Stop Mass Extermination of Wild Boars

Target: Megan Evans, Alberta Invasive Species Council Executive Director

Goal: Stop the unethical eradication of wild boars in Alberta.

Across North America, wild boars are considered a “pest” and intense efforts have been made to eradicate the species. Wild boars were introduced into Alberta in the 1980s in efforts to diversify agriculture and generate additional income. The agriculture industry’s greed and ignorance have caught up with them, and now boars are loose in the province. Claiming reasons of land destruction and loss of farm revenue, the Alberta Invasive Species Council is looking at large-scale annihilation of the species.

Wild boars should not be wantonly massacred because of humankind’s stupidity. Even though they are not native and should not have been introduced in the first place, that does not give people the right to systematically hunt down and slaughter an entire species. Other methods of control must be implemented, such as sterilization or catch-and-release. While these efforts may cost more, that is the price the province has to pay for its lack of foresight and poor judgment.

Sign this petition to stop the wholescale eradication of wild boars in Alberta.


Dear Mrs. Evans,

Just because wild boars are not native, this does not give your organization the right to systematically seek and destroy them. Any damage they cause or revenue loss they inflict is the result of poor judgement and greed of the agriculture industry. These animals should not pay the ultimate price for humankind’s stupidity, and they should be allowed to live out their lives in peace.

To mitigate their damage both now and in the future, other methods of control should be implemented, such as relocation or sterilization. These methods may cost more than slaughtering the feral animals, but this is the ethical path to choose to correct people’s mistake.

I urge you to stop the eradication of the wild boars in Alberta and choose a better, more ethical, path.


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  1. Send them to the artic for the starving polar bears to eat.

  2. Give me a break…..have you ever seen the massive amount of distraction that a heard of wild boar do. If you are a farmer, the loss in dollars is incredible. The USA is over run with these critters, not to mention the number of domestic Animals they kill annually…..God forbid they get to one of you kids. We are talking about several million in North America.

    • Give me a break fred, murder murder murder that’s all you want, how about stopping the mass production of farm animals and stop introducing species to environments they’re not meant to be in, thereby minimizing the numbers, those natural species who’s natural habitat can be “Naturally” balanced out in their natural habitat! There’s no doubt the destruction they cause, however not addressing the root of the issue is pure Stupidity.

  3. Andrea Chisari says:

    Why do we ALWAYS choose slaughter and destruction as our go to “solution” for everything? When will we learn to try compassion over destruction?

  4. Locum Group says:

    Of course, any loss to a human justifies slaughtering untold animals….just the philosophy that is ruining planet earth.
    And who “kills domestic animals?” Not boars,- people who refuse to neuter their animals and produce unwanted litters.


  6. I believe that any invasive species that is destroying habitat for native species and is also dangerous, should be eliminated. Hunt them down and donate the meat to the homeless and other hungry people. If people were stupid enough to introduce boar, then they should solve the problem. Look what happened when the English Sparrow was brought here. They have taken over the entire US. They compete with our native bird species and even kill bluebirds in order to take over a nest box. They are EVERYWHERE! ( By the way, I do not believe this comment includes wild horses and burros. They are a whole different subject.)

    • Well said!

    • Why must the response to our human error be to slaughter innocent animals whose only crime is trying to live? If we caused the problem we should find a humane way to solve it. There is never only one way to solve a problem. Once you decide to be humane and compassionate, the possibility to find solutions are there.

  7. David Stevens says:

    Wild boars are not over-populated. Wild boars do not cause millions in damages. If farmers are truly having problems with wild boars buy a fence. This narrative exists created by pro hunting groups because psychopathic hunters absolutely love the way that wild boars fight up to the end fighting for their lives. They love the fight, the struggle, the adrenaline and the challenge. As with so much in modern life the exact opposite of everything they tell you is whats true.

    • Sam Steward says:

      Ridiculous. You brainwashed people are hopeless. Boars are decimating other important wildlife habitats and killing important wildlife. This has nothing to do with hunters, who you should be thanking for killing these giant cockroaches of a species. I don’t even hunt and I read legit scientific and environmental news and they all state boars are invasive and dangerous to natural habitats.

