Save Canada’s Caribou From Extinction

Target: The Honorable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Goal: Protect the Boreal forest and let caribou live.

The population of Boreal woodland caribou has decreased by more than thirty percent over the last few decades. Research shows the increased risk of human activities and natural turbulences within their range has a devastating impact on their existence.

Woodland caribou are unlike caribou that live in the tundra because they do not migrate long distances between seasons. They remain in the forest, either alone or in small groups, and require vast areas of suitable habitat with low levels of disturbances. The main threat to woodland caribou is the destruction or loss of their habitat through forest fires. Human disturbances pose a great danger to their existence as well, including logging, oil and gas exploration and extraction, and road networks. Predators, like wolves, are attracted by the increased presence of moose and deer that seek out the new, humanmade, open areas and extensive young forests. Other factors impacting caribou include climate change, hunting and poaching, disturbances from resource industry development, parasites, and disease.

The recovery strategy is clear: Canada’s caribou populations are unlikely to survive unless all disturbances are minimized. Caribou need their endangered habitat protected more than ever. Sign the petition below to protect woodland caribou in Canada.


Dear Honorable Wilkinson,

Boreal woodland caribou are on the verge of extinction in Canada. Considering the severe threats to boreal caribou, a blue-ribbon team of North American caribou experts confirmed what decades of scientific research was already supporting: Cumulative disturbance must be diminished to give the boreal woodland caribou a chance to survive.

With your powers as Minister of Environment and Climate Change, you need to act upon the science that cumulative disturbance has to be minimized for woodland caribou to survive. Ensure that forests are sustainably harvested now and in the future. Also, reinforce your relationship with Indigenous peoples to share habitat protection for caribou, as well as enforcing that provinces and territories implement the federal recovery strategy to decrease the risk of legal challenges. And finally, include climate threats into caribou range planning.

I urge you to demonstrate leadership by supporting Canada’s woodland caribou.


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Photo Credit: Sandy Brown Jensen


  1. Paula Morgan says:

    It Is sad Canada does not keep their country safe. Of course Trump ruined the USA but Biden is a quality president. It matters that we protect our animals, our water as less than 1% of all water on earth is drinkable. Coal is making our air toxic and oil drilling is taking away the land; all for private profit. People count too! The people of Canada deserve better than logging the old forest, again for profit. We are in Climate Change. It a fact. To deny this is to play stupid. We are not ignorant of the fact of humans disrupting habitats, and the human sprawl must b stopped. There will be massive changes, hopefully in time. We do not get a second chance.

  2. Paula is right. There is no second chance and hindsight is 20/20. The time to act is NOW. There are too many stories already about how humans have caused the extinction of some species, either directly by mass slaughter or indirectly by habitat destruction. It’s time to stop thinking that we are the gods of all things, and protect and preserve the creatures of this Earth and step up into our true roles as stewards of this beautiful world.

  3. Shame on vile, animal abusing Canada. This country now has a shocking global reputation re animal abuse.

  4. Signed!
    instead of killing and blaming wolves which is what these Canadian politicians love to do. Less hunting and human sprawl. Cities should go up, not out.

  5. Lisa Allis says:

    I’ve heard that the indigenous people of Canada are allowed to hunt any wild game in the country because the idiot libtards apparently think that they are just hunting in some ancient way with bow and arrow. Instead, these indigenous people are hunting with guns, trap, etc. and have a huge market for what they kill. Canadian are idiots. The end.


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