Dog Reportedly Pummeled and Beaten Repeatedly by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Monroe County, New York District Attorney Sandra Doorley

Goal: Give prison sentence to man who allegedly punched his dog repeatedly outside a veterinary clinic and do not allow him to continue having pets.

A black Labrador retriever, named Jetta, was reportedly punched over and over again by the owner outside of a veterinary clinic. Michael Maiorano is now facing animal cruelty charges for the crime. He needs to be given a prison sentence and have his dog taken away if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act.

Police were alerted to the alleged incident when workers at Mendon Village Animal Hospital called authorities to tell them that they saw Maiorano punch Jetta both outside the clinic and inside his car. According to the Lollypop Farm Vice President for Humane Law Enforcement, Reno Di Domenico, people who act out against their animals often do so more than once. Sign this petition to demand Maiorano get a tough legal sentence for this crime and to further insist that he no longer be legally allowed to keep pets if it is found he mistreated Jetta.


Dear District Attorney Doorley,

Michael Maiorano may be charged with animal cruelty for allegedly punching his dog, Jetta, many times outside of a veterinary clinic. It is important that he not only be put in prison but that he also no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is found he committed this crime, to better ensure other dogs will be safe.

Staff at the Mendon Village Animal Hospital called police after numerous people said they saw Maiorano repeatedly punch Jetta with a closed fist outside of the office and inside his vehicle. One of the main authorities involved in the investigation made a statement explaining that people who lash out against their pets usually display this type of anger toward the animal more than one time, indicating that Jetta could be in serious danger if the dog stays with Maiorano.

While Maiorano may receive a year in prison and be required to pay a $1,000 fine, it is not known what happened to Jetta after police learned about the alleged incident. For these reasons, I demand you seek a stringent legal sentence for Maiorano and that you also tell the courts that Jetta should be placed in the custody of local animal care officials if it is discovered he mistreated this innocent creature.


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  1. Annette & Jeff Patrone says:

    OMG..first and foremost I PRAY to god Jetta was taken away from this sick pathetic motherf’er p.o.s. human trash, and in safe loving hands hopefully recovering from her trauma while this douche bag awaits his day in court which should be nothing short of the harshest and most severe of punishments, to the fullest extent of the law that s.o.b. THAT’S SOOOO INFURIATING I would’ve jumped at that car doing whatever I could to phuck him up and help Jetta. And I too agree there should be an animal abuse registry to keep despicable losers like this away from ever being near another animal let alone caring for one.

    • Sweetondogs says:

      I would’ve done the same. How people could just walk by a d watch it happen and do NOTHING but report it later makes me sick. I would’ve personally beat the living fuck out of this POS and then taken the dog to safety. So if he was seen beating the hell out of a kid they’d allow him to keep the kid? Hell no they wouldn’t. Dogs are just like children and depend completely on us. Being angry for what has happened here, every part of it, is an understatement!

      • Lynsey Chinnery says:

        Totally agree! My dog (rott/Sheppard mix) ‘Baby’ also known as sweetie potato is my wonderful, silly and sometimes smelly doggo. I will protect her from anything with every thing I’ve got. Anyone who can punch a dog really needs to not be in society.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    I hope they took poor Jetta from this Michael
    MORONo who hit him unprovoked.

    I hope he is pummelled to death.

  3. Somebody needs to beat his ass outside a building and plummeted to death. I no I might be banned from this but I am sick of so called dog owners beating and mistreating their pets. The maggot does not deserve the dog or any animal. I hope he gets his karma in jail.Put his name on an animal registry for animal abusers and cruelty.

    • Patricia Burgos-Ogden says:

      Love the way you think. I am 100,000% with you!

      • Yes,this conciousless “being” needs o be prosecuted to the fullest,and NEVER EVER allowed around any animal EVER AGAIN.Immediately the police needed to be called, and then throw him in jail for the rest of his pathetic LIFE!!!He is a horrible monster!!!!

