Dog Reportedly Pummeled and Beaten Repeatedly by Owner Deserves Justice

Target: Monroe County, New York District Attorney Sandra Doorley

Goal: Give prison sentence to man who allegedly punched his dog repeatedly outside a veterinary clinic and do not allow him to continue having pets.

A black Labrador retriever, named Jetta, was reportedly punched over and over again by the owner outside of a veterinary clinic. Michael Maiorano is now facing animal cruelty charges for the crime. He needs to be given a prison sentence and have his dog taken away if he is found guilty of this unthinkable act.

Police were alerted to the alleged incident when workers at Mendon Village Animal Hospital called authorities to tell them that they saw Maiorano punch Jetta both outside the clinic and inside his car. According to the Lollypop Farm Vice President for Humane Law Enforcement, Reno Di Domenico, people who act out against their animals often do so more than once. Sign this petition to demand Maiorano get a tough legal sentence for this crime and to further insist that he no longer be legally allowed to keep pets if it is found he mistreated Jetta.


Dear District Attorney Doorley,

Michael Maiorano may be charged with animal cruelty for allegedly punching his dog, Jetta, many times outside of a veterinary clinic. It is important that he not only be put in prison but that he also no longer be allowed to be around animals if it is found he committed this crime, to better ensure other dogs will be safe.

Staff at the Mendon Village Animal Hospital called police after numerous people said they saw Maiorano repeatedly punch Jetta with a closed fist outside of the office and inside his vehicle. One of the main authorities involved in the investigation made a statement explaining that people who lash out against their pets usually display this type of anger toward the animal more than one time, indicating that Jetta could be in serious danger if the dog stays with Maiorano.

While Maiorano may receive a year in prison and be required to pay a $1,000 fine, it is not known what happened to Jetta after police learned about the alleged incident. For these reasons, I demand you seek a stringent legal sentence for Maiorano and that you also tell the courts that Jetta should be placed in the custody of local animal care officials if it is discovered he mistreated this innocent creature.


[Your Name Here]

Photo Credit: Kreuzschnabel


  1. Stehanie Geyser says:

    If this is how this piece of garbage treats his dog in public, I wonder how he treats his children when they annoy him (and are at home, out of sight from the public)?

  2. Jacqueline Bojorquez says:

    All these animal abusers are a bunch of cowards! They prey on innocent beings that can’t defend themselves, this dog needs to be removed from his care ASAP! And he should not be allowed to own another pet ever again. These cowards don’t change and they always need a punching bag ( in this case the poor dog) to relieve their frustrations with their miserable life. Animal abuse will not be tolerated and should be punished with serious consequences, no more slaps on the wrist!

  3. Beth Frank says:

    Absolutely heartbreaking…

  4. Well this total knuckle grazing moron needs a taste of his own cowardly medicine. Shame on you, you are a disgusting, evil so called `human being`. You WILL be punished no matter what, as karma will ALWAYS, ALWAYS find YOU.

  5. transformation6891Janey says:

    Thank goodness for Jetta he was seen by staff and reported how many times had this happened before for this dog. She must be given a secure home and he Jail and a ban re owning any animal

  6. We need to get all of these sadists out of the population. There is no place in civilization for these demented subhumans.

  7. This evil dog abusing cretin must e put to death and nothing less. I am ready, willing and able to help perform this procedure ensuring that this vile pos endures a slow and agonising death!

    • Good on you Michelle,
      These sadistic cowardly fuckers need a severe taste of their own medicine.
      The bastards will only do this to an animal that cannot fight back.
      And I would be right at your side to show shitbags like this the severe error of their ways.
      The asswipe would be begging me to end his miserable life!.
      Please understand that I am NOT a violent person until confronted with
      sadistic tossers such as these. Need taking out painfully.
      Just hope that a animal vigilante group can deal with wankers such as this!

  8. COWARD POS!! I want to see a real man throwing you a beaten!!! And after authorities prosecute you with the HARSHER punishment and throw you in jail and that your cellmate is a Dog lover and make your PATHETIC life miserable

  9. If nothing else this dog needs to be rehomed immediately! This loser has a nasty temper and is happy to attack his poor dog for what? Being a dog? he is a danger to animals and will become one to humans as well, lock his cowardly ass up and give him a permanent ban on animal contact.

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