Four Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Teacher Deserve Justice

Target: Dade Phelan, Speaker of Texas House of Representatives

Goal: Require veterinary professionals to report suspected cases of animal cruelty.

Four innocent kittens were allegedly subjected to torture and brutal deaths at the hands of their caretaker. Graham Reid, a former high school teacher, has been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals in relation to the deaths of kittens Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsnip, and Carrot. Each young animal reportedly died in separate horrific incidents over a five-month period.

In addition to seemingly tell-tale signs of abuse such as broken bones, bloodied body parts, and cut tails, Reed allegedly confessed to killing his kittens in escalating acts of cruelty. The suspect apparently used various instruments at his disposal to beat and kill these poor animals, including scratching posts, metal bars, and litter scoops. This man reportedly told authorities that he committed the heinous acts to relive stress and because they made him feel “powerful.”

Most disturbing of all, this sick pattern of seeming abuse apparently escaped the notice of local veterinarians. A tip did eventually lead to Reid’s arrest. Before this moment, however, every kitten that died had reportedly been taken to vets multiple times. In each death, the suspect was said to give the excuse that the animals died at home. If veterinarians were required to report suspected abuse, these tragedies may have been prevented. Texas, however, is one of multiple states with no such laws.

Sign the petition below to demand legislators use their full power to save animals like these kittens from preventable horror.


Dear Speaker Phelan

Four innocent living beings were failed by one system that seemingly looked the other way as their alleged abuse turned to agonizing death. Please do not let the legal system fail them in kind. Animal cruelty charges brought in Fort Bend County against Graham Reid in the torture and murder of kittens under his care cannot be diminished or dismissed.

Over a five-month period, this man (a former teacher responsible for the well-being of other innocents) allegedly brutalized these young animals with ultimately deadly beatings. In each case, he reportedly took the kittens to veterinarians and was allowed to make excuses for the visible signs of trauma on them. A mandatory reporting law (much like the ones applied to reporting suspected child abuse) for animal cruelty could have saved these innocent lives.  Cruel abusers cannot be given the opportunity to hurt another animal or person again. Please help prevent such horrible crimes by advocating for such a law as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Kittens did not deserve this brutal death.The teacher needs to be fired and put behind bars for the rest of his life. He has some mental issues. I would hate if he had a wife or children in the home. He should have gotten some one to defend themselves. I dislike animal abusers. I hope he never gets any more animals for life. May he suffer before he dies. Burn in hell!!!

  2. I would volunteer to beat his minuscule tiny member off with a crowbar ASAP, contact me Texas. Oh wait, I forgot Texas is a redneck hellhole and only beating your wife, children, animals, and people of color is acceptable there.

    • Charleen Murphy says:

      Yes!! how I would love to bash this disgusting piece of shit to death!! I would use a metal bar, brick maybe, different heavy objects. This thing needs rid of!! Those poor precious defenceless babies!!! Horrendous.
      Sick weak vile thing he is!!!

  3. Please stop this fucking freak from breathing! What is wrong with our world when a sick sadistic sub-human can do this and get away with it?

  4. Take that f-ing piece of shit Graham out and beat every inch of life out of him. Don’t care what you use. The only justice for those four kittens is for him to experience what they experienced. He will never do this again. People make me sick

  5. Allowing this sub-human to live and just give him a little punishment is NOT enough and is not going to stop this sadistic fuck. Next time he won’t even take the animals he tortures to vet.
    WHY do we even consider this subhuman freak worthy of being treated like a human?

  6. The World Is Going To Pot!!!!!! This ASSHOLE!!!! SHOULD BE BEATEN TILL HE STOPS BREATHING!!!!!

  7. Sick deranged sociapath. no fucking heart or soul. Prosecute this scumbag to the max. No more animals for this fuck ass ever again.sick of these bastards getting a slap on there rotted asses only.

  8. Stephanie Geyser says:

    I’m sure glad that I don’t have kids in a school that employs a psycho like this, who has to abuse and beat defenseless animals to death to “relive stress” and “to make him feel powerful”. I wonder – if he hasn’t got an animal readily to hand, would he them choose to beat a defenseless child in order to get the same feelings of power and to relieve his stress?

  9. Pamela J. Hengst says:

    RIP precious brave babies. Graham Reid is a useless coward. He deserves prison. And where were the veterinarians? If they do not report suspected abuse I believe they should lose their licenses to practice veterinary medicine-for good.

  10. Rose Coffey says:

    This is absolutely horrible. And the guy who did this was a teacher and used the deaths of 4 innocent kittens to make him feel “powerful”????? Sentence him to prison; he should have fun making it to “powerful” over the other inmates in there. RIP poor kittens; so sad that people like the jerk who did this are free to roam the world.

  11. Carolyn Douglas says:

    This evil punk needs to be severely beaten every day until he dies. He MUST be removed from society forever. Death will tske care of that.

  12. So, this fucking piece of shit wanted to release his stress by torturing innocent animals. I want to tell this freak, “I’m so stressed and feel disgusting with what you’ve done. I’m going to beat and torture to make me feel better!”

  13. Maria Bertrand says:

    OMG poor little sweet angels!!!!!.

    These are not acts of just animal cruelty. These are demonic acts of prolonged TORTURE. THIS IS THE WORST KIND OF MURDER.!!!! JAIL THIS SON OF A BITCH FOR LIFE. THIS DEMON DOES NOT DESERVE TO BE FREE TO ROAM OUR PLANET.


  14. This P.O.S. needs jail time, he needs to be the asshole in jail who gets the shit knocked out of him, actually beaten to death would do us all a favor.

  15. Cheryl Miller says:

    This makes me feel completely ill and disgusted!! What a horrible person and how many innocent animals has he really killed?! Please please please put this person in a mental institution, fine him a lot of money, never ever let him have animals and never ever let him around children again!!! Please!! Thank you.

  16. Paula Rock says:

    A piece of crap like this guy is around kids!! He should be locked up!

  17. Mark Wright says:

    Please hang this motherfucking son of a whore upside down and rip out his organs one at a time. May karma brutalize this cunt.

  18. I wonder if that cowardly POS would like to see how “powerful” he would feel in a lock room with me. I guarantee that I would be the only one walking out of that room.

  19. Lori Stearns says:

    Ok, what about those Vets? Missing all those signs? Multiple visits at that young age? They should be held accountable at the very least!! These are the professionals we rely on. That is just unacceptable to me. That POS, well he needs a bat to the side of the head a few times, but professionals in the industry that did not detect the abuse. Unbelievable!!!!

  20. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m sorry these innocent kittens suffered and died at the hands of that idiot Graham Reid and I hope he is severely punished. Somehow the ball got dropped. The veterinarians didn’t suspect anything over that 5 month period when Reid was bringing the injured kittens in and giving lame excuses? Were they blind? I think it was more like they turned a blind eye to the cruelty these kittens endured and they are partially responsible. Had they spoken up, these kittens’ deaths may have been prevented. RIP fur babies and I hope you get justice.

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