Save Livestock From Endless Torture and Tragic Death

Target: Jared Polis, Governor of Colorado

Goal: Support extending animal welfare rights to livestock and farmed animals.

An often overlooked and exploited sector of animals could soon find new safeguards and protections under Colorado law. While animal welfare rules cover pets in Colorado and other states, animals used in agriculture typically do not receive many, if any, of these benefits. They are therefore subject to severe abuse, assault, neglect, and mistreatment.

Colorado’s Protect Animals from Unnecessary Suffering and Exploitation (PAUSE) Act puts stringent standards of care in place for animal agriculture industries. Sexual abuse of animals, for example, would be more strictly defined. Animals would also be able to live out more of their natural lifespans. Predictably, this powerful lobby is already mounting a strong opposition to these basic safety measures.

Sign the petition below to show your support for the animals most impacted by this crucial piece of legislation.


Dear Governor Polis,

The PAUSE Act concerning animal welfare in agriculture has stirred up quite a bit of fear-mongering and disinformation from an industry used to flexing its political muscle for its own benefit. In truth, this proposed ballot initiative would simply balance the scales for a population of animals who have historically endured some of the worst abuses under government’s unwatchful eye. The apparent witnessed assault of defenseless chickens inspired this initiative, and these animals represent just a fraction of the unchecked cruelty that takes place in U.S. agriculture daily.

Please drown out the noise and hysterics from special interests and advocate on behalf of these animals. They, like all living beings, deserve the most fundamental protections and welfare assurances.


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  1. tamara beinlich says:

    We passed a law like this in Missouri, we voted for protections and the farmer and ranchers threw a hissy fit so our legislature overturned our vote. All that work to get it on the ballot and the people we elected said screw you and the animals!

  2. Evan Jane Kriss says:

    Farm animals are SENTIENT BEINGS like the other animals which are protected from abuse. To exclude them is to turn a blind eye to the routine abuse deemed “a part of doing business” by the agricultural industry. The MAJORITY of Americans find this UNACCEPTABLE. Why must cruelty be part of “doing business?”

  3. No animals should be excluded from animals’ rights bills. If an animal is giving up it’s life for your sustenance, then we should be more thankful for its sacrifice and treat it with respect and care. Living beings are not machines. We need to see farm animals in a new light, not just as a commodity.

  4. Idiots don’t care what happens to innocent animals because they profit from this lazy outdated barbaric system . The animal flesh you eat is from animals panicking stressed at factory farms and going to the slaughter house were they are pushed in line to be slaughtered. Yes in reality it is a Horrific, bloody ,cruel and down right evil!

  5. Manitou Nunngry says:

    Look. While I appreciate animal rights as much as anyone here. BUT! Let me tell you this… GOD gave us permission to eat livestock.

    You… do… know… who… God is… r-right? The Creator of everything, even you whiny little children. And, you know what? If HE says we can eat cows, pigs, chickens and drink milk and eggs, who are we to argue the point of God’s word?

    If you want to deprive yourselves of necessary protein and other vitamins, your loss. As for me? I WILL enjoy my burgers with a tall, cold glass of milk, I will enjoy my breakfast bacon and my KFC, thank you crybabies very nothing.

    My problem is these evil Oriental countries that eat cats and dogs. Those people need strung up by their privates and boiled alive in hot oil.

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