with it!

    We have food and entertainment! Let wild animals live! We dont need to fish to live, but animals do need their ecosystem’s food! Let them have it, and stop taking it from them!

    These fishers and hunters are killing us all! They are insane! We should put them into mental hospitals, as they require!

  6. Raymond Stevens says:

    Hell, we gotta have crabbers so fat, spoiled americans can stuff their bulging faces. Can’t live without destroying other living creatures to satisfy their gluttony.

  7. Stephanie Geyser says:

    And what about the horseshoe crabs? They are “near threatened”. So by stopping crabbers from harvesting horseshoe crabs for bait, you solve 2 problems in 1 fell swoop. And you will probably save the fishes from over-fishing too.

  8. Sue stevenson says:

    Because i care about birds!!!

  9. There are plenty of places that anyone can go crabbing WITHOUT taking food or habitat from birds that rely on it. I have a creek that runs behind where I live that is loaded with blue crab. Guess what? There are no birds living there that need them for food. There has to be many other locations throughout the country that crabbers can go to for crabs.

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