End the Barbaric Slaughter of Mother Seals and Pups

Target: Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

Goal: Save seals in Canada from a horrific death.

The Canadian seal hunt sees more than ten thousand seals brutally slaughtered each year. The Canadian government shows no interest in stopping this horrible cruelty. Not only does the government permit the hunts, but it also supports and promotes them, in the hopes the income will fuel the economy.

Commercial seal hunters ruthlessly club these beautiful beings or shoot them, disregarding whether they are dead or alive. Therefore, the animals are often still conscious when they are skinned. Killing the seals in this ghastly manner does not damage the fur, which is preferred in the fashion industry.

Hunters will arrive at seal breeding sites with their grisly weapons, prepared to ruthlessly murder these beautiful animals. They kill every seal that crosses their path, including mothers and their pups. If a mother seal is killed but her pup lives, the likelihood of his survival is dim. Most often the orphaned baby seals that are too young to fend for themselves are destined to starve.

Fishermen in Canada and others with interest in the fishing industry frequently stress the high demand for seal products and the importance of the seal hunt itself. The demand for seal fur, however, is declining and there is virtually no commercial demand for seal meat that is carelessly discarded on the ice. In addition to that, seal hunting does not sustain fishermen’s families as it only accounts for one-twentieth of their average income.

Seals are already struggling to survive in the face of global warming; the ice that is crucial for their existence is vanishing. Seal hunts add to the rapidly rising death toll. The hunt starts every April. This extreme cruelty must come to an end. Sign the petition below to stop the seal massacre.


Dear Mr. Trudeau,

The Canadian seal hunt is a ghastly commercial slaughter of innocent animals. Every year, these precious animals are viciously clubbed or shot by fishermen for their fur. Already seals are facing the challenges of global warming that destroys their habitat and food resources, yet, the seal hunt in Canada continues.

The seals are brutally killed only to sell their pelts to the fashion industry, although the demand for seal fur is rapidly declining. Furthermore, seal hunting only accounts for one-twentieth of a fisherman’s average income, which does not justify continuing this cruel practice.

We have to take care of our environment and all living beings that inhabit it with compassion. The Canadian seal massacre demonstrates some of the most environmentally unsustainable and inhumane actions. We cannot allow this gruesome practice to continue. Protect seals from a horrible death. Prohibit seal hunting in Canada.


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  1. Canada – another shameful stain on Mother Earth. No surprise when you are aware that our fearless leader, Turdeau (Trudeau?) posed with his family wearing Canada Torture coats … https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/montreal/trudeau-defends-holiday-fur-card-1.961155

    How can we expect our government to give a damn as long as they support torture of living beings, whether in factory farms or the habitats of sentient beings.

    • I can’t understand how anyone could do this to any animal. Animal skins are not to be looked upon as fashion . I don’t know of anyone that wear furs or who does trophy hunting. Only little people who think it makes them feel like they are better.

      • I don’t get it either. To me, people who enjoy killing animals for fun and profit are mentally disturbed sadists.

  2. Mildred Pierce says:

    Why can’t there be instant Karma…..

  3. This horrible seal hunt needs to be stopped immediately! There’s no excuse for doing this to animals!

  4. This is Horrific and should not be tolerated. We have to stop this butchering of beautiful animals.

  5. Janette Lands says:

    Dear God. For pitys sake stop this barbaric practice. It is 2021 why are we still witnessing such carnage??? It is heart breaking. X

  6. Tammy Rossetti says:

    Trudeau try and do one manly thing and stop this BULLSHIT. For God’s sake already. Man up you jackoff

  7. The monsters that want and obtain the murderous fur should have the same thing done to them!!!!!!JUSTICE! There are plenty of fake furs and made made materials, use them!!!!

  8. The Prime Minister of Canada is not so different from his friend Trump???? So so sad that we have all these kind of ministers useless and shameful! Stop this shit now!!!!!

    • Ruth Hanrahan says:

      They have no compassion whatsoever. I hope these petitions. This is so sad that it continues to happen.

  9. I have been signing these petitions against this brutal and horrific act for over 25 years, nothing ever changes obviously….

    Justin Trudeau is young and innovative – LETS GET WITH IT MR. PRIME MINISTER!!!!

  10. Shirley Lemieux says:

    Isn’t it a disgrace that all these years later the Canadian Government of shame still enjoys the bloody slaughter of these beautiful seals year after year. Commercial seal hunters are in no way Christians. These Sadistic hunters whose idol is the Devil himself have zero mercy on these seals as they club their skulls open for purposes of financial gain. The Canadian Evil Empire will continue to slaughter the lives of these defenseless and innocent beings because that is what Evil does.

  11. Rhonda Jones says:

    This is absolutely barbaric and inhumane. For what greed and selfishness. So sad that humans act out this senseless horrific act on this helpless seals and their pups. I can’t believe this is still allowed to continue. STOP THIS NOW

  12. Ruth Hanrahan says:

    Stop killing these poor innocent animals please protect them instead of killing them.

  13. I have been signing petitions and writing separate letters for over 15 years regarding the killing of the Seals each year in Canada.. … Obviously this is not working really well. All people need is to stop buying the skins or products made from them to end the slaughter!!!! And ban fish from Canada as the people who do this also sell their fish to us.

  14. This goes on year after year and the Canadian does nothing. There is no longer a big market for fur since people and fashion stores finally realize the horrors involved. The only word is barbaric.

  15. Shame, shame, shame on Trudeau and Canada. These are not the acts of a civilised nation!! The world is sickened by your evil, horrifying torture and murder of DEFENCELESS, beautiful, innocent, living, feeling animals – mothers and their babies being savagely beaten, shot and skinned to death by TOTAL BARBARIANS!! Modern day SAVAGE BARBARIANS, nothing more. Karma is coming for you vile monsters.

  16. Christina McKeon says:

    I do not understand why this barbaric savagery is still going on! WTH? So so many years now and we know better and so many more animal rights people. What is wrong with the subhuman pile of crap that could actually DO this?? Instant and brutal karma needs to exist for these people. The whole thing makes me sick to my stomach and hurts me to my soul.

  17. HORRIFYING, DESPICABLE, REPREHENSIBLE – All “THRILL KILLERS” should be forced to hunt each other in the same cruel ways. They also need to be removed from society for ever as they are a menace to animals and humans alike. I can’t believe Trudeau allows this…..

  18. American Girl says:

    STOP your horrific madness now! You should be an example not an embarrassment to the civilised world.

  19. Marty A. says:


  20. Michelle Stewart says:

    I live in Canada and I am ashamed that these senseless, cruel, barbaric killings are happening. It must be made illegal to kill any seals. If there is a severly injured or sick seal that can’t be helped by a wildlife rescue or veterinarian, then it can be HUMANELY killed only (put it down with medications), not bashed over the head, shot, or speared.

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