Kittens Allegedly Beaten to Death by Owner Deserve Justice

Target: Fort Bend County, Texas District Attorney Brian Middleton

Goal: Give man prison sentence for allegedly beating kittens to death and require him to attend regular counseling sessions.

Four kittens, named Broccoli, Cabbage, Parsnip and Carrot, were allegedly beaten to death with various objects by their owner. Graham William Reid reportedly admitted to committing the crime and claimed that he did it to feel powerful during stressful times because he was bullied as a child. He needs to be given time in prison and be required to see a therapist on a consistent basis if he is found guilty to hopefully ensure that other tragic incidences will not take place.

According to authorities, multiple objects were used to kill the kittens, including a scratching post, a metal bar, and a litter box scoop. The kittens were said to be between 8 weeks and 1-year-old. Reid is a former teacher for the Fort Bend Independent School District (ISD), and counseling is now being provided for his past students. Sign this petition to demand Reid receive a harsh legal sentence and be required to go to counseling if it is discovered he committed these unthinkable acts of animal cruelty.


Dear District Attorney Middleton,

Graham William Reid has recently been charged with four counts of animal cruelty for allegedly beating his four kittens, Parsnip, Carrot, Broccoli and Cabbage, to death. According to reports, he committed the violent acts to feel mighty since he was teased and beaten up as a child. It is important Reid spend time in prison and be required to seek help from a certified counselor if this is found to be the case in an effort to stop a similar occurrence from happening again.

Police stated that the kittens were beaten with different objects, some of which include a metal bar, a litter box scoop, and a cat scratching post. It was reported that the youngest kitten was 8 weeks old and that the oldest kitten was no more than a year old. Because Reid formerly taught school, counseling is being provided for anyone who took his classes. For these reasons, we demand you seek a strict legal penalty for Reid and that you also tell the courts that he needs to attend ongoing counseling sessions until it is thought he will not behave this way in the future, if he is found guilty of this horrific animal abuse.


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  1. Christine Nuttall says:

    Oh please this man doesn’t need counseling he needs a noose around his neck

    • Sweetondogs says:

      I agree. I’m so tired of everyone thinking that talking to these monsters will fix them. He even admitted to killing them for the thrill. That is the definition of a true psychopath! Those kinds of vile monsters need to be eliminated from this earth!!

      • Neela Nelson says:

        Couldn’t agree more.
        These sickos can fool ppl into thinking how they’ve changed. Once one has done something this wicked NEEDS elimination.

    • Correct! Counseling will not help. He needs to be PERMANENTLY removed from society. Right now he’s slaughtering innocent animals. Next, after “counseling” it’ll be children. This is a serial killer in the making.

  2. He def doesn’t need counseling. Kill him. We all were bullied at some point in our lives but if the stress is that bad he put down. A mercy death. I feel heartbroken over those innocent lives tortured to death by a freak who doesn’t deserve to live.

  3. He def doesn’t need counseling. Kill him. We all were bullied at some point in our lives but if the stress is that bad he needs to be put down. A mercy death. I feel heartbroken over those innocent lives tortured to death by a freak who doesn’t deserve to live.

  4. E johnson says:

    Beat him…to death

  5. Patrica Birtles says:

    Past redemption

  6. Shane Paul says:

    So beating little kittens makes him feel like a man?? Fkn sissy ass coward. Somebody please bring this POS to ME! I don’t give a shit what happened to him when he was a kid. I hope he dies a long painful death today.

  7. This mentally deranged evil animal killing cretin must have the death penalty implemented. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!! A slow and agonizing death is essential~!!!!

  8. Please punish this evil monster!

  9. Michelle says:

    Please put this monster in jail

  10. Get him off the streets now. This act of contrition by him is the usual offer made by such a sick mind, deceptive and downright evil.

  11. Brian –

    Just one more instance of an uneducated sick human being torturing and killing innocent animals. As District Attorney for Fort Bend County, we are asking that you sentence Graham Reid to prison and get him off the streets. It is our duty to protect defenseless animals from torture and murder and we the people can’t do it without you. Please! Get rid of this useless piece of shit!

  12. Counseling? This monster is a sociopath, and cannot counsel a sociopath. I pray that the beatings he got as a child doesn’t hold a candle to the beatings he gets in prison.

  13. I don’t care what this bastards problem is, it gave him no right to kill these poor innocent kittens. I don’t feel sorry for him, he’s evil.
    He should be locked up and have the key thrown away. No animal deserves to be mistreated or killed.

  14. Joyce O'Malley says:

    Another monster human that should be put in prison – throw away the key!! Animals are always taking the brunt of psychos behavior – beat this jerk and shoot him!!

  15. Joyce O'Malley says:

    No counseling for monster man – shoot him!!

  16. Here’s a PSYCHO for you — a Teacher, at that — talk about needing REHAB — poor little KITTIES — their suffering and horrific deaths are unfathomable — this PSYCHO is in no position to be even AROUND People and Animals — he’s a HUGE DANGER — no love, no respect, no compassion, no conscience, no morals — NO thinking — need I go on? — Throw IDIOT Graham William Reid into a rubber room — throw away the key.

  17. I read about this asshole in the paper… he abused them and would then feel remorse and take them to the vet. Finally the vet caught on that these were not injuries consistent with his explanations.. glad someone outted him. An adult, who teaches children … wow, he goes to court on June 14th.. but I’d like to beat his a$$ myself..

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