Don’t Kill Bears for Protecting Their Homes

Target: Jason Nixon, Minister of Environment and Parks Alberta

Goal: Change the grizzly bear response guide, and only euthanize bears as a last resort.

The province of Alberta has seen two fatal grizzly bear attacks in the last month. One of the bears has been caught and killed, while the other is still at large. The loss of human life is horrible, yet people should not respond in kind. These bears should not be killed unless no other option is possible.

The euthanized grizzly was found to be an older female, and this was one of the considerations that led to her demise. Just because an animal is past its prime, does not give humans the right to deem the animal unimportant and to kill it as a result.

The other bear has not been caught, but it deserves a fair chance once it is. Sign this petition to urge the authorities to use euthanasia only as a last result, and find other means to safeguard people and grizzlies alike.


Dear Minister Nixon,

The loss of any human life in a fatal assault is always a horrible thing, and it is tragic that two people have been killed in grizzly attacks. However, this does not give people the right to respond in kind and kill the wild animals who are protecting their land from human interference. These animals must be dealt with in a decisive manner that safeguards the public, but euthanasia should not be used unless no other means are available. Furthermore, killing an animal because it is “past its prime” is an abuse of power, and all creatures should be respected with equal importance.

There is one bear still at large who is linked with a fatal attack. I urge you to show more compassion and respect when dealing with this grizzly and find alternatives to euthanasia when dealing with these situations in the future.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Wulf Willis


  1. Sophie D. says:

    The bears have done nothing wrong other than act on their instincts to protect their territory. It is we humans who have continuously encroached on wild and wooded lands, driving out precious species of all kinds. Bears and other wild animals need not be punished even though they have taken a human life, no matter how tragic that is. Rather it is the habits of humans that need revising and the provincial Guide to dealing with bears should be updated accordingly.

  2. eleanor dunkavich says:

    find these disgusting people some thing better to do

  3. Back off and leave the bears alone or you scumbags will be turned into fertilizer!!@ OH YESSS!!!!

  4. cristina says:

    Why those people are going in their habitat??What do you expect,the bears are protectimg their homes,it is their land. People should respect that and not provoke them.

  5. Bears need homes too, where do you think they’re going to live if not in and near forested lands? Humans need to get better at responding to bear interactions and need to learn to avoid conflict in the first place. Because a bear has acted like a bear does not mean they deserve death. People who are deliberately acting like animals get a slap on the wrist and bears are just killed because it’s the easiest way to deal with them – that’s just sick.

  6. Hey, Nixon, you’re as much of a bastard as Kenney, your drinking and provincial “orders”-breaking buddy. I hope a bear takes YOUR worthless life!

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