Four Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Teacher Deserve Justice

Target: Dade Phelan, Speaker of Texas House of Representatives

Goal: Require veterinary professionals to report suspected cases of animal cruelty.

Four innocent kittens were allegedly subjected to torture and brutal deaths at the hands of their caretaker. Graham Reid, a former high school teacher, has been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals in relation to the deaths of kittens Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsnip, and Carrot. Each young animal reportedly died in separate horrific incidents over a five-month period.

In addition to seemingly tell-tale signs of abuse such as broken bones, bloodied body parts, and cut tails, Reed allegedly confessed to killing his kittens in escalating acts of cruelty. The suspect apparently used various instruments at his disposal to beat and kill these poor animals, including scratching posts, metal bars, and litter scoops. This man reportedly told authorities that he committed the heinous acts to relive stress and because they made him feel “powerful.”

Most disturbing of all, this sick pattern of seeming abuse apparently escaped the notice of local veterinarians. A tip did eventually lead to Reid’s arrest. Before this moment, however, every kitten that died had reportedly been taken to vets multiple times. In each death, the suspect was said to give the excuse that the animals died at home. If veterinarians were required to report suspected abuse, these tragedies may have been prevented. Texas, however, is one of multiple states with no such laws.

Sign the petition below to demand legislators use their full power to save animals like these kittens from preventable horror.


Dear Speaker Phelan

Four innocent living beings were failed by one system that seemingly looked the other way as their alleged abuse turned to agonizing death. Please do not let the legal system fail them in kind. Animal cruelty charges brought in Fort Bend County against Graham Reid in the torture and murder of kittens under his care cannot be diminished or dismissed.

Over a five-month period, this man (a former teacher responsible for the well-being of other innocents) allegedly brutalized these young animals with ultimately deadly beatings. In each case, he reportedly took the kittens to veterinarians and was allowed to make excuses for the visible signs of trauma on them. A mandatory reporting law (much like the ones applied to reporting suspected child abuse) for animal cruelty could have saved these innocent lives.  Cruel abusers cannot be given the opportunity to hurt another animal or person again. Please help prevent such horrible crimes by advocating for such a law as soon as possible.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Put this sick fuck in jail and throw away the key. Any “human” that enjoys hurting another being doesn’t deserve to be alive and is a danger to humans and animals alike. I am disgusted at this world.

  2. Marvis J. Phillips says:

    This person, or “thing” (might be a better name), should be taken out behind the BARN as they use to do, and receive his 50+ lashes from the “horse-whip” for his actions!

  3. Johnny K. says:

    NK, Why put the mother-fucker in jail where the taxpayers have to support his every physical need. A .22 bullet cost about 7 cents. One of these to the back of his head and we don’t have to feed him, clothe him, give him medical and dental care and house the cocksucker. Think of all the money the taxpayers would save by just killin’ the mother-fucker. But most people, and I guess you’re one of them, that don’t have the guts to kill’em so maybe they go to jail and maybe they don’t, but they will come out eventually, if they do go to jail and then they’ll just hurt and kill innocent animals all over again. I say kill the mother-fuckers and we don’t have to worry about any more animals being tortured and killed by him. We could make laws for this to happen but, unfortunately, most people don’t have the stomach or the balls to go along with it. I guess they think the mother-fuckers will change their evil ways sooner or later and become productive citizens. That doesn’t happen to sonofabitches like him.

  4. I hope some man beats the the shit out of this coward!

  5. Kathrin Mäder says:

    It seems to me that Texas is a State with no laws. Therefor a lot of ourlaws find themself a very comfortable living there.

  6. Janice Marengo says:

    Forget man’s justice, he’s toast in God’s eyes. What does it take to murder kittens? That guy is a sick monster. Like I said, I am putting my faith in someone who will punish him, What good is a misdemeanor or a fine?
    Poor little ones… at least they are now away from him.
    Thanks for caring everyone 💜

  7. I wish i had the power to hang this horror. I hope he is never happy and suffers for rest of his life after what he did to those sweet ,innocent kittens .

  8. JK, I totally agree with you! This murderer of 4 innocent kittens should be killed. Why waste money on keeping him alive; he is scum.

  9. This is heartbreaking!! This sub human, evil MONSTER must go to prison for life. It must NEVER walk freely in society again. And the veterinarians must have suspected something – were they asleep for Christ’s sake?? He or they failed these animals miserably and should be investigated fully for contributing to the prolonged torture and MURDER of these defenseless kittens. My blood boils that the law is so useless that these crimes still go largely unpunished. Law makers are complicit until they get their acts together and put proper deterrents and punishments in place. Unforgivable!!

  10. Maggie Edmonston says:


  11. Diesem Basdart müsste man jedes Körperteil abschneiden und jeden einzelnen Knoten brechen das ist ein Monster und kein Mensch und so eine Bestie hat kein Recht weiter zu leben.

  12. Christine Nuttall says:

    This Piece of shit needs to be beaten to death so he knows what he put those kittens through. The system needs to bring in the death penalty for such cruelty. Just because their animals doesn’t mean they don’t hurt the way we do.

  13. I wish someone with a good heart beats the coward-killer to death!

  14. I am sick of reading about the ghastly very high level of animal abuse and cruelty in America… what the heck is the matter with American society? You are supposed to be an educated nation! For sure though, America is NO WORLD LEADER! And this is a teacher! Time to remove such monstrous humanity from their natural oxygen supply! Hang your heads in shame at the severely violent animal cruelty and abuse in your American country! Regular violent fatal mass shootings of humans and regular severely violent animal cruelty and abuse… take a good look at yourselves, America, you have SERIOUS problems in your society! And the perpetrators keep getting away with it!

    I lack words to express my indignation and anger at this DESENSITIZED, DEHUMANIZED, SADISTIC and highly PSYCHOPATHIC evil Satan!  How can someone INFLICT such EXTREME SUFFERING on innocent and defenseless cats. The pain these cats went through is of DEVILISH DIMENSIONS!! These poor creatures deserve JUSTICE.
    ANIMAL VIOLENCE shall be treated as any human violence. Animals SHALL NOT BE VICTIMS — and they deserve JUSTICE just like YOU and ME!

  16. Shoot the SOB!!! Can you imagine what he would do to a child? He needs the same thing done to him!!!!!SICK!!! and SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Lesley Paterson says:

    I’d feel powerful beating this sick horror to death that’s karma

  18. What a sick POS, hold him accountable to the fullest degree of the law! Get him away from the children , he is a lunatic a sick monster and may he ROT in hell!

  19. Sarah Donaldson says:

    He needs to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for each kitten’s death. He should never be allowed to own pets of any kind. There really should be an abuse registry which might cut down on abusers adopting pets (probably not foolproof but may cut down) Animal abuse needs to be taken seriously and punishments needs to be enforced and increased. Animal abusers, and this piece of crap, may only escalate to other means of abuse on other animals as possible children, etc. if he has this “need” to feel powerful. He is the lowest form of scum on earth.

  20. Absolutely heartbreaking, sickening, horrific! Prosecute this evil scum to the maximum! Ensure he receives a life time, nation wide ban on owning or being in the presence of any animal. We don’t want sick individuals teaching our children, fire him from that job, cancel his license.
    You evil individual, I hope Karma comes for payback and you lose everything you love and own and all that once loved you turns away and rejects you, as they should, you deserve nothing. A special place in Hell has been reserved especially for you, may you rot there for all eternity

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