    • I Agree. People need to be held responsible for their actions. There is no excuse for Animal or Child Abuse! Do unto him as he did to the Dog!

    • Seriously it’s ridiculous!! Enough already!!

    • Julia Edinger says:


  4. I too hope poor Jetta was rescued from that monster. I am a cat mom and also sick of low lives hurting their own pets! Please ensure this dog gets into a quiet, safe home with a compassionate person. Also, that monster needs to sit in prison so other inmates can pound his face in!

  5. Come on already abuse of beautiful animals is enough already. Let be with him in a cage tired up and I will treat him like he treats his dog. He definitely should not be allowed to have a animal.

  6. Michael Maiorano needs to be charged with animal cruelty! Striking a defenseless animal ? What a subhuman ! Throw the book at the monster. Rehome Jetta and forbid Michael Maiorano from owning another animal forever !!

  7. Take this Cowardly Bastard, rubber band castrate him so he can’t breed. Then drag his ass down south to a swamp filled with gators, so he can punch his way out of a gator pitt.

  8. This is so awful. His family condones his behavior ?? Cannot believe he can get away with only 1000 in fines. His behavior is abominable and he is a coach for a worm e basketball team!

    • Sweetondogs says:

      Does anyone have any updates on the monster?? I’d love for him to come my way and try to pick on someone that isn’t defenseless. I will have his little bitch ass crying in 5 minutes for what I’d put him through! The only way to stop these POS is an eye for an eye!!

  9. Patricia Williams says:

    Take the dog and Prosecute to the Max! You have witnesses. Throw his butt in prison, heavily fine hom and Never let this POS be even around another animal. Ever!

  10. If he was willing to beat his dog outside in a public setting, you can only imagine what goes on behind closed doors where no one can see. He can never be allowed to be near any animals again. He cannot own any, and cannot live with anyone who owns any.

  11. If he does this in public, what does he do to the poor dog behind closed doors. I certainly hope the dog was removed from his house and he should never be allowed to own any other animals!

  12. Nadine brundige says:

    Take the dog and give it to someone who will give it a good home, next this abuser goes to jail for animal cruelty.

  13. Raynesha McGhee-Reed says:

    I’m hoping & praying 4 poor jetta 2 be Rescued & should be in a very good home,Michael ain’t nothing but a Pos & Needs 2 Rot In Hell!!!!

  14. This helpless dog better have been removed & never to return to that lowlife piece of shit ! NY you better bring this guy to justice & not just a little fine….throw his ass in jail & I pray a bigger guy will beat the living daylights out of him!

  15. American Girl says:

    Why did they not take the dog away immediately and have the vets office assess him? How ignorant! This idiot needs a target on his back, put in jail and let the inmates know what he did. Karma will then be Jettas! A $1000.00 fine, are you fkn kidding me? More like court costs, vet bills, boarding fees, a major contribution in Jettas name to an animal welfare society & NEVER being allowed to own, possess, or be near ANY animal again! This oxygen thief is a stain on society!

    • Julia Edinger says:

      That’s right!!! Dam Vet should of done something ‼️ They must of seen that “evil bastard” hit the poor furbaby …… They have his address and dogs name,,,MUST GO RESCUE THE POOR PUP🙏🏼

  16. This vile, mentally deranged scumbag must have the death penalty performed. A slow and agonising death is essential. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure!

  17. Julia Edinger says:


  18. What country is that POS originally from anyway. He is such a coward it can’t be the U.S., because we are men who would challenge him to a punching contest. He would run away scared, since he can only pick on innocent dogs. Any male who is an animal lover (including me) would like to have 5 minutes alone in a room with that unthinking dog beater.

  19. Michelle Stewart says:

    There were witnesses. That bastard shouldn’t have been allowed to leave. The dog should’ve been seized immediately and not ever returned. That bastard is guilty. He must serve 6 years in prison with no early parole, pay a $400,000 fine, and be banned for life from owning, working with, or going near any animals ever again.

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