Ban Fake “Rescue” Videos That Endanger Animals for Profit

Target: Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook

Goal: Ban staged rescue videos that deliberately put animals in danger.

Millions of animal supporters have been deceived into watching staged videos of animal cruelty. Worse yet, these sick videos are being disguised as animal rescue endeavors. With YouTube banning this disgusting practice, Facebook has become ground zero for these acts of cruelty.

Major animal advocate organization Lady Freethinker launched an investigation into this horrifying trend at several social media sites. Specifically, sick individuals have apparently placed puppies, kittens, and other animals in dangerous and potentially deadly situations, all for the express purpose of “rescuing” these innocents and gaining some twisted form of fame. In one video, for instance, a young dog was allegedly placed within easy range of a venomous snake. On Facebook alone, such content has garnered millions of views and shares.

Sign the petition below to demand this media giant ramp up its oversight and punishment of deliberate animal cruelty posing under the guise of animal welfare.


Dear Mr. Zuckerberg,

Animal cruelty has found a new outlet for widespread distribution on Facebook. Social media platforms have experienced an alarming rise in posed, so-called animal rescue videos. The true origins and motivations behind these seemingly feel-good stories are often more menacing, however. Instead of being “rescued” by good Samaritans from dangerous circumstances, hundreds of animals are instead deliberately put in danger and exploited so that their abusers turned “rescuers” can get noticed.

Millions of Facebook’s faithful users who love animals and advocate passionately for them are unknowingly watching animal cruelty unfold before their eyes…all with Facebook’s apparent permission. Are view counts now worth the cost of an innocent’s life? Other outlets have taken decisive steps to end this sick trend, including launching investigations, working to change algorithms, and affirmatively banning this insidious content.

Please take similar action to cleanse Facebook of all animal cruelty.


[Your Name Here]

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  1. Maria Bertrand says:

    Mr Zuckerberg

    Why are you allowing this?..Ban staged rescue videos that deliberately put animals in danger and ban videos etc that shows ANY kind of abuse to ANY animal IMMEDIATELY. As stated in comments above REPORT THESE PSYCHO SICKOS TO THE AUTHORITIES!!!! IN EVERY CASE!!!! IF YOU DON’T THEN YOU ARE AS GUILTY AND IT WILL COME BACK TO BITE. EVERYONE SHOULD BAN FACEBOOK AND ALL OTHER SITES.

    Seriously, we should not have to ask you to do this…it should be aN automatic action.

    • alyssa broussard says:

      zuckerberg is more evil than the people exploiting animals! he’s evil incarnate! and he most definitely doesn’t care about animals. all he cares about is money!!!!!

  2. Sophie D. says:

    Horrifically sick and depraved. I urge the FB management team to ban such revoltingly sick videos on its platform. Social media has become a hotbed for sadism in all its forms. Only you can do the right thing in this case by unequivocally prohibiting such sickening practices.

  3. Shirley Lemieux says:

    What does it say about Facebook for allowing animal cruelty content? A complete disgrace.

  4. Sue Cugini says:

    Zuckerberg is such a dirtbag on so many levels. He really is a disgrace to the tech community. Stop this disgusting parade of cruelty – human and animal!

  5. Stephanie Geyser says:

    When I joined Facebook, it was a fun platform to keep in contact with friends and find long-lost school/university friends. I understand why adverts are necessary, to finance the free service. But I can ignore them. However Facebook now allows cruelty and things that I find offensive, and I could certainly NOT allow children to watch disgusting cruelty like this. (Would Mark Zuckerberg allow his kids to watch these videos?). So please remove (and ban) ALL forms of cruelty – FOR GOOD from Facebook. And get Facebook back to what it was originally intended for.

    • It is discusting indeed!
      Facebook has to ban such video’s, because allowing those video’s is stimulating sick people!!!!😢😢😢😢😢😬😬😬😥😥

  6. Anna Owens says:

    This despicable behavior has no place on social or any other kind of ‘media’ and is often the prelude to acts of violence far greater and more vicious. Come on, Man…you all know better than to allow this kind of insanity to have a home on Facebook.

    Disgusting people, apparently, are not among his ennemies

  8. The lowest of the low. Seems like there’s no human decency left. What is wrong with our civilization? We are destroying the earth, its creatures and ourselves.

  9. Simonetta Scott-Crossley says:

    Mark you might be filthy rich, but that doesn’t change the fact that by allowing this cruelty on FB makes you a pea brain idiot moron. You will also be classified under the category: EVIL SCUM SAVAGE WORSE THAN FILTH VILE ROT OF THE EARTH!!!!!!!!

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