Stop Trapping Endangered Wildlife in National Park

Max, A Chimpanzee that Lost Both Legs to Snare Traps

Target: Yoweri Museveni, President of Uganda

Goal: Hand down harsher punishments to people caught setting deadly snare traps.

Many animals are dying each day as a result of illegal snare traps being set in Uganda. If something is not done to try and stop this, it is highly probable that entire populations of animals will soon be completely wiped out.

There are approximately fifteen thousand snare traps located in Kibale National Park in Uganda at any one time. These traps do not discriminate over what animals they either hurt or kill. One chimpanzee named Max lost both of his legs after getting caught in the traps on two separate occasions. While he is still able to crawl and climb trees, his injuries will never allow him to be an alpha male among any chimpanzee population. He is also at a higher risk of being eaten by predators since he does not have full functionality of his limbs.

Besides hurting individual animals, snare traps adversely affect the forest’s ecology. Since the devices are—again–not discriminatory over the animals that they either hurt or kill, there is no limit to the number of animals in a particular species that multiple snare traps are able to wipe out.

Although it is illegal to set these traps in Uganda, laws are considered by many to be too lenient. However, the laws may soon change so that fines given reflect the black market value of what the particular animal trapped is considered to be worth, which will hopefully discourage more people from using these illegal and heinous devices.

Sign this petition and demand stricter penalties immediately be set in place for people who are caught setting these traps. If stricter penalties are not set in place now, many animal species will likely soon be a distant memory.


Dear President Museveni,

Although snare traps are illegal, many animals are still dying due to their frequent use. Several animal species will continue to die off if something is not done to change this.

There are currently at least fifteen thousand traps set in Kibale National Park at any one time. Since traps in other areas are not considered in this count, there are likely several other thousands of traps located outside of this particular area.

These traps are extremely cruel, as they catch any and every animal that comes across them. One chimpanzee lost both of his legs to snare traps, while another chimpanzee lost both of her hands to these vicious devices. The second chimpanzee had to rely a great deal on its mother due to its loss of limbs. When the mother died, this chimpanzee also died soon afterwards, as it was not capable of taking care of itself.

Snare traps further have an inimical affect on forest ecology since no one can control how many animals in any one species will become trapped and killed, making it more likely that several species of animals will eventually become extinct as a result. Eventually, this leads to entire forests being destroyed, as the life in them is filtered out one by one.

Parliament is currently considering increasing fines to the amount that the animal is considered to be valued at on the black market. If these stricter fines are implemented, people may think twice about using such traps. For all of these reasons, I urge you to encourage that stronger fines and penalties be given to people who are caught using these illegal and inhumane devices. If something is not done now, saving many animals and the forests in which they live will likely not be an option later.


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Photo Credit: Ronan Donovan

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  1. Get rid of these horrific traps — this is a no-brainer — you’re abusing animals AND your murdering animals! STOP!

  2. Get rid of these horrific traps — this is a no-brainer — you’re abusing animals AND your murdering animals! STOP! They’re going through tremendous suffering!

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