Bring Back the Bison From the Edge of Extinction

Target: Deb Haaland, Interior Secretary of the United States

Goal: Reintroduce American bison to the grasslands of Montana.

As many as 60 million bison once roamed the grasslands of the now United States. Today, only 11,000 wild bison are left. Efforts to reintroduce these mighty animals into the national parks of Montana are being met with fierce resistance. In particular, ranchers in the area feel the livelihood of their livestock will be threatened.

Bison are not only a significant piece of North American history, but they were also paramount in creating and maintaining the vast grasslands of the continent. Reintroducing these animals would not only be an homage to the past but a hope for the future health of the environment.

Returning bison to the land has been considered by U.S. officials for decades. It is time these words became actions. Sign this petition to encourage the current administration to reintroduce bison to the land where they belong.


Dear Secretary Haaland,

Bison were an integral part of North American history. Not only that, they shaped the landscape of the western half of the continent. Efforts are being made to reintroduce these majestic animals to the grasslands of Montana, and I urge you to speed their return.

Ranchers in Montana are resisting these bison being released into national parks and wildlife refuges because they fear it will negatively impact their livestock. Yet this attitude is no different than the mindset of the people who slaughtered the bison to near extinction in the 1800s. Bison are wild animals that deserve the right to roam freely over the grasslands where they were meant to be.

Allow conservation groups to return bison to the wilds of Montana.


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  1. Paula Morgan says:

    Madame Secretary,

    Bison have been in America long before we got here. They are America! Once again the ranchers are upset. They appear to be Prima Donnas in their demands to graze their cattle for their own profit. Wolves are of apparent importance in this time of climate change yet the ranchers are blinded by greed. In time beef will not be an American staple. Plant based diets are better for our health and that of our planet. Less beef means less profit With climate change our choices are limited. Bison and wolves are necessary whereas beef is optional. To kill off two species to save ranchers profits can not be done. If ranchers cry, let’s give them a hankie.

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