Dog Reportedly Pummeled and Beaten Repeatedly by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Monroe County, New York District Attorney Sandra Doorley

Goal: Give prison sentence to man who allegedly punched his dog repeatedly outside a veterinary clinic and do not allow him to continue having pets.

A black Labrador retriever, named Jetta, was reportedly punched over and over again by the owner outside of a veterinary clinic. Michael Maiorano is now facing animal cruelty charges for the crime. He needs to be given a prison sentence and have his dog taken away if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act.

Police were alerted to the alleged incident when workers at Mendon Village Animal Hospital called authorities to tell them that they saw Maiorano punch Jetta both outside the clinic and inside his car. According to the Lollypop Farm Vice President for Humane Law Enforcement, Reno Di Domenico, people who act out against their animals often do so more than once. Sign this petition to demand Maiorano get a tough legal sentence for this crime and to further insist that he no longer be legally allowed to keep pets if it is found he mistreated Jetta.


Dear District Attorney Doorley,

Michael Maiorano may be charged with animal cruelty for allegedly punching his dog, Jetta, many times outside of a veterinary clinic. It is important that he not only be put in prison but that he also no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is found he committed this crime, to better ensure other dogs will be safe.

Staff at the Mendon Village Animal Hospital called police after numerous people said they saw Maiorano repeatedly punch Jetta with a closed fist outside of the office and inside his vehicle. One of the main authorities involved in the investigation made a statement explaining that people who lash out against their pets usually display this type of anger toward the animal more than one time, indicating that Jetta could be in serious danger if the dog stays with Maiorano.

While Maiorano may receive a year in prison and be required to pay a $1,000 fine, it is not known what happened to Jetta after police learned about the alleged incident. For these reasons, I demand you seek a stringent legal sentence for Maiorano and that you also tell the courts that Jetta should be placed in the custody of local animal care officials if it is discovered he mistreated this innocent creature.


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  1. This man is a scumbag and deserves a much longer jail time and bigger fine.. anyone who abuses a weaker subject deserves a good punishment. Also he deserves to get his ass beat,and I hope karma comes for him.

  2. Nothing deserves this treatment!!!!!’

  3. Gordy Featherston says:

    Too many idiots with unmanaged mental illness combined with plain evil should never be allowed to breed nor keep animals.

  4. Please make sure this man is punished to the fullest extent! Animal abuse MUST STOP! Someone needs to help poor innocent animals being abused. They deserve better and they can’t speak for themselves!!

  5. Paula Bove says:

    I can’t believe the dog may still be with him….what is this legal system about when animal and child abuse is rampant with little or no consequences…
    Prosecute this man. He is a danger to everything alive…and I dont care about his sad ass story of his sad ass life….he needs to not even have one.

    • I totally 👍. I’m so worried about this poor beautiful baby. I hope 🙏this poor pup is okay. I’m sure he’s terrified. God knows what he does to him behind closed doors. Get that dog away from him ASAP. What more proof do the police need? They have eyewitnesses! That should be more than sufficient evidence to charge this monster. Evidence enough to take this poor baby to a no kill animal shelter where he’ll finally be save.

    • Barbara Garrison says:

      I totally agree. This dog should be in protective custody. If no one knows where he is, then there is a breakdown in the process. This man will kill the dog. If I had been an employee at the animal hospital, I would have intervened. The dog was in grave danger, and even though calling the cops was good, getting the dog away from harm was more important.

  6. Janet Garraghan says:

    Of course this poor dog is in danger! This is sadistic and barbaric! That despicable evil monster must be dealt with! He’s clearly a danger to society if he is capable of doing this to his own pet! Prosecute and punish the backward degenerate and take that poor dog and any other animals away from him now! Don’t wait until something horrific happens! Breaks my heart how people can be so cruel! I despair of the human race!

  7. This idiot should be thrashed then hands cut off. I would show any animal abuser no mercy.

    • I am with you Jill. they need to experience what they did to the innocent animal. If they are dog fighters, they need to be thrown in a cage with a grizzly bear so they can be ripped to shreds.

    • I totally agree 👍. He sure needs a taste of his own medicine. Please keep 🙏keep up updated on what happened to this poor pup? and if this worthless piece of crap will be prosecuted?

  8. I personally would love to burn these bastards alive!!

  9. Beating an animal is a violent crime and must be regarded as such. Also, this is obvious animal abuse and cruelty right out in public.Whatever could occur behind closed doors, these defenseless creatures cannot leave their abusers and have no voice. We are there voice and stewards. HEAVILY FINE and imprison this individual. AND TAKE THE DOG AWAY FROM HIS ABUSER AND BAN HIM FROM ANY ANY FURTHER OWNERSHIP or involvement with animals. This is a must. Please Serve and protect.

  10. Michael Maiorano has serious anger issues. This scum is dangerous especially taking it out on defenseless animals! Someone should find him and pummel him to half death then cut off his balls so he cant spawn more scum subhumans like himself. The dog Jetta Must Be Removed from his care. He will kill her!!
    What are police waiting for. Remove the dog!!
    Neighbors of Moirianao, go after him. He can ot get away with this!!!

  11. This fu–ing piece of subhuman shit needs to pay for all medical care of the dog and for all care until he gets his new home. He then needs to be punched repeatedly with a wrecking ball, then sentenced for animal cruelty.

  12. this black souled scumbag has been beating this poor helpless animal for years! He only just got caught. Euthanize him. He’s taking up wasted space.



  14. Eda Garcia says:

    Let me punch that shit head in the face!!!

  15. Naomi Lichtner says:

    Of course, a f*ing slap on the wrist. This poor dog lives in fear & horror & pain, if she is not already murdered. And yet, nothing will happen to this scumbag. He doesn’t deserve that animal’s companionship – or the love of anything/anyone for that matter. Find this poor dog before its too late 🙁

  16. This dog should of been removed immediately from this POS….Send the bum to jail where he can get the crap beat out of him dirt bag POS

  17. eleanor dunkavich says:

    Hope he goes to jail or prison and they beat him good break his hands

    beat him up good

  18. Eileen Bennett says:

    I am somewhat confused. If they saw this happening out side of the vet hospital why didn’t anyone go out and stop this bastard???
    I hope this poor dog is still alive since the beating was still happening inside his car.
    Hopefully when this piece of crap goes in front of a judge he doesn’t just get a slap on the wrist as happens to many times.

  19. Please give this subhuman a good long term jail and I hope he gets his just punishment and gets the shit beaten out of him while in jail.

  20. Why didn’t law enforcement officials go to this scumbag’s house and take the dog?!

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