Justice for Goats Beheaded and Brutalized in ‘Satanic Ritual’

Target: Greg Allen, Chief of El Paso Police Department

Goal: Fully pursue investigation into slaughter of 15 goats killed as part of possible animal sacrifice ritual.

An El Paso roadside became the scene of a grotesque and despicable act of animal cruelty. According to authorities, 15 dead goats were discovered near an intersection and a satanic ritual is suspected by Capt. Ray Spears of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. Even more horrific, the bodies were maimed with cuts and also headless.

A police captain said the isolated road was a common site for dumping, but the presence of so many dead animals is a new and disturbing occurrence. As these goats were domesticated, the butchers who took their lives likely had their trust before slaughtering them.

Sign the petition below to demand that police remain vigilant in discovering the guilty party.


Dear Chief Allen,

The heinous act that occurred in El Paso involving multiple decapitated and mutilated goats demonstrates a stunning and callous disregard for the dignity and welfare of living beings. The individual or people responsible for these numerous acts of animal cruelty need to be held accountable before more innocent lives are taken. Such a deplorable incident could too easily escalate into even worse acts of brutality.

Please do not let this case fade from view. Utilize full investigative resources and better secure an area the department itself acknowledges as a “dumping ground” for the worst offenses.


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Photo Credit: Villager Boy



  1. Heartbreaking — you MUST FIND the PSYCHOS — we have no room in society for such depraved, unconscionable cruelty — FIND the abhorrent brutal KILLERS, throw them in Prison and throw away the key — they’re depraved, insane & hateful — if they can be rehabbed, do it — if not, throw away the key — they’re DANGEROUS to us all — there’s no justification for such evil acts — ensure they never again deal in any way with Animals.

  2. Jesus Christ is Lord.

    God sees all and waits.

  3. Had a pet goat – Amos Moses – and he was so gentle and sweet. He was 3 days old –mama deserted him– so I brought him home from the farm and took care of him. Bottle fed him until he could eat on his own. He loved riding in the car with the kids & myself. So anybody who could hurt a sweet & innocent animal like that is so evil – they need to be put in prison for life or they will be killing humans next!

  4. Mary Jones says:

    Satanic rituals are evil and need to be shut down…

  5. Please make extraordinary efforts to find the monsters who did this!!

  6. The demonic monsters that did this should have the same thing done to them!JUSTICE

  7. Please find these evil monsters and lock them in soliary until they die. Too bad torture can’t be used on them. These are dangerous,evil things who wouldn’t hesitate doing the same things to people as well. The laws need to be stricter and taken seriously no slaps on the hand and 20 dollar fines allowed. That is why this keeps happening they know even if caught they will get away with it!!!! THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. JUST WHEN YOU THINK YOU’VE HEARD IT ALL YOU HEAR SOMETHING WORSE. THESE PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AND NEED TO BE LOCKED UP!!!!!!THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN YESTERDAY!!!!!!

  8. Carolyn J. Paurowski says:

    Please prosecute these ignorant lunatics. They should be fined, and put in jail for a very long time — many years and should have their private parts removed – tell them this is their sacrifice to their satan. See how they like that. The problem is that there is not strong enough punishment for these ignorant devils. This is a despicable and heinous crime and and these monsters should be severely punished. Goats are innocent and sweet animals, and no creature — animal or human should be subjected to such ugliness and horror. This is not a religion, this is a sickness, and they should be put away for life, so that other animals and people will be safe. Do you job and catch these lunatics and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law.

  9. Maria Bertrand says:

    Dear Chief Allen, OMG my heart is again cracked!! I am typing and crying again. Please get the MONSTER DEMONS who did this! Please get justice for all these little goats. MAXIMUM PUNISHMENT AND MORE PLEASE PLEASE These goats were GOD’S SWEET ANGELS.

    Goats are so sweet and adorable. I would like to see all involved also BEHEADED! NOTHING TO CRUEL YOU SONS OF SATAN!

  10. Maria Bertrand says:


  11. Elizabeth Rutledge says:

    I am in pain! This hurts me, but nothing like the way it hurts the goats. Could you not at least kill them humanely if you’re going to kill the goats ? However, this is a sickening ritual and I AM LITERALLY BEGGING YOU TO STOP IT!!!! You can do what I cannot and that is. SAVE THE INNOCENT GOATS! You can empathize with the goats because they are terrified the way you would be and they bleed and feel pain just as we do. Again, I AM PLEADING WITH YOU TO HELP THE GOATS!?!?

  12. Death penalty for this human trash

  13. HOW LONG WILL WE ALLOW ignorant 7th-century-minded animal torturers to get away “animal sacrifice” is integral to their “religion”. Would I be allowed to take out these morons claiming that elimination of mutants is integral to MY religion??

  14. I’m so sick of seeing these ignorant, mindless, barbaric morons get away with torture of animals, claiming it’s their “religion.”
    It’s MY religion to not allow animals to be tortured. . .yet if I took out one of these mutants I’d be up on murder charges.

  15. Raymond Stevens says:

    In a just society these psycho assholes would be hunted down and shot to death. The next best thing is prison and tell the other inmates what these sick fucks did. They’ll do what what our so called civilized society won’t do.

  16. Elease M. Bradford says:

    I’m sorry to hear about the brutal killing of these poor, innocent goats. I hope the depraved, sadistic idiots who killed these goats in some kind of sick satanic ritual, are caught ASAP and severely punished. They need to be taken into custody so they can’t do this again. I hope these fur babies get justice and may they RIP.

  17. Do to the sick freaks what they did to these innocent animals —

  18. Evelyn Ball says:

    What the hell is wrong with people who live in Texas??

  19. MaryAnne says:

    These individuals are possessed. There free will decision to side with Satan has them wreaking horrific madness. This such madness is what has been unleashed on all of us, as we have seen the past few months. These demons must be stopped. By whatever means necessary! They will never stop.
    Demons never win. God does.

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