Kangaroo Apparently Run Over by Tractor Deserves Justice

Target: Kate Gavens, Chief Conservation Regulator of Victoria, Australia

Goal: Find and punish tractor driver who allegedly deliberately struck and killed kangaroo to the fullest extent of the law.

A Facebook video seems to show a callous act of deadly brutality against one of Australia’s most beloved animals. In the video, a man appears to run over a defenseless kangaroo with a tractor. Tragically, the poor animal lost his life from injuries sustained in the alleged attack.

The motive for this killing appears to be nothing other than sheer cruelty. The man in the video seemingly yells obscenities as the events unfold, screaming “he’s mine!” at the kangaroo. The suspect also may actually be the one filming the animal’s vicious death. An investigation has since been launched in Victoria, the Australian state where the reported attack took place.

Sign the petition below to echo calls for the strongest possible penalty against the alleged perpetrator of this disturbing crime.


Dear Ms. Gavens,

“As shocking as this cruelty is, we will continue to see animals treated in this way while their recreational slaughter is permitted. We need to see real protection for our native animals, and we need to see it now.” This statement, made by an Animal Justice Party MP following a sickening alleged tractor hit-and-run of a kangaroo, must be heeded.

The Conservation Regulator promised “strong action” once this apparent crime is investigated and the perpetrator positively identified.  The Ministry of the Environment further reassured continued movement and attention on the case while invoking the possibility of heftier legal penalties under the Wildlife Act. Please honor these promises and deliver justice for a beautiful, innocent animal taken in an apparent act of inexcusable cruelty.


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Photo Credit: Michael Waters



  1. The pos on the tractor needs to be taught a life changing lesson here!

  2. shawna Flottemesch says:

    kill the pos

  3. Christine Nuttall says:

    Drive over the pos with his tractor!! People like this don’t deserve to live on this planet.


  5. Michelle Stewart says:

    Real justice would be to find the bastard(s) that killed the kangaroo and kill them the exact same way. Thise people don’t deserve to live

  6. Andrea Chisari says:

    What is WRONG with these people?!?

  7. So can we just travel to Australia and find this fuck and torture him to death?

  8. Alan Pryor says:

    Hey, how’s about throwing THIS shrimp on the barbie? Pathetic loser, p.o.s.

  9. Violaine says:

    Vile POS.

  10. Hateful,miserable excuse for a human being!

  11. If there were any justice, the vile monster responsible for the murder of this innocent animal would suffer in the same way.

  12. Hold this POS accountable what a sadistic barbaric act!

  13. Pamela Smith says:

    Not only is this this ASS a MONSTER, but SERIOUSLY!!!! Like Australia hasn’t lost enough wildlife already???? 😡😡😡

  14. What an unbelievable act if cruelty! I’m sure this wasn’t the first time this POS did something like this! Lock this scumbag & take away his driver’s license for life! !


  16. Find him and run over him with a tractor. Multiple times since I’m sure he’s bigger, then just let him suffer from his injuries.

  17. Simply return the favor to animal abusers!!

  18. These people who continue to abuse animals should be taken to a room and taught a valuable lesson in compassion.

  19. Anne-Mari Gavin says:

    Same for this abusive killer. Please

  20. eleanor dunkavich says:

    crush this creep several times sick jerk

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