Don’t Slaughter Deer Living in City Park

Target: Sylvie Parent, Mayor of Longueuil, Quebec

Goal: Do not euthanize deer that are populating a city park.

About 32 deer are living a peaceful existence in an urban park in Longueuil, Quebec. However, city officials say this is too many and plan on killing nearly half of them. 15 deer are slated to be euthanized despite public outcries to save the animals.

In a pathetic effort to justify their actions, the city mayor says the meat from these massacred animals will be given to food banks. The authorities also claim the deer threaten the local ecology and increase risks of Lyme disease, traffic collisions, and property damage.

Sign this position to urge the municipal authorities to relocate the deer from the city park, or find another alternative measure to the irresponsible slaughter of innocent animals.


Dear Mayor Parent,

I am disgusted that you are planning on euthanizing the deer that live in Michel-Chartrand Park. I understand that the whitetail deer might be causing damage to the park’s ecology and private property, but killing them is a woefully irresponsible course of action.

These animals should be relocated to a more suitable spot, which is a solution your government failed to properly investigate. If relocation is unfeasible then there are numerous other control methods to be undertaken such as sterilization.

It is a shameful abuse of power to think mass slaughter is the answer to wildlife in your city. I urge you to find an alternate course of action.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Barb Garrison says:

    The authorities are loons!! These deer have every right to be in the park. How can these do-called authority figures be so quick to judge? These lives mean nothing to them, but they mean something to people who live in the area who enjoy seeing them. As far as authorities saying they are destroying the ecology? Bullshit. People destroy the ecology, not nature.

  2. Maria Teresa Ronca says:

    We must remember that we live in their territory. Man possesses the land, wants to build roads, houses and bridges and forget about the defenceless sentient beings. What the majoy wants to do is absolutely murdering these good and gentle deers. Humans always have to destroy. In fact, thanks to us humans this planet is short to being destroyed. When they will realize the wrong it will be too late. What the majors of these towns have to do is to get together and stop permissions of hunting. Hunting is prehistoric and it is not a sport but free murder.

  3. Anita Meyer says:

    DNR I’m sick of your shenanigans… please trap and relocate!

  4. Why can’t humans leave our animals ALONE and just enjoy their beautiful presence. People need to stop interference with Nature. These animals do not bother anyone or anything. They are a pleasure to see and watch – as all of our magnificent wildlife is.

  5. Jaime Perez says:

    Leave the deer alone, this is their home, not humans. They could be relocated, they don’t have to be killed. Killing animals always seems to be the easy solution. It’s appalling and reprehensible. Man has encroached on animal habitats so bad, and then cries when the animals fight back!!

  6. Dart and relocate. How hard is that assholes

  7. There are other solutions!

  8. Debra Broach says:

    It is so sad, heartbreaking, and pathetic and makes me so dam angry that leaders, officials, and whomever else involved, tries to come up with all sorts of stupid, useless excuses to kill and destroy precious animals. People overtake land animals were once able to live on, and then feel it’s ok and that they are entitled to get rid of them. What will humanity think and have left to do when they have exterminated all the animals for their greed. UNBELIEVABLE!

  9. Alidon macpherdon says:

    Please leave them alone

  10. Eric Holman says:

    The heartless human motherfuckers had already encroached upon their land, to start with. Now, they want to callously murder them because they have no homes to go to. How evil can people be? Relocate them, assholes!

  11. Fucking hicks

  12. Nancy Chiodo says:

    Typical clueless humans. When they can figure out how to live with nature, just kill it! Dumb shits.

  13. Here in Florida we have deer living in parks & other areas with NO problems. What is wrong with Canadians, besides the fact that they feel the need to kill all innocent animals for sport? They need to grow up & come into reality!

  14. Evil Humans at it again

  15. This is LAZY AND CHEAP ! Mayor doesn’t want to spend money on the little resources it takes to relocate the deer.. People just want to kill animals when we are the one disrupting their habitat,their food sources !! Do the right thing and please relocate this small population

  16. Barbara Hepple says:

    It would be a shame to kill these lovely animals

  17. Luis Duarte says:

    Ask the city mayor go give his meat to the food banks.. and send the deer to an animal sanctuary

  18. Why is killing always the knee jerk reaction?! Just trap and relocate. There are tons of animal welfare programs/organizations that would happily help you in that regard.

  19. Andrea Chisari says:

    Slaughter is NOT the answer. Of course, it will empty out the parks – nobody will want to go to a park famous for murdering Bambi. And it’ll empty out the food banks, too, because I’ve been hungry – less than one meal a day – but I’ve NEVER been that hungry!

    It’ll show who is cruel, evil, and savage, but it won’t solve ANYTHING.

  20. Do not kill these innocent and helpless deer! They live in the wild and are not aware of the fate you are putting on them to be killed because they are in a park!!! This abuse and death is so very sad, cruel and MEAN!!! Please leave
    These deer alone and try to have some compassion for innocent animals!!!

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