Help Return Macaws to the Wild

Target: Ricardo Salles, Brazilian Environment Minister

Goal: Help animal organizations return blue-and-yellow macaws to the wild in Rio de Janeiro, where they belong.

Environmental groups in Rio de Janeiro are working to reintroduce macaws back into the wild to repopulate their natural habitats. Various organizations are looking at breeding captive blue-and-yellow macaws and training their young to be released in protected parks around the city. Macaws play an important part in the local ecosystems where they crack hard nuts with their large beaks and disperse seeds amongst the forest.

New macaws in the forests around Rio would be a welcome sight to Juliet, the last wild blue-and-yellow macaw left in Rio de Janeiro. This solitary bird, whose gender is actually undetermined, has flown into the Rio zoo every day for the last twenty years to bond with captive macaws. The last sighting of a free blue-and-yellow macaw in the area was recorded in 1818.

Sing this petition to urge the local government to support the efforts of environmental groups and help put macaws back where they belong.


Dear Minister Salles,

Macaws play an important part in the ecosystems of the wilds surrounding Rio de Janeiro. However, these majestic and intelligent birds are quickly disappearing. This is evident by Juliet, the last blue-and-yellow macaw left in Rio who has been flying many miles every day for twenty years to find companionship with macaws in the Rio zoo.

Many organizations in your country are working to reintroduce captive-bred macaws back into the wild where they belong. I urge your administration to provide support to these groups and help fill the forests once again with these brilliant birds.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: MarcinCzerniawski



  1. Protect and support Macaws to the highest degree.

  2. Why are you allowing this to happen. Why allow such natural beauty to be extinguished from where it should rightfully exist.

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