      • David Stevens says:

        Sure Jan

      • David Stevens says:

        When’s the last time you even seen a wild boar if ever? Everything is an invasive species if you’re a hunter. It may be cheaper to try and kill an animal and rob it of it’s God given right to life than to buy a fence but it’s WRONG in every way and God will judge you harshly for the way you treat His creatures. You have been duped.

  8. What’s the matter. Disapointed that your country can’t murder Native children any more

  9. Shereen Denton says:

    Just another excuse to slaughter innocent animals again, it never bloody stops does it.
    One day let’s hope the animals get their revenge, now that would be truly amazing.

  10. Sam Steward says:

    You are kidding with this petition right????? Wild boars are invasive, kill and eat anything, breed prolifically, destroy natural habitat. They are not remotely ever an endangered species. Dangerous animals too. If only people would eat these rather than factory farmed pigs!!
    Take your PETA BS crap somewhere else. Next you’ll be defending mice, rats, nutrias, roaches!!!!!

    • Joy Goldberg says:

      What you are describing above: “invasive, kill and eat anything, breed prolifically, detsroy natural habitat”…sure sounds like humans. Do you also advocate for mass slaughter of people?
      Because how people treat animals and address ETHICALLY the problems of overpopulation is how they treat one another.

      • Sam Steward says:

        Wow PETA head with your crazy illogic. You don’t care about all the innocent wildlife these boars kill and destroying their natural habitat??? If you’re so hateful of humans, than do all animals a favor and jump off the nearest tall building. You hypocrite.

        • David Stevens says:

          Yes I was caught in a 2 hour traffic jam the other day due to all the invasive wild boars crossing the road… (Eyeroll)

      • Linda Kalaskie says:

        Thank You!

  11. They Very Destructive and they Kill Native species of animals and fauna. They breed faster than rabbits and the only way to stop them is to cull the whole family! This Petition needs to be pulled down as only the Uneducated regarding this whole matter will sign it!

    • Also Note, they have NO Natural predators the Adults are huge and no pack of Wolves, Mountain Lion, even a bear would have a chance against them. This petition was written out of complete ignorances!


  13. Rose Coffey says:

    We human beings just don’t know when to quit, do we? What a shame that somewhere in our creation the need to destroy and injure defenseless animals was instilled. Of course, by now you would think we would know better but I guess you can’t fix stupid.

  14. Christine Nuttall says:

    Humans reaction to every animal that causes a problem….kill them!! Human beings are just the worst culprits ever!! Makes me sick!!

  15. Stephanie Geyser says:

    We humans are just 1 species of a planet of millions of species. So what gives us the right to slaughter (to extinction) any of the other God-created species?

  16. MICHAEL BAVARO says:


    • Why do animals slaughter each other? Ever heard of the food chain?
      You never watch National Geographic and see a bunch of lions hanging off some poor zebra, giraffe, gazelle, etc’s behinds? Eating them alive? See your cat torture a baby bunny, mouse for an hour?
      Boars were introduced in the area as mentioned, they’re very destructive animals especially if they’re reproducing unchecked. Don’t you care about all the little animals they eat? All the natural flora they destroy? I’ll never understand this mindset, humans are part of the food chain of this planet, sure I’d like us to stop reproducing and lessen our population and impacts on poor planet earth, and the same applies to any invasive animal that upsets the balance of nature and the environment.

  17. Why is it always that when people do stupid things, like introducing animals to areas where they are not native, the animals have to pay with their lives for it? I just do not understand that mindset.

    As I see it, it is people who are causing all the problems in the world, and they get away scot-free. They can do anything they like, always have an excuse for atrocities they commit, and animals are paying the price.

    There are way too many people populating this planet. It is time to thin the herd and for people to be more compassionate to other species who have just as much right to live.

  18. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Savages with killing on their minds. Sick and evil!!!

  19. Michelle Stewart says:

    There must be some other solution than just killing them off

  20. What caused the imbalance that creates any issue with any over populated species. You can bet that man will have created it. As he/ she seeks and intrudes on this planet for gain,and over populates, we inevitably walk in with our size tens and a gun into territory of indigenous species that had their own effective control over its own kind. We disturb, take over, and plunder anything that gets in our way or just for profit making. Think of how the issue came to be an issue!

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