Four Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Teacher Deserve Justice

Target: Dade Phelan, Speaker of Texas House of Representatives

Goal: Require veterinary professionals to report suspected cases of animal cruelty.

Four innocent kittens were allegedly subjected to torture and brutal deaths at the hands of their caretaker. Graham Reid, a former high school teacher, has been charged with four counts of cruelty to animals in relation to the deaths of kittens Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsnip, and Carrot. Each young animal reportedly died in separate horrific incidents over a five-month period.

In addition to seemingly tell-tale signs of abuse such as broken bones, bloodied body parts, and cut tails, Reed allegedly confessed to killing his kittens in escalating acts of cruelty. The suspect apparently used various instruments at his disposal to beat and kill these poor animals, including scratching posts, metal bars, and litter scoops. This man reportedly told authorities that he committed the heinous acts to relive stress and because they made him feel “powerful.”

Most disturbing of all, this sick pattern of seeming abuse apparently escaped the notice of local veterinarians. A tip did eventually lead to Reid’s arrest. Before this moment, however, every kitten that died had reportedly been taken to vets multiple times. In each death, the suspect was said to give the excuse that the animals died at home. If veterinarians were required to report suspected abuse, these tragedies may have been prevented. Texas, however, is one of multiple states with no such laws.

Sign the petition below to demand legislators use their full power to save animals like these kittens from preventable horror.


Dear Speaker Phelan

Four innocent living beings were failed by one system that seemingly looked the other way as their alleged abuse turned to agonizing death. Please do not let the legal system fail them in kind. Animal cruelty charges brought in Fort Bend County against Graham Reid in the torture and murder of kittens under his care cannot be diminished or dismissed.

Over a five-month period, this man (a former teacher responsible for the well-being of other innocents) allegedly brutalized these young animals with ultimately deadly beatings. In each case, he reportedly took the kittens to veterinarians and was allowed to make excuses for the visible signs of trauma on them. A mandatory reporting law (much like the ones applied to reporting suspected child abuse) for animal cruelty could have saved these innocent lives.  Cruel abusers cannot be given the opportunity to hurt another animal or person again. Please help prevent such horrible crimes by advocating for such a law as soon as possible.


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  1. What a Demonic Sadistic person!!!! NEVER HAVE ANOTHER ANIMAL AND PUT IN PRISON!!!!~!

  2. If you let this guy get away with such heinous cruelty towards the most defenseless and vulnerable animals, you are enabling his future barbarism against the most defenseless and vulnerable children. Sadistic psychopaths never stop with animal victims, they escalate until their victims include those of the same species.

  3. Maureen Koziol says:

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.
    -Edmund Burke


  5. This POS needs to be locked up until he dies. He is a danger to all animals and possibly vulnerable humans. He is sick and needs to be out of circulation. Throw the book at him. Poor kittens didn’t deserve this. If veterinarians are suspicious of some animal’s conditions, they should be calling the authorities on the human owner.

  6. Hang this guy and disembowell him as he hangs. Then put his head on pike.

  7. Rhonda Jones says:

    This horrific act of abuse is dangerous and barbaric. This man needs to be punished to the fullest. He admitted to this horrible abuse on these helpless kitten’s. He is a very sick person to be walking around. Please don’t let him get away with this.

  8. Paula Long says:

    This teacher should be fired. They should spend time in prison also.

  9. Carollyn says:

    This monster should be in prison. Ban him from ever being around animals. He felt powerful torturing kittens? How sick.

  10. Steve Scott says:

    Do the same to him!!! Grrrrr!

  11. jiggabongo says:


  12. Shellee Williams says:

    Hang the bastard in public, let the public beat him as he did those kittens! Burn in hell you scumbag pos!!

  13. Honestly, he had the kittens to vets multiple times and they didn’t do enough!! I can’t believe they didn’t do more.
    Sounds like they were covering for nutcase!

  14. justice needs to be served for those kittens. change the laws in texas to prevent these kinds of hoffice acts against the vuluable animals

  15. What a piece of cowardly garbage. He said it made him feel powerful wow. Please God put him in jail. Hope he gets beat up see how powerful he feels then. Can’t believe veterinarians did nothing law or no law someone should have turned his cowardly ass in and lock him up. And he was a teacher someone should investigate that and see if there was any abuse there.what a menace.

  16. In 2021 when virtually everyone has a cell phone, and evidence of abuse is widely transmitted at the speed of light. . . WHY THEN are we continually sickened and outraged by accounts of months long and years long suffering of animals at the hands of these sick cowardly mutants????? And then we have to petition endlessly for there to be some action. . . which usually amounts to a slap on the wrist. . . THANKS to those who fight to bring these unspeakable cruelties to light, and DAMN the monsters who continue to get away it!!!!

    • I so agree with you! We read so many stories of animals being throw out of moving cars, of being tossed into bodies of water, of systematic abuse and torture, etc And then when the perpetrators are identified, in whatever manner, too often the punishment is nil like you said a slap on the wrist. We have to face up to the reality that these individuals feel no remorse and too often after they have perfected their technique they prey on the very young and the elderly. This guy deserves to be called out as the monster he is. I pity those in his circle.

    • Beverly Morin says:

      Yes! Yes! and Yes!

  17. Samina Araf says:

    How I would love to beat him every day breaking his bones one by one until the day he’s nothing but a cabbage. Then one hard blow to the head and leave him for a death filled with pain! These kind of people have no right to live. What an evil sadistic brutal monster! I’ll show him what it feels like to have power when he’s at the receiving end!

  18. Hang this pos scumbag in public, let the public beat him like he did the kittens..burn in hell you low life scum!

  19. We’ re so surprised: some lame-ass coward has to “feel powerful” by torturing innocent kittens!!!!!!! Can only hope he doesn’t make it out of prison alive.

  20. I hope this filthy disgusting piece of shit dies a slow painful death!! What a disgusting lowdown rotten bastard!! I hope he rots in hell when his time comes!!

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