Thousands of Dead Sharks Sold by Greedy Company Deserve Justice

Target: Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change Canada

Goal: Shut down businesses that willfully kill endangered species for profit.

The Kiu Yick Trading Company, based in Victoria, Canada, has been found guilty of importing shark fins from endangered species. As a penalty for importing 434 kilograms of illegal shark products, this company has been fined a measly $60,000. This fine is a pathetic amount for a company that generates over $2 million in annual sales, and which contributed to the extermination of threatened species.

Most of the fins came from silky sharks, which is considered to be near-threatened. This shark has a long gestation and gives birth to only a few young that are slow to mature, making it particularly susceptible to illegal hunting.

Such businesses should not be allowed to continue to operate. Sign this petition to urge the government to take stricter actions against such willful disregard for the natural world, and shut down these reproachable companies.


Dear Honourable Wilkinson,

Despite national and international bans, companies are still bringing illegal animal products into Canada. Recently, the Kiu Yick Trading Company from British Columbia was found guilty of importing shark fins from “near threatened” species of sharks. In response, your government has fined this company only $60,000. This is a pathetic penalty for a company that draws over $2 million dollars of revenue every year.

I urge you to consider the devastating environmental impact that illegal acts of this nature have upon the whole world. Companies that willfully commit such criminal acts should be severely penalized.


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Photo Credit: Nicholas Wang


  1. These vile, animal abusing, businesses must be shut down and its managers must have the death penalty implemented.

  2. As usual Canada. Can tou stop killing please? would you like to create something nicer than dead and torture for animals? Do you have any creatures that you do NOT torture? Even sharks…

  3. Julie Bates says:

    This minister should bloody do something….we elected him didn’t we!,,

  4. Julie Bates says:

    I think China will if not kill the world …they certainly will kill every living being in the name of their 10 th. century bloody Chinese medicine !!!!

  5. Canada is out to kill EVERYONE/’THING’ asap. What a miserable, vile de facto government, in bed with China!

  6. Canada is becoming worse and worse in its animal attitudes. And people are noticing.

  7. Canada needs an upgrade in their concern, or lack of same, towards ALL wildlife. This company will continue to kill sharks. There is punishment but so far none has made a difference. This company is harming the world and Canada is allowing them to operate. STOP! When there are no sharks left then what? Ships have high tech and can search and destroy anything they deem fit. I feel this company needs to be closed. Companies like that need to face public out cry to live on this planet. Neither companies nor governments seem to grasp the idea … there is little time left for us to correct the damage we have done and save the planet!

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